May 31, 2009


(they let folks draw on the walls)

this store is so jennette. check it out: shoparooni.

click on photos to see the full version.

click here for a facebook album of the day.

May 30, 2009

i do not like string

jennette's bday and a string holder. yuk.

May 29, 2009

another video....

i was flicking channels and caught some of the george strait 2 hour tv thing, and it mostly sucked, but i loved this damn song:

videos i dig and thoughts on being a housewife....

i have this michelle shocked song playing in my head....

it's the line, "i think i'm a housewife" that keeps playing in my head. about to go on umemployment and thinking of myself as a "housewife", or like i used to joke, a "stay at home mom without kids". weird, but i think it might be good for a while. i'll get a lot of cleaning done, paint the bathroom pink, go swimming...

also, this song played twice in itunes this morning. the zevon version and then jill sobule...

this song is so lovely, and how i feel about life.

this version is the best!

May 27, 2009

uh oh....

my mom is now on twitter. you better look out, bitches!

May 26, 2009

harlan ellison

i've been trying to blog about harlan ellison all morning. his wikipedia entry alone took me an hour to get through. read it here if you like.

the documentary "dreams with sharp teeth" aired on sundance last night. we caught the beginning and i can't wait to finish it. the guy is the biggest curmudgeon on the planet. he makes harvey pekar look peppy & upbeat. he fights with everyone, thinks quite highly of himself, and like HST i doubt i'd really want to hang out with the guy.

but he's so funny and smart and generally right about people. his fiction is brilliant, but i think his non-fiction work is what shines. especially when he writes about growing up in painesville, OH in the early 40's, being one of the only jewish families, getting picked on & beaten up. he's still pissed about it!

he also doesn't own a computer (pretty interesting for a guy who mainly writes sci-fi, although he'd kick my ass for calling him a sci-fi writer.)

"I am anti-entropy. My work is foursquare for chaos. I spend my life personally, and my work professionally, keeping the soup boiling. Gadfly is what they call you when you are no longer dangerous; I much prefer troublemaker, malcontent, desperado. I see myself as a combination of Zorro and Jiminy Cricket. My stories go out from here and raise hell. From time to time some denigrator or critic with umbrage will say of my work, "He only wrote that to shock." I smile and nod. Precisely."

May 22, 2009

deployment diary....part 2

what the heck is electronic mail????? i'm scared!

11:00pm: got the call to log back in. my tester in cleveland is working from home, and 2 folks in mumbai just got in to the office (it's 8:30am their time.) so we now have a team of 4 QA testers.
i'm on a conference call and the developers (still in the office) listening to the cavs on the radio, so all i hear is a lot of screaming and laughing. i think the cavs won...

have i mentioned how much i hate computers?

11:45pm: servers in stuttgart germany are down. seacaucus servers are working. i love saying "seacaucus". i need to be ready to work with testers in singapore and france in 2 hours.

1:45am: stuttgart servers are still down. my tester in singapore is logged in and waiting. the french guy will be calling at 2am. the 2 folks in mumbai can't access anything because of some problem with their firewalls, even though they tested the day before.

it's like a traffic back up, and there's gonna be road rage. the folks in the office have been there since 9am and are ready to crack. at least i have been able to work from home and take a long nap.

2:00am: wow, a giant centipede just came flying out from under the fridge. blech. dan & the dogs are all sound asleep... i want to go to bed, but this has to be done by 8am.

2:45am: i just noticed the conference call i'm on has been going for 170 minutes. i hate the phone.

5:16am: still working.......i'm at home, and there are people still downtown working on this. horrible. ok, i guess it's finally wrapping up. going to sleep until 8:00am for the next conference call.

deployment diary....part 1

11:57am: deployment of my big work project officially beings in 4 minutes..... it's like being on the rollercoaster when it starts off really slow, before it creeps up the first hill..... here we go!!!

12:02pm: first conference call. people already have shitty attitudes. although the IE is hilarious. i have starbucks, so i'm good.

(we have almost 20 people involved, in different states and countries..... about 150 steps until we're hoping to be done by 5am)

12:53pm first set of tests almost complete. DBAs arguing over stuff and it looks like another 3 hours is being added to the already 17 hour deployment.

1:52pm- we're falling behind, and i'm already hard typing, which means i'm annoyed. also, i let the dogs out and a bee tried to fly in and i kicked it.

2:00pm: everyone in the office is ordering lunch. you'd be suprised at how it can take 20 minutes for grown, intelligent people to agree on a lunch order. or maybe not suprised....

2:15pm: waiting for developers to fix something, looking at scary clown cakes.

2:36pm: we were supposed to be done testing at 2pm. fighting going on the conference call. drama. seems so silly.....

2:37pm: just got my paperwork from unemployment. perfect timing!

2:43pm: when i get really pissed, i get what i call "thermometer head" and i turn red. i am bright red.

ok, done for now. back to work around 11pm. i need pizza!

May 21, 2009


wolf tshirts are hilarious. (the comments on this amazon page are even better!)

here's a really interesting article on white people and black music. something i've been wanting to write about lately, but no time.

speaking of that, i need a "to do" list of things to do when i'm unemployed:

paint the bathroom pink
write a thoughtful essay on why i don't like rap music, reggae or R&B
learn to bake an apple pie
lose weight
clip coupons
ride a unicorn

also: here's my old friend mark at our reception, who can still piss me off and make me laugh about my tom petty hair:

which reminds me, i've been a married lady for over 11 months. kick ass!!!!!!

dig it!

res glitter ipsa loquitur....

i've been wanting to blog about work. work has been so crazy & busy that there's no time to blog about work. plus i don't know exactly what i want to say about work.

let's try a stream on conscious list, combined with some of my favorite HST & 30 rock quotes.

what is this, horseville? because i'm surrounded by naysayers. wordplay!

i'm being laid off and my last day is may 29th. i feel a general sense of relief....combined with a deep terror at the thought of being unemployed.

it's a strange world. some people get rich and others eat shit and die.

here's some advice i wish i woulda got when i was your age: live every week like it's shark week

i think people would be happier at work if they could fart at their desks occasionally.

i have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.

i was up at 3am last night, remotely connecting to some guy's computer in singapore. he seemed nice. went back to bed then up & at work by 7:30am. i am quite sure i'm not at my best, but i wore my lucky wedding shoes & hope that helps.

hey, nerds! who's got two thumbs, speaks limited french, and hasn't cried once today? [pointing both thumbs at herself] this moi.

i am scheduled to work friday 12p-2pm, then 12am to 4am. then i sleep for a few days, come to work on tuesday, and get laid off. yeah!

maybe this is all pure gibberish — a product of the demented imagination of a lazy drunken hillbilly with a heart full of hate who has found a way to live out where the real winds blow — to sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whisky, and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind except falling in love and not getting arrested...res ipsa loquitur. let the good times roll.

that the perfect end to this nonsense blog post. hunter s. thompson wins, every damn time.......

May 20, 2009

co-dependant love song.....

You can throw bricks at my window,
You can put tacks in my shoe,
Sprinkle ground glass on my applesause,
But you can't stop me from loving you.

You can put rocks in my pillow,
You can put sand in my shoe,
You can be aloof as you crash the roof
But you can't stop me from loving you.

You can sneer at my devotion
You can seem as mean as can be,
If you'll pardon my emotion,
But that won't discourage me.

You can put lumps in my cornflakes,
Tell me my brain's good as new,
You can laugh in my face as you trump my ace,
But you can't stop me from loving you.

some weird charts about stress.......

workplace stress wiki article.

May 19, 2009

my bad hair......

i want my hair cut super short, and i need a photo of it to show the guy who cuts my hair. so i am uploading this pic and hoping i can then get to it on my blackberry to show my hairdresser. does that make sense?

also, getting my hair cut short is me giving up on ever growing my hair long. i have the worst hair in all of show biz (as david letterman used to say.) i was hoping to grow it out all long and maybe feather it like i used to....


May 18, 2009


how is this a "life-like" monkey?

i'm just saying......