September 27, 2011

updates on things in life...

griffin is doing well with treatment. the prednisone makes him a little more "antsy" then usual, but he seems good, happy, content, etc... he likes the new king sized bed that is low to the ground.

speaking of that, i LOVE the new bed. it's really helping with the insomnia. i've been off ambien for a month now, and it feels great. i still don't sleep like a normal person, but what's normal? not me!

i'm including some pics of my favorite things: glittery stuff, a well made latte, meatball pizza and eggs in a nest.

eggs in a nest, at cracker barrel, was a nice discovery. it's something i remember my grandma making for me when i was little, maybe 4 or 5 years old. it was my favorite breakfast for years and a happy memory of my grandma.

in other news, dan turned 40, our 5th annual dotditwell party was a blast, and the barn roof restoration is complete! next up, the well cover is being created and i'm going to have the bathroom painted pink.

good times!

September 20, 2011

typical stuff

beautiful pink clouds at sunset


the simple meds making griffin feel so much better

September 19, 2011

i don't know how to sleep

it's strange, the ways in which i do not sleep. i've been off ambien for close to a month, and my body can't seem to recall how to sleep.

here's what happens:

9pm- go to bed

10pm- fall asleep

1am- wake up

(here's where i try to follow the rules about not turning lights on, no tv, etc...)

1:30am- wide awake

(here's where the pain and itchy skin feelings start)

2:00am- tv on. hoarders, cnn, bra infomercials

3:00am- skin feels like bugs crawling underneath, zaps and tingles

3:30am- stomach ache and IBS kicks in

4:00am- try to lay down and sleep again

5:00am- start to fall back asleep

6:00am- alarm goes off

(sinking feeling kicks in)

i've tried to use CBT tools to help me get the insomnia under control. i practice relaxation techniques and all kinds of positive "self talk".

i follow all of the "sleep hygiene" rules as well. lights are off, no music, no iPad in bed, etc...

we finally took the plunge to go from a queen to a king sized bed, and i got the tempur-pedic "cloud" bed i've wanted. i'm hoping this helps. the bed is highly recommended for people with chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia.

i guess i need to just give it time. not sleeping won't kill me. it sucks, but it could be worse.

September 18, 2011

September 16, 2011

September 13, 2011

links to photo albums...

click here to see barn repairs

click here to see creepy dolls

click here to see work pics

September 11, 2011

how to enjoy sundays...

1.  sleep in

2.  make a big breakfast, lots bacon, coffee (humans only), more bacon

3.  nap

4.  play

5.  nap