December 30, 2007

my new album!!!!

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post. Also, pass it along in your own journal/blog because it's more amusing that way.

(i stole this meme from renny. i love how it turned out! his turned out even better, and maybe he'll let me post it here, or put it up on skullranch.)
The Recipe For glittergirl

3 parts Inspiration
2 parts Tease
1 part Tolerance

Splash of Power

Finish off with an olive

fun with photoshop

which version is better?

December 28, 2007

goth homestyle family eatin'

click this link to see a really funny commerical. i'd embed the video, but my mom says i'm not allowed!

the boneyard

we had a great time at the boneyard! we laughed and talked and took a thousand photos. (i have never seen so many cameras all going off at once!) we drank a toast to nancy and remember old "GAMx alumni". we talked about all the GAMx babies that have been born in the last 2 1/2 years, the lock-downs, break-downs, and the fun. and i managed NOT to cry, so no one got the $5 karen offered to the first person to make me sob. a good time was had by all....

huntington lobby

panoramic pics

the lemon tree

the boneyard

family dinner

sea monkeys

click on the pic on the left, and you can see them looking up at the camera! these pics even creeped me out a little! LOL!


i brought the new camera to work to test out the macro lens with the sea-monkeys. the pics turned out better (worse) then i could have imagined, and i managed to creep myself out with these photos:
here you see 2 sea-monkeys "attached" (mating) and one is pregnant. ick.

i took off the lid and they swam up and looked at me!!!! HORRIBLE!!!

the nook, my celeb crush, other stuff.....

it's like RAAAIIIN on your wedding day! it's like ordering a bacon egg & cheese crossain-wich, but getting a sausage egg & cheese biscuit by mistake!!!! (isn't it ironic?) it's ok though, i got my beloved cheesy tots. when i start the new job on jan 2nd, i have vowed to pack a lunch and stop eating fast food breakfast. so today i bid a fond farewell to the cheesy tots, which i am quite sure are responsible for the recent 10 pounds i have gained.

groundcat made a new video on youtube, he's doing one of my favorite hem songs. it's real purty!

lots of folks are updating blogs. copax has a new format and slideshow, dan put up some funny pics (griffin is apparently a long lost allman brother!) and my mom has got a great xmas eve pic of the crabbiest bunch of folks ever.

i have an odd celebrity crush, this time on anthony bourdain. i feel slightly ashamed admitting this. i even found a great pic of him and harvey pekar!

i am about to update my photo blog with more work pics and some from dinner the other night. we had dan's family over, including his aunt and uncle who hadn't seen the place since his great aunt lived there. it was a lot of fun having them over and they really got a kick out of having dinner in the nook (since no one ever really used it before.) it made me think about all the great times we've had in that nook, with family and friends all crammed in, laughing and enjoying dinner. it's my favorite place in the house. i recently noticed a huge crack in one of the benches, and after my initial reaction of being upset, i realized that it's just from the wear & tear of so many people sitting there, and how that's a wonderful thing. so let's keep busting up that nook in the year 2008! (besides needing to find someone who knows about repairing 100 year old barns, we know need a nook expert! LOL!)