February 26, 2009

weird history.....

According to wiki, an insect flew into Titus's nose and picked at his brain for seven years. He noticed that the sound of a blacksmith hammering caused the ensuing pain to abate, so he paid for blacksmiths to hammer nearby him; however, the effect wore off and the insect resumed its gnawing. When he died, they opened his skull and found the insect had grown to the size of a bird.

February 25, 2009


why burger king is dead to me....

unlike mcdonald's, BK does not mix your creamer & splenda into your coffee for you. bastards. and when you make a mess, there's no where to throw it away. i need to stick to making my own coffee at home.

February 24, 2009

day of seinfeld references

i noticed a lot of high pitched whispering and giggling among the lady-folks at work this morning. i sit in a cubicle on a main hallway, and noticed a different "tone" to the usual morning chatter. i realized there must be a baby in the vicinity. sure enough, within an hour i walked out of my meeting and into a full blown baby shower in the hallway.

one of my favorite seinfelds episodes is this one, where they are forced to "see the baby"....here's the transcript that has me LMAO just reading it!

(btw- the baby i saw in the hallway at work was actually really cute. i heard someone on her phone say, "you gotta come see the baby!" and i had to stifle the urge to say, "i think a dingo ate your baby!!!")

Carol: Come on, you guys. You can come on and see the bay-bee! Adam (the baby's name), Jerry and Elaine are here.
Elaine: Oh, he's a cute little shnugly baby.
Carol: Isn't he gorgeous? (Elaine looks at baby, only to be frightened and turn away)
Elaine: Ugghh.
Carol: Is she gorgeous? (Elaine & Jerry looking away)
Elaine: Oh, gorgeous, yes.
Jerry: So very gorgeous.
(Jerry and Elaine gasping for air outside after they just left the baby's room.)
Jerry: Is it me or was that the ugliest baby you have ever seen?
Elaine: Uh, I couldn't look. It was like the Pekinese.
Jerry: Boy, a little too much chlorine in that gene pool. And, you know, the thing is, they're never gonna know, no one's ever gonna tell them.
Elaine: Oh, you have to lie.
Jerry: It's a must lie situation.
Elaine: Yes, it's a must lie situation.

February 22, 2009


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February 21, 2009

sea-monkeys in candlelight.....

i filmed this tonight. you can see the sea-monkeys really well, including the 2 that are "holding hands". very romantic, especially by candlelight...

griffin's posse...

from left to right: timothy treadwell, valen-frog, and frankenstein.

also- i am going to try to make pasta fagiloi soup from scratch today.

another thing- i am excited to be keeping my job through june, and that i get to be the project lead. it's like getting paid to be bossy!

p.s.- the sea-monkeys are huge and mating. their little black eyes stare at you when you try to drink your morning coffee in the nook. creepy.

i love this song:

i am afraid of colonel sanders:

February 17, 2009


(cleo wants to me to remember who was there first...LOL!)

(sunrise this morning....)

i haven't talked about weightloss surgery in a while. i still think about it, my experiences, and have more to say. but i'm busy with my job (while i still have it) and life.

i read this article on CNN, and had to post a link. so now apparently you can get the surgery through your throat or your zorch! actually, i read a few lines and stopped it was too much.

btw- EOB taught me the word zorch. she's a bad influence.

also, please watch this video in support of gay marriage. it made me weep.

February 16, 2009

dr. manhattan, go to hell!!!!

1. facebook is still eating up my precious blog time. i've posted the "25 things about me" and "20 favorite songs" on facebook, while neglecting my sad blog. all those pics of our dogs & the barn that no one really cared about are now on facebook (where no one really cares about them..) i wish i could somehow connect my blog to my facebook.....

2. why i might be overweight- i just threw out my salad and ate a roll of mentos and some pork cracklings for lunch. i love mentos, chewy mint. pork cracklings are really good, like rock-hard pork rinds. disgusting & shameful to eat though. i keep buying them, saying i'll only eat one or two and save the rest for griffin & cleo. i think i'm in denial.

3. movies- on valentine's day we went to see friday the 13th. it was all blood and boobs, as expected. i couldn't sotp laughing at the chick who water-skied, topless. she had her own heavy metal theme music. they showed a clip for "the watchmen" that scared the crap out of me. something about the blue glowing man with white eyes.....me no likey. a preview we thankfully didn't see was "confessions of a shopaholic." it makes me angry just seeing the idiotic poster.

4. per wiki, the blue chap who scares me is dr. manhattan. i hate dr. manhattan. if they make a figurine of him, and i know they will, he's gonna go right in our well.

5. music- ya know how my husband likes those black keys? i like them well enough, but wouldn't put them in my top 10, ya dig. but the solo album by dan auerbach is......yeah. it sounds old & familiar, sinister and hopeful, i don't know...just a grungy, sludgy, beautiful mess. i got the new morrissey album and officially have a crush on the old fop again. and the smiths remastered double album is amazing.

6. my job- i am trying to follow the rules about not blogging about work stuff. my current job is...probably going to end by spring. a casualty of the bad economy and all that. i'm looking into new career options and am leaving towards becoming a magnate. or else maybe
grow my nails real long....

7. this lady broke a nail recently. spending my lunch hour looking at pics of this lady and her nails is worse then the whole pork cracklings thing.
8. another movie- we watched "unforgiven", the clint eastwood western from the early 90's. i've never seen it, but always wanted to. i loved it. just beautifully filmed, great acting and interesting plot. it was a classic western but also a bit of a morality tale. in the end, no one was really a hero or a "good guy". they were all flawed and making mistakes. it reminded me of "burn after reading", a modern film whose every character was a bit....unlikeable, but compelling.

9. and finally, last night around 9pm, we caught the tale end of a new reality show. or at least i think we did. it looked so....horrible....and made no sense. i had to ask dan if i'd taken my ambien by mistake and might be hallucinating. it was called something like, "smile, you're under arrest!!!" and it was god awful.

February 15, 2009