January 31, 2006

sorry sladj, you are quiet lovely and this is one of my fav pics of all time. LOVELY!

i took today off and went to chris' dad's funeral. chris amazed me at his strength. he even got up and read his own eulogy for his dad before everyone had lunch at the church. the rat fucker made me CRY! i really enjoyed meeting his family and friends. shout out to the DOORS!!!!!!

p.s. gorilla monkey pen will be back very soon......

January 30, 2006

i have no idea how i came upon this picture. searching wikipedia for something a few weeks ago... thought i'd save it for a special occasion. this isn't a special occasion, but i decided to use the pic anyways.

i just wanted to ask everyone to check out my sister's blog. she has a photo of hank that is really awful. and pics of mike playing with fire!!!

ok, today is officially dead to me. time to go home and hibernate for the evening.
today is bad....like sleestak bad....

today sucks. i had work nightmares and woke up in a full panic attack. had a "talk" with my boss about my missing too much work in january (due to bad back and being incredibly burned out.) talk went well actually, but i am not sure how i am going to get through 10 hours days (starting today.) i am taking tomorrow off entirely for the funeral. my boss was fine with that, as long as i promised not to cry when discussing it with him. i am such a cry baby....

the funeral is for chris' dad who passed away this weekend. as much as i am bitching about my bad day, he's had a bad 6 months or so. sister's house hit by lightning and totally burned down, rotten mean girlfriend who didn't have the sense to know he was actually too good for her, etc.... but he's gotten through it all and become stronger for it. so now he needs his friends to get through this difficult time.

seriously, i'd rather be chased by a sleestak then deal with today.

January 29, 2006

an embarassing time for all of us.....

the hair, the shoulder pads....hello 1987!

this was one of the first pics i scanned. it's todd, me, sladj and rachel, with katie sitting in front. todd is a physician's assistant in the ER, and sladj is a pediatrician. katie is married to tony "chief blackcloud" at the old job. i see rachel all the time and sladj when she's in town. she lives closer now so i hope to see her soon. unless this photo is so embarassing to her that she ends the friendship! actually, sladj looks the least "dated" out of all of us!

to see what rach and i look like now, go to my photo blog! http://glittergirlphotos.blogspot.com/

and yes, now that i have a scanner, you should all live in fear!

sunday table celebration!!!

and see, magalotti, hank does fit on the chair!!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!

January 27, 2006

the poster above is from one of my favorite films. divine plays dawn davenport, a hideous girl who runs away from home after her parents don't get her cha-cha heels for xmas. she runs away and is brutally rape (by herself dressed as a man!) on a dirty mattress and has a baby girl. she leads a life of crime and is eventuallyhidesouly scarred for life. the end of the film feature her in some kind of hideous outfit, with facial scars, a mohawk and a ton of makeup, going wild on a trampoline. best movie ever!

yes, that was random. i lost my post from yesterday (featuring rants about robots, sleestaks and people who say "too funny!") so i don't have the energy to re-write the lost post, and you get this one instead.

p.s. i called in sick AGAIN. my back is killing me and i am burned out. or is it burnt out. either way, i am toast.....

January 25, 2006

ah, monkey on ice skates......

quote of the day: "contrary to what your mothers and teachers tell you, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. you are the same decaying organic matter as everything else. we are all part of the same compost heap." (fight club)

dear kanye......
dressing up like jesus does not make you controversial, interesting, or a true artist. it just makes you a boring hack.

p.s. i recommend zak's blog for his interesting way of dealing with internet porn spammers.

January 24, 2006

this is cool!!!! the dog is walking!

anyways, a quick note to all: check out my friend karen's "magical mouse" link. she makes the most amazing homemade triple scented candles! http://magical-mouse.com/ she's got great deals in the close-out bin too!!!!!

someone buy me this!!!!!

my friend amy is doing the "relay for life" in for her 3rd year in a row. she's taking orders for daffodils to benefit the american cancer society. the daffodils come in bunches of 10 and are $6.50 a bunch. they are also selling a special BOYD bear (see above) that was made especially for the american cancer society. the price for the bear and a bundle of daffodils is $25.00. by selling these, she will raise money for the relay. all the donations raised will go to the american cancer society for research and development. i can take orders for amy through february 10th with delivery of the daffodils and bears around march 13th. please let me know if you are interested in purchasing any daffodils and/or the bear.

i wrote about amy in december: http://glittergirl1970.blogspot.com/2005/12/my-first-nice-and-post.html#links she was my first "nice" post. i guess this is my 2nd. damn you amy for making me be nice!!!!!

January 23, 2006

RANDOM huckabuck.....

tiny cock photo by d.l. reynolds

happy 33rd anniversary of roe vs. wade!!!

freaked out monkey (tarsier) thing i found online. i need one!!! (this would make a perfect valentine's day gift! nothing says LUV like a rare and exotic monkey prone to fits of rage!!!)

ok, first off: i got a new (used) dining room set from magalotti. 6 chairs and a leaf! now i am all grown up and adult-like. this upcoming sunday dinner will be at my house in celebration of the table. also, my mom is insanely jealous that i have a larger dining room set then hers, so i'd like to have enough people over to fill all 6 chairs, just to rub it in her face.

what else? i had another great weekend hanging out with matt. except his cat peeing on me a 2nd time. this time he only got my arm, thankfully. (the fact that i use the word "thankfully" is a bad sign of things to come..... "he only ran me over once, thankfully!")

i have discovered something top secret at starbuck's, called the "short cappuccino". cheaper and better then a "tall capp", this doesn't even appear on the menu! read the facts at: http://www.slate.com/id/2133754/

click this link http://www.thisislondon.com/showbiz/celebbb/articles/21499605?source=Metro&ct=5 to see what pete burns (from the band dead or alive) is up to these days. i tried to upload the image to my blog, but it keeps failing, which is probably for the best....

that's all for now. i did want to mention that lobster messiah is winning my mom over as her new favorite blog. does lobster messiah's mother (mary, i assume) read my blog??? i think not!

January 20, 2006

please dear lord above, make this little gif file work!

it's after 7pm on friday and i am stuck at work. about to burst into tears from pure crabbiness. please leslie, show me all your gem sweaters!

ok, i am doing the myspace thing. call me a lemming. http://www.myspace.com/glittergirl1970
today i am not a big fan of humans.....

so here's a new list! celebrities i dislike:

  • star jones (super genius of the world)

(star's thoughts on the war in iraq, and bush & bin laden:) "You know what?" she added, "At some point, one of these men has to put it back in his pants and zip up the zipper at some point." "This isn't somebody whipping it out," shot co-host Meredith Vieira. "You know what, I'm a little tired of posturing back and forth," Jones replied.

  • tom cruise (creepy and pompous. he's studied the history of psychiatry! stop being so glib!)
  • sean connery (i'll take "the rapist" for $200, alex!)
  • burt reynolds (an asshole with bad plastic surgery)
  • lead singer of creed (creepy and pompous, messiah complex))
  • oprah winfrey (a million reasons....)
  • larry king (worst interviewer in the history of humans and microphones)

that's all i've got off the top of my head, but please feel free to add or debate. as always, arguements are encouraged here at glittergirl in the city!

over in some other comment section, there's talk of a glittergirl blog party. i am loving the idea and looking into booking leslie and the lys, or at least finding some cool gem sweaters at the thrift store for everyone to wear!

speaking of that, i was googling for new pics of leslie, and found this blog: http://lobstermessiah.blogspot.com/ this is my first endorsement of a stranger's blog, and said stranger ought to be impressed and greatful!

quote of the day: "people talk sometimes of a bestial cruelty, but that's a great injustice and insult to the beasts; a beast can never be so cruel as a man, so artistically cruel. the dog only bites and gnaws, that's all he can do. he would never think of nailing people by the ears, even if he were able to do it." (fydor dostoevsky)

today is saint anthony day in spain. he's the patron saint for domestic animals. woo hoo!!!

January 19, 2006

there goes my hero....
"Frederick Exley, a native of Watertown, New York, is best known as the author of an obscure but highly regarded book, A Fan's Notes, originally published by Harper & Row in 1968. Not quite a novel and not quite a memoir (Exley suggested it be referred to as "a fictionalized autobiography"), A Fan's Notes is a sardonic account of mental illness, alcoholism, and failure to measure up to the American dream -- as well as the black hole of sports fandom."

as i looked up good old exley on wiki, it occured to me that a huge portion of my list of favorite writers and musicians is littered with alcoholics, curmudgeons and misfits. i love the underdog, the iconoclast, the tragic train wrecks. check this list out:
  • **bukowski
  • **hunter s. thompson
  • *tom waits
  • *james frey
  • *steve mcqueen
  • **kurt cobain
  • **dorothy parker
  • andy kaufman
  • amy & david sedaris
  • janeane garafalo
  • woody allen
  • harvey pekar
  • david letterman
  • elvis costello
  • bill murray
  • **john cassavettes
  • **dian arbus
  • r.w. emmerson
  • sara silverman
  • e.e. cummings
  • **hemmingway, **fitzgerald, & gertrude stein (sorry, i have a soft spot for those "lost generation" writers.....)
  • andy warhol, *brigid berlin, **edie sedwick, (soft spot for the early factory days)
  • *william s. burroughs, **jack kerouac (yes, i have a soft spot for the beat generation as well!)
  • *billy joel
  • j.d. salinger
  • *dian fossey
  • joni mitchell
  • charles schulz
  • **bill hicks
  • margaret cho
  • *carson mccullers

* denotes substance abuse problems (past and/or present)
**suicide or death from substance abuse problems

2nd quote of the day: "show me a hero and i'll write you a tragedy." ~ f. scott fitzgerald

quote of the day: "enjoy every sandwich" -warren zevon

that's the advice warren zevon gave on the letterman show, right before he died of cancer. i think it's swell advice....

i am real crabby today. my back is killing me and work is annoying. i shall google for the proper image!

January 17, 2006

quote of the day: "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." ~ alphonse karr
(translation: the more things change, the more they remain the same.)

i decided i didn't like the new look for the blog and have gone back to the old setup. but i am adding a new feature, the quote of the day! i know UC freak has been bitching about me updating my quote of the century, so i hope this appeases the beast.

btw- this is a pic of dixie, flipping out hardcore like a ninja, after having a bath.

January 16, 2006

use google image search and enter your name, it's a trip!!!!

i googled for my name and here's what i got:
(this jennifer charlton is #6 on the volleyball team)
Parents: Harold and Cindy Charlton
Area of Study: Education
Favorite Movie: Varsity Blues
Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo
Hobbies: Shopping, Eating, and Quilting

also, exciting news! i found my fancy zippo lighter and my lisa loeb (not lesbian) eye glasses. i had a really wonderful weekend, although i fell off the wagon and am back on coffee.

that's all folks!

January 15, 2006

i can't even get a decent porn name!!!
Your Porn Star Name Is...
Albino Kitty
albino kitty? that's a horrible porn name!!!! ah well, guess i better keep my day job....

January 13, 2006

my new boyfriend, (a native man of USA!!!!) here's a message i got in my "myspace" account.

Subject: hello baby

Body: i am 30 years old. (Single man), Native of usa MAN, I really appreciate it so much, actually am very beatiful, very honest, caring, romantic, kind and i am Located in maryland,Nigeria with my grandmother. Christian by religion. I'm a full time student in a Computer school . My body average weight I am physically active man who is very active, but can be passive sometimes, I never smoke. I am the only man in the family of my mother and father. My father and my mother is not alive but my grandmother is still alive. My only mother is 61 years and She is not working anymore. I have no boyfriend. but I would like to have one now. It has real been along time I started searching for a lovely woman from your country to establish a serious relationship leading us to marriage and prompt visiting can be possible. For now these are all I could talk about myself. I will also appreciate it, if you can reply me and tell me more about yourself, family, background and Work. You known my heart is seeking for a truthful woman like you to be sincere to me that you will surprise my heart and not deceiving me on any way. It's been great knowing you and it will be lovely having you.
my new addiction: online tests!!!

Your IQ Is 130
Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

January 12, 2006

well, i took the plunge and changed the format of my blog. i was inspired by copaX and zakky. besides, it's a new year, i just turned real old, so it's time for a fresh start.

a random shout out to to my favorite radio program in cleveland right now. "stonecoldbikini" plays on WRUW thursday's from 8am- 10 am. you can listen live in the car or online at http://www.wruw.org or listen to the archive of last week's show. i boss you to check it out! this chickie plays some good punk, pop, indie rock!!! (also, i must admit i found the "leslie and the lys" video on this chick's website, so i must give credit where credit is due.)

more random & mundane info: i am officially off the the coffee. it's been over a month and i have resisted the siren's call of arabica on my way in to work.

in other dumb news: i refuse to see that damn sad gay cowboy movie! i love the actors, the director, etc...but it will just depress the hell out of me. nope. i stay home and watch "anchorman" on HBO....

ok, time for a nice random pic....

January 11, 2006

the inevitable blog about monkeys.....

why do we love monkeys oh so much??? bucky katt wants to eat them!

this is the evil monkey from family guy

yay rally monkey!!!

monkeys eating donuts is funny!!!

rodeo monkey!!!!

the scary monkey show from invader zim

more rodeo monkey!!!

i found this site while searching google for rodeo monkey pics: http://www.shitthrowingmonkeys.com/

January 10, 2006

the best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

see the video!!!!!!!! http://www.atomfilms.com/af/content/leslie_gem_sweater

meet the band!!!!! http://www.leslieandthelys.com/

i had a really great birthday. hung out with my pal matt all weekend and he manged to take me out to dinner and give me gifts without me even realizing it was for my bday. very sneaky. then sunday a bunch of folks came to my mom's for slovenian rice sausage and tapioca puddin'.

see the pics on my photo blog: http://glittergirlphotos.blogspot.com/ and on j-net's blog: http://vivalarobot.blogspot.com/// come see all the cigarette smoking, middle finger, sausage fun!!!

January 9, 2006

birthday girl!!!! holy shit, it's a pink backpack on wheels!!!!!

birthday sausage!!!!!!