March 28, 2013

evolution of a music nerd...

i know i've talked about my love of music on past posts.  and i'm too lazy to look them up to see what i talked about.

lately i've been listening to satellite radio, a station called "the bridge".  it's soft rock, singer song writer stuff.  the music i grew up listening to.

music was always a big deal to me, even as a small child.  i was obsessed with an 8 track my parents had of hank williams.  i think that 8 track of old hank singing his lonesome tunes was my first musical obsession.  i must have been around 4 or 5 years old.

when i was 6 we moved to kentucky.  i remember driving through the hills of appalachia with my dad, listening to jim croce.  "operator" was such a sad song.  and "bad bad leroy brown" was hilarious.  we'd sing out loud to that one.

my next musical memory is when we moved back to ohio.  my parents bought a house in willowick and let me have the large attic bedroom.  i also got my first radio.  i was 8 years old, and that clock radio blew my mind!  i couldn't believe all the free music, different stations, DJs who were interesting, it was all in that small clock radio.

here's a pic of me in my new bedroom, back in 1978, before we painted and decorated.

the song that changed my life:  billy joel's "honesty".  i can remember hearing it, sitting on my bed in that attic bedroom, in that new & strange house.  i LOVED that song.  and so began my billy joel obsession.  i bought every one of his albums, and learned to play piano.

in 1980 we got cable and MTV.  so much good music!  i loved new wave.  berlin "metro" was an obsession.  i think my mom bought me the cassette and put it in my easter basket.  i loved john waite's "missing you", the thompson twins, "der kommissar"(the version by after the fire, not falco.)  frankie goes to hollywood, hall & outs, til tuesday, etc...

by high school i was ready for something new.  i fell in love with the soundtrack to "pretty in pink".  i was mesmerized by the final track, "please please please let me get what i want" by the smiths.  i'd never heard anything like it.

so the smiths became my obsession, along with REM, the cure, and the cocteau twins.  MTV's "120 minutes" became a sunday night ritual.

i discovered tom waits, kate bush, bjork, so many alternative musicians, some that i still listen to today, some 25 years later.

this post is too long, but i guess i'll publish, with some random pics!

March 16, 2013

SNL, another childhood influence...

the first episode was hosted by george carlin 

i hated chevy chase

gilda was my favorite 

yeah, i hated chevy chase.

belushi was my other fav

the show premiered in october 1975.  i have strong memories of seeing it when i was 5 or 6, after we moved to kentucky.  there was something about something so... subversive, that i loved.

same thing with when i discovered mary hartman, mary hartman, soap, maude, and david letterman.

at least i had mr. rogers to balance out the adult stuff!

March 14, 2013

mr. rogers

my good friend mark sent me a link to the video below.  it reminds me of how very lucky i was to grow up with mr. rogers in my life.

the story below is from a lawyer who works with abused children.  someone posted it on facebook and it made me weep in the, "sad for children abused but happy that someone like helped so many kids" kind of way.  

"A good portion of my pro-bono work is defending abused children. It’s a cause close to my heart. In the course of my work I met a man who was an adult survivor. You wouldn’t have known it looking at him. He was this gigantic Polynesian guy. Wild curly hair. He was counseling some of the little kids, and doing a fantastic job of it. 

 I visited his home to get his opinion on something and I noticed a little toy on his desk. It was Trolley. Naturally curious, I asked him about it. This is what he told me: 

 “The most dangerous time for me was in the afternoon when my mother got tired and irritable. Like clockwork. Now, she liked to beat me in discreet places so my father wouldn’t see the bruises. That particular day she went for the legs. Not uncommon for her. I was knocked down and couldn’t get back up. Also not uncommon. She gave me one last kick, the one I had come to learn meant ‘I’m done now’.

 Then she left me there upstairs, face in the carpet, alone. I tried to get up, but couldn’t. So I dragged myself, arm over arm, to the television, climbed up the tv cabinet and turned on the TV. “And there was Mr. Rogers. It was the end of the show and he was having a quiet, calm conversation with those hundreds of kids. In that moment, he seemed to look me in the eye when he said ‘And I like you just for being you’. 

In that moment, it was like he was reaching across time and space to say these words to me when I needed them most. “It was like the hand of God, if you’re into that kind of thing. It hit me in the soul. I was a miserable little kid. I was sure I was a horrible person. I was sure I deserved every last moment of abuse, every blow, every bad name. I was sure I earned it, sure I didn’t deserve better. I *knew* all of these things … until that moment. 

If this man, who I hadn’t even met, liked me just for being me, then I couldn’t be all bad. Then maybe someone could love me, even if it wasn’t my mom. “It gave me hope. If that nice man liked me, then I wasn’t a monster. I was worth fighting for. 

From that day on, his words were like a secret fortress in my heart. No matter how broken I was, no matter how much it hurt or what was done to me, I could remember his words, get back on my feet, and go on for another day. 

 That’s why I keep Trolley there. To remind me that, no matter how terrible things look, someone who had never met me liked me just for being me, and that makes even the worst day worth it to me. I know how stupid it sounds, but Mr. Rogers saved my life.” 

 The next time I saw him, he was talking to one of my little clients. When they were done with their session, he helped her out of her chair, took both of her hands, looked her in the eyes and said: “And remember, I like you just for being you.” 

 That, to me, is Mr. Rogers’ most powerful legacy. All of the little lives he changed and made better with simple and sincere words of love and kindness."

March 12, 2013


so i'm going to try and grow out the pixie haircut.  which means months of awkward bad hair.

what started as this:
(the original short haired girl.  the story goes that sinatra asked for a divorce after he saw her short hair)

will turn into this:

or worse, this:

the first girl to chop her long hair:

Joan of Arc inspired the ever-popular bob haircut, which originated in Paris in 1909. The voices that commanded the teenage Joan to don men’s clothing and expel the English from France also told her to crop her long hair. She wore it in the pageboy style common among knights of her era until guards shaved her head shortly before her execution. In 1909, the Polish-born hairdresser known as Monsieur Antoine—one of Paris’ most sought-after stylists—began cutting his fashionable clients’ tresses in a short “bob,” citing Joan of Arc as his inspiration. The look really caught on in the 1920s, popularized by silent film stars and embraced by the flapper set. While women continue to request bob cuts to this day, another of Antoine’s legendary experiments—dyeing his dog’s hair blue—hasn’t stood the test of time.

what's amazing to me is how the media focuses on this girl's short hair.

and people are still freaking out because chan marshall cut her hair.

makes me think i should keep my hair short!

my new iPhone obsession...

it started off normal.  i realized my iPhone has an option to shoot panoramic pics.  i shot this first pic at work.

then driving in to work, i thought, "what freaky things can i do with this panoramic setting?

so this happened...


back to normal.

March 11, 2013

March 6, 2013

MANDATORY - Personal Conduct and Harassment Seminar

so i'm about to attend this mandatory meeting.  i'm not a fan of meetings.  nor am i a fan of being appropriate in the workplace.

i like to laugh and say bad stuff.  i sit with 10 guys so there is much laughing and horrible jokes.  i love it.

i was going to live blog during the meeting, but i feel like someone might notice.  so i'll take notes and add then to the blog!

my only fear is that all the talk of being appropriate will cause me to develop tourette's.  or maybe jump on a table and protest!  like the norma rae of foul mouths in the workplace!!!!!

ok, it was only an hour, and it was totally boring.  nothing funny to report.  but i'll post this just for the funny pic.