April 29, 2007

the reluctant gardener.....

i seem to have adopted some plants since moving in here. i brought a shamrock plant back to life (see above) and have been experimenting with other plants.

i threw a bunch of wild flower seeds out front and covered them with top soil. we'll see if anything grows....

here's a 2nd shamrock i got from dan's grandmother's house. the cats there decided to eat it so i took it home, and dan got me a mini-lawn gnome to put in it.

i got these cute little pots at target. one is marigold and the other is daisy. another experiment and we'll see how they do. i was never good with plants, but that may have been partially because i always had cats. i like to think dan's great aunt ruth (who built this house w/her husband about 50 years ago) is guiding me. she worked at a nursery and loved plants. go to my photo album online to see some of her handywork!

barn pics....

ode to.......

yes, he is not melodramatic, at all!!! he he he.... another great weekend. i am working on uploading pics of the blooming flowers and stuff around here to my photo blog.
my mom's computer is having problems, so i guess there's no one to comment on all our blogs... hopefully she'll be up and running later in the week.

April 28, 2007

more random pics. i got my nails done and griffin loves them (ignore the ink stain on my hand.) cleo thinks the bed is hers and the henry doll got a new wig. the phone is not charging (that's for glittermom) and the dogs got a day-glo hippo. that's all for now.

p.s. i've got cool mouse-over comments for each pic. groundcat learned me how!!!!!

April 27, 2007

i worked a 12 hour day yesterday. my mom found this comic and i definetly relate.

doug stanhope is getting ready to officially announce that he's running for pres (libertarian party.) he even went and gave a talk at some high school! he even went to goodwill and got a suit for the occasion.

also, anyone tell me how the shuffle function works on CD players. how is it programmed??? is it really random or is there some kind of order? i've look all over the internet, even dan's favorite info website, and i can find nothing. please explain the mystery of shuffle to me!!!

April 26, 2007

david has a new website, including pics from his recent b-day party. including me looking crabby (see below) and showing off my new bedazzled pants. enjoy!

groundcat's blog has one of my favorite posts (and an awesome invention.) i am still waiting for zak to stop being a lazyass and put some pics on his blog.

(l to r: good blogger, better blogger, lazy blogger...)

(rachel is so cute!!!!)
in other news, my job is super busy (hardly time to blog or read wikipedia on work time!) and i am close to getting promoted. mag's might be coming downtown to work (and go to lunch with me) and my old evil boss started working downtown too. he's going to come by and smoke cigarettes and make fun of my clothes, super cool!!!

April 24, 2007

the strange and terrible artwork of rachel....

go to my mom's blog to see some of rachel's recent horrible artwork.

also, rachel needs help thinking of a new for her name cat. it's still at the vet and very sick, but hopefully will be home soon. she won't tell me the actual sex of the cat, so please submit gender neutral names only.
update: very sad news, the kitty didn't make it. i don't want to cry at work so, enough said.... (sniffle, sob.....)
things that i am jealous of......

go to my online photo album to see party pics with work peeps. this pez collection belongs to my friend's husband and i WANT IT. i am also completely jealous that dan's former boss (george) got to meet elvis costello! i haven't met george yet, but am looking forward to meeting him in person, and shaking the hand of someone who shook elvis' hand! it will also be nice to meet someone who put up with groundcat all those years at work! hahahaha! just kidding. i am sure groundcat is easy as pie to work with.... maybe george never met "angry chore guy".

speaking of groundcat, we are approaching our 1 year anniversary and i am more happy then i could ever put into words on a silly blog. if you go into my archives, you can read about my first attempts at dating online. click here for my first big announcement. here's another to show you how mushy i got, (and a post below that shows when my mom got sophie, not sure why it came up on the search.)
dan's blog has been interesting as of late, and my mom has posted some hilarious photos from david's b-day party. i am hoping zak will put some sunday pics up soon. when i say "hoping" i mean "trying to boss". but you know that..... ha ha ha!
work party!!!


chips and dip and a beautiful evening...

group photo (except for anthony, who is taking the photo)

here's anthony on the left, after karen came back downtown and dropped everyone off

dave's pez collection, simply amazing!!!!

party pics continued....
why do i look so crabby???

it was a beautiful, sunny evening.....

karen's mom (whom karen is a TOTAL "chip off the block"). mary makes the best greens i have ever eaten (sorry lisa ann!)

a beautiful grill (if anyone wants to buy me an xmas gift, this would be a great stocking stuffer!)

dave manning the grill. he grilled lamb sausage and chicken and burgers and zucchini and all kinds of stuff!