October 30, 2009

dogs, fall leaves, other stuff (in that order)

my only non-dog, non-fall photos:

left-right: blackberries and a blackberry, and the lucy & sophie collection at petsmart. hey wait, i think the pic on the right is dog related. dammit! i have dogs on the brain!!!
what's interesting is that my mom named me jennifer back in 1970 and it went on the become the most popular girls name for almost 20 years. the other day on NPR they were doing a story about dog names and said that lucy & sophie are in the top 5 list of most popular dogs names. my mom is some kind of naming savant!

October 29, 2009

random pics...

gilly would like to get up on the couch with griffin. she promises she'll be good. no one is buying it.

my desk at work: insane painting by a coworkers kid on the left, insane puppy face on the right.

my latest reading material...

the envelope the painting arrive in....

worse then the hilary clinton mask....

October 27, 2009

some random, less puppy-ish stuff... UPDATED

worst halloween mask ever.

well, ok...1 puppy comment. we are not dressing gilly up for halloween. i did not buy her the pink park with fur collar. or any of the insanely cute, tiny dog outfits for sale during the halloween season. but her first leash and collar are pink. she'll outgrow them soon, so i stood my ground on some pink while she's still tiny.

2 headlines from the news herald made me laugh/ snort at my desk on my lunch break:

"kermit the frog truck stolen"

"juvenile threatens to break store manager 'in half'"

the kermit truck is a 95 chevy tahoe decked out in kermit gear. the juvenile is 10 and tried to steal pop tarts. what is the world coming too?

ok, adding 2 funny pics from the news as well. i wish i had a photo of the kermit truck....

UPDATE: the kermit truck was stolen and set on fire! could it have been miss piggy?

we bought this book.....

October 26, 2009

all about gilly......

i've been wanting to blog more about gilly. where she's from, how we got her, etc... but she's a complete lunatic and for 3 days i haven't been able to sit down and actually blog. she's found the power chord this morning and shut the whole computer system down.
she's from the cleveland kennel and was a day away from being euthanized. my friend becca knew we were thinking of getting another dog, and that we'd be open to a hard to place, pit bull mix type dog. we weren't planning on getting a puppy, but when we saw the pics of gilly, we were hooked.

we knew it was going to be a huge amount of work, raising a little puppy. she's only been out of the kennel for a week and has to learn the very basics. we're crate training her and she's doing ok. although when she wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to go out, she screams. a blood curdling scream. thankfully her foster mom warned us about that.

she's a totally insane little puppy. she's cute & funny & exhausting at times. she's got a big attitude and isn't afraid of anything. griffin is able to get up on the couch to get away from her, but that won't last long. i'm thinking she'll be able to jump up there within the next month or so.

she seems to be some kind of pit bull, boxer mix. she's very healthy, a little bow-legged, and smells really good.

i'm working from home today, or trying to. she's been up since 5:45am and is just now finally napping (it's 10:15am.) she's snoring really loud.

i've seen her drag her bed across the living room, try to fight with antique furniture, couches, leaves, a piece of gravel, her own feet, and she especially hates my crocs. she's an adorable biting, peeing lunatic. i can't wait to see how she turns out!

October 24, 2009

October 23, 2009


griffin loves his new tiny bed. it's more of a pillow really....

i didn't buy this terrifyng doll at tj maxx. but i took a pic of her. yikes!
countdown to puppy, less then 24 hours!!!

October 21, 2009

puppy, random stuff, puppy, random, random, etc....

other then obsessing about the puppy we are set to adopt this weekend (gilly!), i'm looking up these things on my lunch hour:

dare wright, author of the lonely doll. her life story is strange & lovely & sad. the loney doll books are a little creepy too. in a good way.

how to housebreak a puppy

caroline knapp, author of "pack of two" and "drinking: a love story", 2 of my favorite books. she passed away a few years ago and it broke my little heart. i still wonder what happened to her dog lucille....

pit bull puppy socialization

bronson pinchot- balkie! also, the actor gave a really interesting interview recently.

pink dog collars

boxer puppy behaviors

and finally.......

horrible overheard converation: "well, we were all drunk on cosmopolitans, and the girls dared me to do it. i called samantha (i was so drunk!) and pretended to be her eye brow groomer and told her she needed to get it for an eye brow wax ASAP. now i feel like that was kinda mean..." (this is an example of girls who have watched too many episodes of "sex and the city")