September 30, 2008

we got some gravel, griffin is a lap dog, smooshed car, and griffin artwork displayed prominently in our home. i have a bad cold. that's it for tonight. :)

like that last episode of "the office" with a 1/2 ton of gravel!

ah yes, thanks to free internet stuff, groundcat and i can stay close across the miles. it's like when pam went to college on "the office" and jim tried to video conference with her! so dan is pam in this analogy i think...

don't expect me to make any sense. i am home sick with a nasty head cold/ sore throat. i am watching "the view". the skinny white christian lady is arguing with bill mahr about his new movie. she's horrible. she spent the entire interview, which was mainly a discussion of religon, rolling her eyes and making snide remarks. the heavy black non-whoopie lady ended the interview by asking him if he'd ever tried asking god if he exists. huh? i go back to my ignostic stance on things.

the landscaper crew is back, this time to put gravel down in the driveway. they got here at 9am and the dogs have been barking ever since.

sore throat, the view, dogs barking for hours, husband out of town...yes, this is pure hell. and yes, i'm going to whine each and every day that groundcat is in philly. i am also going to clean the house like a mofo as soon as i feel better, and shop.

September 29, 2008

this cheered me up a little...

this may be the blog post where i've finally lost my mind. i think i have a fever.... i need soup....

a random list of what sucks:

dan is in philly for the entire week

i'm sick (sore throat, chills, sneezing, etc..)
there's talk of major layoffs at work, and it's scary to think about in this crappy economy

(here's the random part:) i still have a weird crush on the counting crows lead singer. how embarrassing!

i scraped my front bumper at a bank machine this morning, did some major damage

forgot my work laptop this morning and had to drive all the way home to get it
paul newman died

i took this photo in vegas. it shows paul newman & joanne woodward at their vegas wedding in 1958. they were my example of a "good" hollywood marriage...
ok, to cheer myself up, here's a pic of me & groundcat gettin' hitched!!!
ok, count down til dan comes home: 5 days. (my gosh, that seems like a long GD time!!!)
ok, whining over. maybe i'll blog something interesting or funny later on....but why start a whole new trend? i'll stick to boring, random, with an extra helping of whiny.

September 28, 2008

short and sweet...

horrible giant mushroom growing in our yard, matching cameras, yard sale and WLS joke.

September 27, 2008

yearbook photos...

my old pal T found another great meme that i'm stealing!


here's some of my work:

September 25, 2008


sarah palin is witch-proof! too bad she forgot about warlocks, mummies, ghosts, and most importantly....zombies!!!!!!! and it's almost halloween, so she's totally screwed
also: clay aiken is gay. "the claymates" are the only one's really shocked: "This is really shocking news as I had no idea he was gay," read a comment posted by "Sheridansq." "And now I have to deal with this. I am not sure what to say to people who know I was a fan. ... I didn't go to work today and am not answering the telephone."

watching tv last night, i noticed this: elaine benes begat liz lemon who begat old christine...forever and ever, amen. yeah for funny, sexy brunettes!!! (and now that damn sarah palin is riding their coat tails, but with the funny & sexy removed.)

and now for a funny & sexy blonde:

this is what i have spent my 15 minutes of "drinking coffee and waking up at work" time on: cloris. i need to add the "phyllis" box set to my amazon wish list based on the theme song alone..

Who makes the fog surrounding the Golden Gate simply disappear?
Phyllis, Phyllis
Who makes the warning bells on the cable cars play "The Gangs All Here"?
Phyllis, Phyllis
Who charms the crabs at Fisherman's Wharf right out of their shells?
Who lights the lamps of Chinatown just by walking in view? Who?
Phyllis! Phyllis! Phyllis! It sure isn't you!

September 23, 2008

glittergirl has officially left the city.....

with chris reminiscing about old blog posts, i've gone back to read some of them. i started this blog on june 28th, 2005. this was before i met groundcat. (oddly enough he started blogging only the month before i did.) i lived in cleveland with 4 cats and 2 dogs. it's odd thinking about "then & now"..... but i can honestly say i'm happy with the now. so this looking back, it's good.

fyi- i love doing image searches on google.
this gal came up in my search for "glittergirl in the city."
so i'm changing the blog name. now it's just "glittergirl"and here's one reason why....

my rant.............. every time i see a commercial or poster for the sex in the city movie, i find myself feeling angry & annoyed. it's an odd reaction. i sort of liked the show when it first came out (or liked the idea of it, since i couldn't afford cable.) sarah jessica parker was quirky & cute, and the idea of sexually liberated chicks who dug fashion and drank and said funny stuff seemed like a decent idea for a tv show. i caught a few episodes a few years after it began, when rachel bossed me to watch it with her. i didn't hate it, but..... it annoyed me a little bit. then it ended, and all seemed right in the world. there were rumors of a film version, and gossip about the 4 lead actors fighting about salary. blah, blah, blah, who cares? then they started filming and photos were being "leaked" to all the entertainment news outlets. blah, blah, blah...

here's what bothers me about it all: the women look horrible. so much makeup and really obnoxious fashions. the story line is basically a "happy ending" for the main character, since she marries the man of her dreams. of course the man of her dreams was a sleazy older guy who wouldn't commit, married someone else, then cheated on his wife with the main character. gross. then i see clips and i got through the roof. these 4 characters are not funny or interesting. they are caricatures of what middle america thinks a sexually liberated woman might be. also, enough with the vag jokes. it was edgy and funny 10 years ago. now it's embarrassing. the character who is the "sexed up old gal" makes vag jokes seem like something the "sexed up old gal" from "golden girls" would say if they were on HBO!!!!!

i'm gonna guess i am not the first blogger to compare the 2 shows...

also: you know you're tired/stressed at work when.... you're sitting at your desk and think to yourself, "oh, i better put on my seat belt!!!" (i actually started to reach over to grab some imaginary seat belt....) which means, it's time for more caffeine. bye-bye!!!

stay gold ponyboy, stay gold.....

apparently it's not better in mentor. we've got hoodlums, hooligans & thugs!!! mentor-on-the-lake kids are fighting the mentor kids. it's like "the outsiders", only instead of greasers versus socs, it's white suburban rich kids fighting white suburban rich kids. (i think the mentor-on-the-lake kids are the greasers....)

side note: my sis and i both love the movie version of the outsiders. typing the blog title actually got me a little teary-eyed.

me = sappy