November 29, 2008

dan lather

i love this video. it's groundcat in 5th grade, interviewing a fellow student. he's wearing a shirt & vest that are all one piece. that info is for jennette.

November 26, 2008

just a pretty photo...

more WOW!!!

here's a heartwarming story for the holidays.....

i was at work yesterday, and expecting a call from my doctor. i had my cell phone ringer on so i wouldn't miss the call. (if i put it on vibrate, it goes off when i get emails, so i had to have it on the ringer, but a quiet ring.)

around 3pm, my phone rang. it was a little kid asking for nicky. i said, "sorry, you've got the wrong number" and hung up.

the phone rang 2 seconds later. "i wanna talk to nicky!" the young voice said. i very patiently said, "sorry, i think you're dialing the wrong number. i'm jennifer. what number are you trying to call?"

"um....i wanna talk to nikki! gimme her number!!!!" the kid is now raising his voice. he sounds really young, like maybe 7 or 8.

"sorry dude, i don't know who nicky is. can you ask your mom or someone to help you dial the phone?"

i hear some mumbling and he hangs up. i turn off my ringer and watch 4 calls come in, one right after the other. the calls come up as "unknown" with caller ID blocked.

i leave work and when i get to my car, i see there's a voice mail. i worried i'd missed my doctor's phone call, so i play the message before i start my car.

here's the message i heard: "hi nicky, i mean jennifer. i wanna talk to that f*cking nicky. i'm trying to call that b*tch. mother f*cker. bitch. bitch."

do people still spank kids? because i want to find this kid and get him in so much trouble!


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here's a better photo of the devastation:
i've blogged about groundcat's destructive behavior before. here and here. this morning he was running late for work, and decided he needed to find an old video tape he's been wanting to transfer to DVD. (because that's what you do when you're already running late, duh!) he sat there in his winter coat & hat, cursing the whole time as he emptied the contents of the cabinet. it all happened so fast..... he found the tape, and as he stormed out the door, he yelled, "i'll clean it up when i get home! go ahead and put it on your blog!!!!" during the whole event, i said nothing, because i was laughing too hard. my husband is entertaining in his grouchiness!!!! i wish i had thought to video tape it..... but the photo will have to suffice.

November 25, 2008

finally, urine recycler passes astronauts test!

that was the headline that made me giggle. then this quote made me guffaw: "Not to spoil anything, but I think up here the appropriate words are 'Yippee!'" space station commander Mike Fincke told Mission Control early Tuesday morning, shortly before bedtime. "There will be dancing later," Mission Control replied.

it's got me thinking that for all my bitching & moaning about my job, maybe it's not so bad. at least i don't have to drink my own urine. that's something to be thankful for. let's hope the astronauts don't have to begin work on recycling any other bodily functions. (yeah, potty humor!)

in other news: besides a crapload of deer, we got us some UFOs in lake county.

and finally: copax sent me this link and it's provided me with many laughs. apparently swedish bands in the 70's were the ugliest people on the planet. it's a fact!!!!

things i do to procrastinate....

i don't want to go to work. i want to stay home and do stupid things with photoshop. and get paid for that.

November 24, 2008

he he he.....

i wrote a really long blog post, including links from some interesting news stories, my thoughts on life, etc... then i deleted the whole damn post. this is all i got. he he he....

griffin has a case of the mondays....

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when i got out of the shower this morning, after much procrastination, i found griffin in our bed. he was right under the covers on my side of the bed, and he just stared at me. i swear, he was saying, "don't go to work. it's gonna be bad...." when i got to work (right at 9am) the entire office was empty and the room pitch dark. i wondered if i had gotten confused and came to work on a sunday. folks are now trickling in, but apparently we all have a case of the GD mondays.

oh my......

really, this made me cry.

November 23, 2008


crabby faces:

kitten in the window:

crabby kitten:

horrible "artwork" at marshall's:

new puffy coat:

griffin ate the jade plant:

the end.

November 22, 2008

thanks again to T...

random pics, mostly dogs & deer....

all doctor's offices are boring and slightly creepy....

work pics: the fancy lobby, the depressing room where i sit, my desk & my view. i have a window but it looks out into other windows, a sort of inner courtyard, so no sky or clouds.

we got a bunch of packages delivered, and griffin spent the door on the flattened boxes. he even brought his favorite slipper!

me with horrible pjs & bedhead, and the dogs on places they are not supposed to be.

deer!!!! yes, i'm still stalking the deer. one of the loves my car. the large buck has been staring me down lately, and i think he's going to attack me or my car soon. get the video cameras ready!