November 30, 2009

weekend pics....

getting, ready, home.... (top 3 words i use on twitter)

of course gilly comes in at 4th place, and starbucks makes a good showing. get your own twitter cloud at this site.

November 28, 2009

thanksgiving slide show...

we had a good time at my mom's looking at old slides from the late 60's, early 70's. next time we need to find the pics of jennette!

here are some snapshots i took of the slideshow....

most of the pics are from a vacation we took to florida in 1974. there's a shot of my dad's race car and my mom on his motorcycle.

this was one of my favorite pics of the night, my crabby dad (around 1967.) the original curmudgeon! LOL!!!

November 24, 2009

random, non puppy blogging....

celebrities i don't understand: susan boyle, rachel ray, adam lampert, paula deen, lady gaga, all things related to "twilight", all reality shows involving dance contests.

local radio bummer: i guess the maxwell show has been cancelled. i liked listening to the show on my drive home. it was a good way to pass the time in rush hour traffic.
finally: this is a sea cucumber. gross.

November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009

the people's choice....

i got a shiney medal! i didn't get the 1st place judges trophy, but i did win "people's choice" which is pretty cool! and i made it with mix of beef and buffalo. scandalous!

and now for a little song.......

I've paid my dues
Time after time
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I've come through

I am the champions my friends
And I'll keep on fighting till the end
I am the champion I am the champion
No time for losers 'Cause I am the champion of the world...........

these people are hilarious!

and look how insane/proud i am of my medal....

yeah chili!!!

chili cook-off madness...

here's the scene in the kitchen this morning. every one's crock pots are fired up and ready to go. a few more sit on other counters. i've been lurking around, trying to hear what people are saying. so far, mine appears to be a contender. i'm totally staying calm about this. i'm not writing my acceptance speech, or deciding where my trophy (trophies) will go.
i'll be graceful when i'm crowned the winner. oh god, is there a crown involved??? i might have to jump up on the table and shake my fists in the air and demand everyone refer to me as "the chili goddess". and i prefer no one make eye contact with me, and i need 600 count Egyptian Cotton sheets on my bed!
and if i lose, oh, there will be much sulking....

November 18, 2009

iphone camera round up, random stuff, the mind of a puppy....

iphone mania: here are photos i've taken on my iphone. i got a free program that let's you add black & white effects. it's neat. i've also downloaded apps that will calculate how much to tip in a restaurant, generate random numbers, translate 10 languages AND tell me when i'm ovulating! it's science!!!!!

in other news: i've entered my first cooking competition. it's an annual "chili cook-off" at work and i'm lugging in 2 pounds of my secret recipe. there's a trophy for 1st place and i want it. i need it! here are the categories the chili will be judged by:

At 12pm the Tribunal of Chili Adjudication will convene. During this time, they will sample your submission and give it a score in each of the following categories:
Flavor (25 pts max)
Spiciness (15 pts max)
Heartiness (10 pts max)
Appearance (5 pts max)
Impertinence (5 pts max)

i don't even know what 1/2 of that means! i just know that i want that trophy....

the puppy: well, gilly is right around 12 weeks old (by the vet's guess) and she's finding new ways to shock and amuse us. i feel like i should write a personal ad for her...

hi, my name is gilly. i enjoy going for long walks, stealing vacuum cleaner parts, chewing griffin's face, and eating paper. my owners think i'm easily distracte... HEY, LOOK AT THAT LEAF!!! OH MY GOD, THERE'S A ROCK IN THE GRAVEL!!! I'M GONNA EAT THAT....HEY, A LEAF!!!! ok, where was i? oh yes, i enjoy eating various non edible objects: rocks, dirt, plaster, dryer lint, coffee mugs, wine glasses, griffin's face. i'll try anything once! i'm a little shy around flocks of canadian geese and don't prefer accordion music. i've been told that i'm persistent, stubborn and easily distr... OH MY GOD, GRIFFIN'S WALKING BY, LIKE HE WANTS ME TO EAT HIS FACE!!!! that's all for now, i'm off to start a new project that might involve eating griffin's face and a leaf at the same time. just call me a multi-tasker!