September 30, 2006

these are a few of my favorite thing......

mr. clean magical erasers, parchment paper (thanks to stacy for those!), pork cracklings for breakfast at work, and this video:

September 29, 2006

the mystery of what's in the well......

i know i've alway said i don't want to have kids, but now i might have to reconsider.......look at that pink wig!

i think this website it legit, but my gosh, how dumb! besides, stacy and i were putting wigs on henry back in the day ("the day" being 1996.) if i can figure out dan's scanner we might have proof!

September 28, 2006

does anyone remember this show????

the hilarious house of frightenstein was something i remember watching at my grandparent's house as a small child. for years i've tried to remember the name of the show. i knew vincent price appeared on the show and i remember a take-off on wolfman jack, and a witch who brewed up crazy potions. i finally found out the name (god bless wikipedia) while killing time avoiding work. i was able to find a fan-site for the show as well.

here's a clip of the intro, enjoy!!!

September 26, 2006

today is dan's birthday. happy birthday desperate dan!!!!!

in other random news..... i might like my job again. maybe! although paying for parking downtown is highway robbery! if i get in after 8:30am, it's $12 to park in my building. crazy! also, i am loving the fall weather. i don't even mind walking the dogs, it's so nice out. except the other morning there was a giant centipede on the sleeve of my coat. blech!!!

in blog news, my mom needs to update her blog! giddy up, old lady! also, zak should post some pics of the cats on his blog. i miss my girls (and even fat hank...)

update: within 5 minutes of my posting this, i found out my mom had made a similar post on her blog. this is the first instance of "psychic blogging" that i've encountered!!!!

September 25, 2006

griffin has 2 new friends!!!

since it's vitrually impossible to get all 3 dogs in the same pic (see groundcats blog), i am adding a favorite pic of cleo, the 3rd dog in our little "pack". she gets along fine with everyone and even tried to play with griffin a little bit yesterday. besides knocking me in the bushes last weekend, she is a very well-behaved lady!
(here's ceaser coming to my rescue, or maybe just wanting to smile for the camera...)

September 24, 2006

so far so good!!!!

September 23, 2006

this is raoul. he lives outside the front door and is about the size of a kitten. YUK! next week i'll try and get pic of the fat groundhog that lives in the barn, or the squirrel who sits up on the roof throwing acorns (i named the squirrel "brookers" because it's so annoying.)

September 22, 2006

dan's dark side...

everyone knows how nice dan is. he's funny and sweet as hell. a really nice guy. but i've recently discovered a dark side. it's something i noticed before we lived together, but maybe i didn't want to deal with it. it's like finding out the person you're with is a heroin addict (or maybe has a well in his yard full of dead animals.)

dan is a crabby chore guy.

here's a shot of dan loading up his car with recycling. look at that face! so angry! i've seen him pissed off at storm windows, and yelling at vacumme cleaners too. check him out loading a uhaul:

my name is glittergirl and my boyfriend is a crabby chore guy. there, i said it. now i need to find a support group (or at least a lifetime movie) to help me cope with the pain...

September 21, 2006

new team gam-x pics!!! (cleveland, OH)
(next week, hopefully pics from mumbai!!!)

my mom's doing great on her blog. she changed the password so i can't sneak in and make fake posts. she found a crazy website she wanted to share. since she doesn't know how to post links yet, i'll post it here. it's a "draw a pig" personality test! my own blog has languished, i admit. i am too busy with the move (out to the "the farm") and work. but i got some great pics of raoul, the giant spider who lives outside our front door, and i'll post those soon. otherwise, i am so happy summer is over. no more heat & humidity. i want cold air and dying leaves on the trees!!!
ok, boring blogger, signing out!
p.s. my photo album is updated with pics of coworkers. we work with a team in mumbai (india) and they wanted to see what we all look like. of course i look insane in my photo.... i moved all my other personal pics to be archived. but if work folks dig around, they will find pics of my friends & family (people in kilts, gold lame, and lots of beer drinking.) hahahahaha!

September 16, 2006

zak says i don't live in "the country", but i saw a deer this morning out back! i can't believe i live in a place with deer wandering around, flocks of geese and a big fat groundhog out in the barn. and don't forget the zombie bunnies!!!!!

in other news: i forgot how much i hate packing and moving. so i am giving most of my crap away. i'm going to move my clothes, and my dog, and maybe a few gargoyles.

September 14, 2006


i got a super cool "toddy" coffee maker. it makes coffee using only cold water and a soaking method. here's the wiki article on the miracle of toddy!!! it's much better then brewing coffee and just sticking it in the fridge. very fancy. oh yeah, the other little bit of news is that i am moving in with the boy that i seem to have fallen in love with. i don't talk about it much on the blog, but he's the one for me. i think i knew he was too good to be true when he got out the michael myers mask just to scare my little sister. now THAT is true love!

so "glittergirl in the city" is going to be living out in the burbs, more like the country. there's even a big red barn (see little sister's blog for pics.) a new adventure begins.......

September 12, 2006

jennette's off probation....

after many months of inactivity and bloglaziness, jennette has posted some new pics. therefore, her blog has been reinstated to my list of peeps and homies. congratulations little sister! i hope to see more pics from this sunday's festivities. otherwise your robot dancing caught on film may end up on youtube for the world to see.....

yeah, i'm making veiled threats. that's how i roll!

September 11, 2006

i discovered this amazing record company that turns cool alternative rock music into lullabies for babies! i found this website (click here) all on my own! groundcat did NOT have anything to do with my finding the link to this super cool music company.

September 8, 2006

gosh, i almost cried at work watching that. i am getting mushy in my old age....

ok, my mom's blog has a new update. i still haven't shown her how to actually work the blog, so i can't say for sure who posted....

in other news, i almost burned the house down trying to bake cookies. this time they turned out perfect. zak complimented me on actually baking them without dropping the pan, burning the cookies or having any disasters. then about 5 minutes later i smelled something burning and zak was yelling in the kitchen. apparently i set the potholder on the stove top that was still hot from when he fried an egg. the potholder was turning black and about to catch fire. yeah, i'm the best cook ever! (at least the cookies turned out good...)

September 7, 2006

split screen experimental phone call. anyone who remembers the 2 davids from columbus will enjoy this. i've watched it 5 times! also, check out david's skullranch to see his first broadcast.

September 5, 2006

this is for the duchess. not what she requested, but maybe more disturbing then the actual film!