October 30, 2008

this is what i do with a day off....

the filters include: manga, monkey, masculine, feminine, baby, black, white, asian, indian, modigliani, and others. they are all horrible. again, i love it.

been caught stealing

this has been the most beautiful fall seasons. i like the cold temps too. i can't wait for snow!!!

face transformer is creepy. so i'm loving it. i'll have pics to post soon.

also, i've had 100's of new visitors to the blog. i finally dug around my stat counter and found they all came from this website, from a link to my "brian peppers mom" photo. i think these guys are from pajiba. so thanks brian peppers & pajiba for the new visitors! really, the thanks should go to dan who found the damn pic, on break.com i think.

so the theme today is obviously stealing!!!

blogger question: have you ever stolen anything? when was it, and what did you steal?

i had a boyfriend in 3rd grade who shop lifted slim jims & bubble gum. i know of a friend who occasionally snagged magazines from the store without paying for them.

i once stole a lip gloss at marc's (back when it was jote's.) my mom wouldn't buy it for me and i didn't have money on me, so i stuck it in her coat pocket when she wasn't paying attention. when we got to the car i pulled it out of her pocket and said, "thanks mom!" she was a little pissed... hehehehe....

October 29, 2008

i'm floating in a black balloon.....

yesterday the weather was strange. dark gray skies, then the sun would burst out for moments, then disappear again behind the clouds. i love this weather.

i cleaned and cooked up a storm before the groundcat-in-laws came out for dinner

new recipe (turkey with fresh herbs) & the aftermath

there's a sis & aunt back in the nook too. i love seeing how many people we can fit in that old nook!

bed head & photoshop fun, i love this tree in front of the house

i'm getting a little antsy being home all day. running out of stuff to clean, although i have tons to do before the reception. i tell ya, if i ever end up without a job, i think this is how it would turn out.

we went to the library over the weekend and i got elliot smith's "new moon" double disc collection. it's beautiful, and yes, a little depressing. people tend to knock his music as being too down, pointing out the he committed suicide. i just think his legacy is much more then that. the songs are so intricate & luminous. yes, the lyrics are generally sad bastard, but the melodies below are stunning. i remember hearing "miss misery" at the end of "goodwill hunting" and getting chills. just lovely... ok, maybe this song is a little depressing...

this makes me giggle:

October 28, 2008

i'm anti-children, wishes, dreams & miracles

i'm home today, cooking & cleaning up a storm before having groundcat's family over for dinner. i love this kind of stuff and my secret dream is to be a 1950's housewife. except i'm not in a dress and pearls, and instead wearing old man pajamas (with awesome bed head.)

i was expecting an important business call at 10:30am. the phone rang at 10:25 am & i jumped to answer it. it turned out to be the strangest telemarketer call ever.

me: hello

him: hello there. may i please speak to dan or mrs. hearn?

me: that would be me!

him: i'm calling from the children's wish miracle foundation (or something like that)

me: oh gosh, we're not interested, but thanks for calling

him: what aren't you interested in? (raised voice) you only know our name! what exactly aren't you interested in???

me: um.... wow.... well.....you're..... interesting...

him: well, i'm just curious to know what you're not interested in!!! (raised voice now includes sarcastic tone)

me: um.....ok...... well...i'm not interested in donating money over the phone. we donate to other groups already.

him: but you don't even know anything about our group!!!!

me: wow..... well... i guess i'll have to say that i'm not interested in children. i'm not interested in miracles or wishes either. and i'm not trying to be rude, but i'm expecting a really important business call in 1 minute.

him: well, good luck with your important business call!!! click.

it was just so bizarre. he was so confrontational, sarcastic and emotional, like he was taking it personal. and i tried to be so nice about it! i think i need to go back to screening all my calls... but i was cracking up afterwards over telling someone i wasn't interested in hope & dreams.... he he he.....

in other news- john mccain & sarah palin are going to be at mentor high school on thursday. that's in walking distance of our house!!! i wonder if they'll want to come pose in front of our barn? i'll be home that day. i'm gonna have to paint over the bicenntenial logo and replace it with an "obama in 08" mural!!! or maybe this sign.....

October 27, 2008

weekend photos

here's a pic that an old friend scanned & put on facebook. it's hard to see, but it's a toga party, circa 1985 (or maybe 86.) it was a fall "band geek" party and i made my toga out of a pink, floral sheet. (total "pretty in pink" molly ringwald wanna be, LOL!) i also chickened out on showing any skin and wore grey sweats. my favorite chuck taylors (multi-colored pastel) totally matched. being in marching band all 4 years of high school was so much fun. these folks were a huge part of my life, and some still are. yes, i'm still feeling nostalgic...

and all powerful:
dogs, bow down to me for i am your ruler!!!

sunday morning coffee is one of my favorite things:

i think these are bay berries:
they grow by the barn and i picked some to put in the vase dan's great aunt made.

i picked this weird plant for the henry doll:

driving through the back roads, listening to good music is another favorite thing:
click here to listen to the song. ..." the smell of grass in spring
and october leaves cover everything...."

October 25, 2008

brian peppers mom?

October 24, 2008

another election video

my favorite moment at 0:23 seconds.
my halloween pumpkin:

consumer report:
these are bath sponges. the one on the right is the typical "2 for $1" mesh sponge. the one on the left is a $5 fancypants bamboo sponge. it is quite possibly the worst purchase i've made in decades. really. it feels so soft when it's dry. once it's wet, it soaks up enough water to weigh a few pounds. and it wads up into a mushy, cloth ball. 2 days later it's still not dry. i threw it on the floor and it hit with a THUD. griffin didn't even try to steal it. that's how bad it is. even griffin won't touch it.

October 23, 2008

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

October 22, 2008

i ain't got a title today... except for this!

i call this one "my bloody valentine".... nice that they are offerring a grilled version, less calories!

this one is so....inappropriate, i won't comment. i'll just blush and regret posting it.
yeah, this one might be the worst... i mean, come on! that's really bad grammar!

in other non-creepy valentine news:

lisa ann cracks me up! this is the funniest pic i've seen all day. lisa ann RULES!!!!! (i stole this from her facebook. since facebook is stealing my blog readers, i'll steal right back.)

October 21, 2008

more weekend photos and some random thoughts

pretty flowers

when the sun hits it just right, it's like having 2 stained glass windows

my shadow with bed-head

griffin loves the sun

leaf suspended by spider web

words i've used to describe my moods today: flummoxed, livid, exhausted. and this is all before lunch!

also: there's a fancy law office on another floor that i sometimes walk by. they have a very fancy double door to their lobby, made of carved cedar. must have cost a fortune. and every time i pass by, i always think to myself, "who's got the hamster cage?" probably not what they were going for...

my blog roll (peeps & homies) is having technical difficulties. i don't want to remove it since it takes a long time to set-up. there's no option to hide it, so for now, ignore it. thanks to mojito for QAing my blog and finding the defect!

and finally, here's what we decided to do for our belated wedding reception cake:

he he he.........................