February 28, 2006

we were somewhere around barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.......

i haven't had a chance to post about my weekend. i went on a little road trip with my pal matt and had a BLAST. it's been ages since i've gone anywhere, especially since i started this job at e&y in september. you'll notice he's bundled up (he even has my sweater around his neck) while i am 1/2 naked. let's just say we are not compatible temperature wise. but we made due! i got to meet some interesting folks and see a part of ohio i never knew about. defiance is pretty interesting! and the stars at night were amazing.....
time for a new poll....

who do you think was the best on SNL? look at this list on the link above, because it's huge. here's my top 10:

  1. phil hartman
  2. will ferrell
  3. gilda radner
  4. dana carvey
  5. molly shannon
  6. martin short
  7. john belushi
  8. chris farley
  9. eddie murphy
  10. mike myers

now these aren't my favorite comedians. i left off sara silverman, janeane garafalo and christopher guest. and i hate eddie murphy. i chose my list based only on the 10 people i thought were best on SNL and really made the show. if i had a number 11 it would have been charles rocket, anyone remember him? or maybe daryl hammond for his shaun connery impression....

anyways, here's my top 10 and i'm sticking to it!

February 27, 2006

kind of redundant.....
of course everyone made me go first to have my caricature done at the office party. i thought it seemed kind of redundant, since i am so close to being a cartoon in real life. but the guy gave me a nice rack, so it's ok. and of course he captured the glass of wine in my hand. notice the pinky finger sticking out. at least i don't look anything like marcy from peanuts.

here's a shot of my stained glass project. it will be done this week and i'll get a better shot of it hanging in the window.

February 23, 2006

bad news.... the potluck is cancelled. rachel's mother-in-law passed away last night. sorry for your loss rach and family. also, after week 2 of "QA lockdown" i am completely exhausted.

are we on for next sunday????
i put this on my photoblog. i said that while my job is difficult, we do know how to have fun. and it's true! last night after work they threw a fancy party and it was a blast. joseph (the guy on the far right) even dragged me out on the dance floor! he's a trouble maker and so much fun to work with. see how he has alfred singing into a beer bottle?

the potluck is on for sunday. i am going out of town for the weekend (i have a fun little road trip planned- my first weekend off and away from home in over a year!) i will bring my hated cell phone with me and check messages. so if anyone has questions about the potluck, give me a call. then i'll have my people get back to you. hahahaha!
my job is hard and the hours are long, but we do know how to have fun!

February 22, 2006

the blog is a-hopin'.....

the cabbage roll debate has been hysterical. i say we bread 'em and throw them in the fry daddy! do you know they deep fry saurkraut?

i'm excited about sunday's potluck. i have 9 dining room chairs and plenty of other furniture. hell, we'll put people in the bed! everyone is invited but no one is obligated. it's all good bro-in-law! besides, after this sunday's extravaganza, it's time to take it easy. i'm taking the wing out of the beautiful 6 chair dining room set and going back to being a hermit for a while.

ok, the festivities start at 3pm, but feel free to arrive later. there's no dress code and PJ's are welcome. also, no one is obligated to cook anything. just shoot me an email and tell me what you want to bring, or don't bring a dang thing at all! i am working behind the scenes to figure out the menu. so far rach is bringing her famous mac and cheese (made the black folk's way) and mag's is deciding between stew or a homemade chicken pot pie. my mom is making a cake for dessert. as for me, i haven't decided.....

btw- is it politically incorrect for me to refer to a "black folk's" recipe? i've always been interested in different cultures and in columbus my friends introduced me to soul food and different ways their families cooked. to me, comparing black and white people cooking is no different then comparing german and slovenian people cooking... but tell me if you think i'm wrong.

February 21, 2006

the big cabbage roll debate....

ok, per matt (direct quote from myspace):"seriously, who in the name of fuck puts sour krout on goddamned cabbage rolls. Onions and green peppers maybe... but goddamned krout!? WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM!!"

now, is it a cleveland thing? i mean, are we the only ones adding saur kraut? and how is it spelled??? (mag's will know)

now matt is not a native clevelander, so i'd like to know what renny has to say. how do they make them in southern OH? and lobsterboy, do they even eat them in florida. zak's a chef, maybe he knows.....

February 20, 2006

some recent sunday dinner pics from david......

(this one is called "ultrasound")


(what david calls "our lack of caring when it comes to things other people would find absolutely horrible!")

sunday dinners are a blast. this coming sunday we will have dinner at my place and it's an OPEN INVITATION potluck!!!!!!! some of my friend's named lisa might show, SBC boys from the old job, even lobsterboy is invited! book your flight from florida now!!!!

why am i yelling? i'm flippin' out like a ninja i am so excited about this!!!! maybe zak will make peirogis from scratch......too bad matt has to work. he could come and yell at my mom for putting saurkraut in her cabbage rolls.....

February 17, 2006

i am exhausted.....

i've cried on the way home from work 2 times this week. just out of pure exhaustion. today when i was leaving the garage, the parking lot attendant said i had paid $20 last night and drove off without my $10 change. she couldn't give me my money back, so she came out and lifted the gate so i could get out for free. she said, "your parking ticket showed you were in by 7:30am and weren't leaving til almost 7pm, you looked exhausted!" i just thought that it was so nice that she noticed and gave a shit, so as i pulled out i burst into tears. a combination of exhausted and happy. happy to know not everyone sucks.

work should get a little better next week, and by the end of the month i am hoping to be back to a 40 hour week.

in other news, i just tried to call in a pizza order with the tv remote! yeah, i'm not tired at all!

February 16, 2006

my new look!

i stopped by to see matt last night and he asked how peppermint patty was doing.

per wikipedia: "Some have speculated that Peppermint Patty and Marcie are portrayals of lesbians, but this may well be idle fantasy, especially considering both girls' admitted affection for Charlie Brown. Marcie resembles, and acts like, a younger version of Doonesbury's Honey Huan. However, from occasional references within the strip, it's clear she was modeled on Billie Jean King."

so i'm not a lesbian! but i resemble billie jean king?

ah, it's gets worse and worse......

February 14, 2006

thanks to copaX, today is no longer dead to me! http://www.nacholibre.com/
happy st. valentine's day massacre!!!!!
"Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh". ~ W. H. Auden

"Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. . . . It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more". ~ Erica Jong

"Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle. The only problems are the drivers, the passengers and the road". ~ Franz Kafka

"Love is the answer, but while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions". ~ Woody Allen

"Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday". ~ Noelle, Age 7 (participant in a survey of 4-8 year olds asked to define love)

February 12, 2006

some random thoughts before lockdown....

if you keep up with comments on my blog, you will notice my mom likes to add her 2 cents. she told a very nice young lobster-man the she was "disappointed in him" for complimenting me on my fancy new bangs. what mom does that? so when i finally get arrested for doing something terrible (and you know i will) the judge will give me a lenient sentence just because my mom is such a meanie!

lyrics of the day: "is it any wonder i'm not a criminal? is it any wonder i'm not in jail?" (styx)

styx, now there was a rock band! i think all my friends know the infamous "mr. roboto" modern dance recital story. let's just say i can't hear that song without breaking out in a sweat. it's like a vietnam flash back, only it involves a lavendar leotard. the horror!!! oh god, the horror!!!

ok, now for some thoughts on tv: jenna elfman is unpleasant. the olympics are dumb. battlestar galactica kicks ass and is the first show on sci-fi i have ever liked. other boys have tried, but matt is the only 1 to find a sci-fi show i could love. of course i love it because it's dark and twisted. they force robots to have abortions!!!

ok, time to get shit ready for work and then go to bed early. the photo i am using for this post is bad. makes me feel dirty just looking at it....

sticklady: yo....what's doing?
glittergirl: i cut my bangs!
sticklady: oh boy...
glittergirl: yup
glittergirl: they look dumb
sticklady: that's what you do when your stressed
glittergirl: like every other time

February 11, 2006

sorry mom, but i shall never forget the chairs!!!!!!!!

look at them, all 7.....if i had time i would have gone out and bought a wide angle lens for my camera, so you could really see the beauty and majesty of all 7 chairs in one room. breath taking...

griffin got scared when the power of the 7 chairs trapped him in the living room.

the chair party ended on a violent note, with big mean hank pouncing on opal. he didn't want to share a chair!

i did a google image search for "evil boss" and got this! hahahaha!!! anyways, next week is another "QA lockdown". so i won't have access to AIM, email or even a phone. the days are going to be 10-12 hours, locked in a conference room with about 20 of us. kill me now.....

February 10, 2006

it's really enough.....

lady, i will pay you money to just STOP. yes, you are great at yoga and bendy like a pretzel and you're about 100 years old. impressive! congrats! now stop with the leotards and crotch shots.

and terri hatcher, a see-through dress is dumb. stop trying so hard!

i saw this pic online today and thought to myself, "yeah, i can relate!" work is overwhelming and the hours are back to brutal. this 2nd wave of 60 hour work weeks is not as easy this time around, not for any of us. in fact, i sense a mutany about to occur. all hands on deck in the pit!!!

sorry, but i love pirate talk. #

other then work, not much else to report. too exhausted to come up with anything good. i am waiting for mag's to finally write a guest blog since she's so damn funny in the comments.

quotes of the day (on "regret")
"i would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said, than regretting not doing what my heart led me to and wondering what life had been like if i'd just been myself." - brittany renée
"my one regret in life is that i am not someone else." - woody allen
"my biggest regret in life is that i didn't hit john denver in the mouth while i had the chance." - denis leary

February 7, 2006

my boss has been picking on me extra bad the last few days. he finally admitted he was "making up for last week", when he left me alone because he had a cold and was too sick to torture me. he said harassing me is so much fun, that i am like his "walking, talking, stress release squeezy ball." then he picked up his stress ball, threw at my head, and giggled like a lunatic.

later, when i ran into him in the kitchen getting coffee, i pretended to try to hug him. he screamed and ran!

touche crazy evil boss man!!!!! touche!!!!!

quote of the day: penn jillette, "believing there is no god gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, jell-o ..."

February 6, 2006

i got this DVD for a $1.00! woo hoo! it's really one of the worst made for tv movies from the 70's. travolta is revolt-a!

ok, today is a rotten day at work. so besides giggling over the bubble boy, this day is dead to me.

February 3, 2006

pete burns (dead or alive) then and now .........

i am constantly amazed at the "fashion" i see downtown. in my building there are a large number of folks around my age who are stuck in the 80's. the tapered jeans (always an inch too short), the perms and feathered hair. and the holiday sweater vest! my god, i see way too many of those!

now i know my sense of fashion is a bit off, and 1/2 the time i can't even get it together to put on makeup in the morning, but stir-up pants?!?!?!?! french-braided hair with a big white scrunchie??? members only jackets???? unless you're doing it to be ironic or it's halloween, cut that shit out.
IYGYROS and webdings and google image search......

i have a very random list of topics to cover today. it's going to be stream of consciousness, so here goes!

i learned a new acronym at work. WCGW. means "what could go wrong". it's an common accounting term i guess. but i've decided to apply it to my life. what could go wrong? oh, the list is HUGE! but i will save that for another day. i did a google image search for WCGW and got the tiny little image above. you make kitty scared!

i had a recent OCD meltdown. the bulb in my fridge went out. for some reason the darkness made me think the food was going bad and that somehow the fridge was actually not working. i could hear the motor running and the light in the freezer was on, but in my crazy head the fridge was somehow "too warm". i was convinced the food was going bad. i kept opening the door and feeling the temp of the bottled water. i swore things smelled rotten. so finally i solved the problem by turning the thermostat in the fridge to its coldest setting. everything froze overnight, but i can now at least eat the food from the dark fridge. yes, i am nuts. it was like a bad episode of "monk".

also, i am never going to lose weight. between matt's his deep fryer and the new diner opening across the street with it's posters of gyros, i am doomed.

quote of the day: "people aren't chocolates. do you know what they are mostly? bastards. bastard-coated bastards with bastard fillings." (dr. cox, scrubs)


February 2, 2006

craig loves monkeys.......

this is a pic of an old friend from an old job. craig loves monkeys. when he's not busy sending disgusting wads of string to innocent girls, he does this on the weekends (see image above.) apparently he's involved in some kind of monkey mask swimming competitions.....

craig's the king of the aquatic monkeys!!!

February 1, 2006

another piece of garbage day.......

i was looking around my file of saved pics for today's post. i was going to go with something depressing and dark. but then i ran across this guy and LMAO! i know this image was on my blog a few months ago, but i think it deserves reporting. it's the first thing to cheer me up all day!!!!

i think my job is starting to really suck and all the fun is gone. my boss hasn't given me the finger in weeks!