June 30, 2008

all in one day!

saturday was insane. i woke up at 6am (groundcat had to work) and started cleaning the house & packing for our trip. then i noticed griffin was digging at his ear and it looked bad. so i got him in at the vet that morning. then washed my car (inside & out) and ran errands. didn't get the house chores done, but left to pick up dan at work around 2:30pm and we headed to columbus. here are photos from the day:

griffin at the vet (he's got an ear infection but otherwise just peachy) and my broken blackberry.

the crowd outside and tom waits on stage.

people queueing up to get merchandise (or "why we didn't get concert t shirts")
the chandelier and us all happy after the show.

our view of the stage (after the show) and some remaining fans. we saw a lot of pork pie hats that night!!!!

i uploaded new pics to the strictly no photography website, this time from inside the ohio theatre. to see them, do a search for "tom waits", or just type in "glittergirl" and you'll see all my submissions, including pics i took in the huntington bank lobby last year.

i almost got all the way into the theatre before a guard asked to see inside my purse. he said i had to either give him my camera or one of the batteries. i was happy to give him a battery since i had extras stored in a side pocket, but i realized there were my nice rechargeable batteries and hated to give one up. so instead i open the battery compartment & pretended to fumble and dropped the camera into my purse. i let the rechargeable batteries fall into the bag, dug around and grabbed one of the cheap disposable batteries and gladly handed it over.

as soon as we got inside i found a restroom and got the batteries back in. it was the most beautiful theatre and i am happy i got some good pics. i tried to be respectful during the show and only snapped one quick photo of waits on stage. (i watched people all around us trying to take photos on cell phones or using camera they had snuck in with the flash on. it's rude and distracting to everyone around!) i made sure to turn off my flash as well as the little orange beam of light that helps the camera focus. i took my photo right at the end of a song, and only took one. it wasn't the best shot, but it's good enough.

the concert itself was amazing. we sat at the back in a balcony and could see the stage pretty well. we had a couple of frat guys in front of us who were really obnoxious and distracting, but i tried hard to ignore their "high fives" and drunken banter. i did wonder how they ended up at a tom waits show. did they take a wrong turn at a DMB concert? as i said to groundcat later that night, "i bet those 2 went back to their frat house and made out."

back to the concert! tom waits was incredible. he was like an old time preacher, demented orchestra leader, and performance artist all in one. he sang and danced, told really odd & funny stories, and even got the crowd to sing along to "your innocent when you dream." he did "the eyeball kid" with a disco ball hat on and the beams shot out all over the auditorium! the band played multiple instruments, including a sax player who literally played 2 or 3 saxophones at a time, along with clarinet, harmonica and possibly a bassoon. tom waits' oldest son casey played drums (as he did last tour) and a younger son came out to play bongos and then clarinet on one song. they did "the house where no one lives" which is one of my favorites. the show was near perfect and i felt lucky to have been there.
more pics to upload and stories to tell, but i need more coffee and have some actual work to do.

June 29, 2008


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no cameras allowed....

panoramic shot of the beautiful ceiling at the ohio theatre. it's the most beautiful place i've ever seen a show. it was like being inside a jewelry box.

lots more to blog about, like the show itself, our adventure on columbus highways, and my broken blackberry. but now it's bedtime, so this will have to wait.

goodnight, nurse!

June 28, 2008

some stuff

(our wedding cake, groundcat still crabby as he wants to be, and the sophisticated kitty uses the litterbox.)

a note from the blog administrator: we are trying to move the blog from old email to the new (married name) email. it ain't working. so you might see some funky things on the blog and comments for a while. please remain calm at all times!!!! do not leave your seats until the plane has landed!!!!!!!!!


June 26, 2008

no more!

2 day training seminar is over. this pic just about sums it up. i snatched one of mojito's horrible drawings and will post it when i have time to scan stuff. (he's almost got a rachel-like quality to his upsetting doodles.) i'm pooped, so maybe tomorrow.

fyi- i am really happy back at the new old job. so i'm happy about being married and my job, home and work....that's very lucky! i will try and enjoy it while it lasts, and am sure i'll be bitching about work soon. :)

June 24, 2008

new old job

can't remember if i mentioned going back to the old job, in a new position. talking about getting married in vegas is way more fun! but i started back monday and it's been really cool seeing old work friends, especially mojito libre!

we spent the entire day today in a "team building seminar", and i had fun sitting next to my old work pal, passing the occasional note and giggling (and complaining.) i am not a fan of any kind of generic team building "seminars" with large groups of people, flowcharts, and chevrons (as mentioned before.) but i am also trying to bitch & moan less about work, so enough said. just enjoying seeing old peeps & homies!

on another note: we watched "alice, sweet alice" last night. amazing for the first 30 minutes, then boring and way too long. go watch a clip on youtube or something!

ok, time to add some pics and said ciao. work is going to cut into blogging time, dammit!

June 22, 2008

time to go back to the real world....

this married gal is going back to work tomorrow. no, not giving out free hugs dressed as a chicken. i charge at least 10 bucks!

June 19, 2008

more vegas huckabuck....

i've been writing down random notes and thoughts while here in vegas. i have an hour before dinner so i'll type it all up fast and stream of conscious-like!

las vegas smells like burgers. the air, no matter where we were outdoors, smells like a frying hamburger. i find that odd....

also odd: we had to walk a block to the courthouse for our marriage license, and on the way we had a couple smarmy looking guys in cheap suits offer to "help us" find the courthouse and then offer religous pamphlet with offers of marriage services. we stuck with our favorite, "no thanks!" response and quickly walked on.

last night we took the monorail to the strip and saw the paris casino and spent a lot of time at bellagio. one of the few things i was looking forward to in vegas was seeing the bellagio fountains at night, and the chihuly blown glass flower ceiling inside. i LOVED the weird indoor exhibit at bellagio, especially the weird baby eagles (see video below.) the chihuly ceiling was amazing and we were able to be right in front of the hotel for the fountain show choreographed to "viva las vegas". i loved it! it was like fireworks made of water.

in our hotel (the hilton), besides barry manilow, we have the star trek exhibit, which i've had to cut through to get to other places. once a nice ferengai seemed to flirt with me, and on another occasion a crabby klingon bumped into me and didn't say "excuse me". not sure if he was in character or a jerk. (fyi- the only reason i know anything about star trek is from being roomates with lisa ann. she used to force me to watch it.)

i hate flying, but i love room service. las vegas restaurants are all so loud! room service is great because you can have a fancy dinner in PJs! we went to the italian place here in the hilton and i had a really good osso bucco. it's something not found on most italian menus, and the waiters are always impressed when you order it! (and no lectures about veal. it's not any better eating an "adult" animal! someday i am totally going to be a vegetarian....)

tonight we're going to see penn & teller, i'm so excited!!!! then tomorrow home, finally. i wonder if the dogs will be excited that we got married?

ok, time to order room service. ciao!

this is a video!!!!


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thanks to copax for setting this up! now, when i take a dumb photo with my blackberry, i can send it directly to my blog. so i pass the savings on to you!!! (yes, i know that doesn't make sense, but it sounded good.)

June 18, 2008

we got hitched!!!!!!!!!!!

on 6/17/08 i became a married lady. go to my photo blog for pics of all the hub-bub. i wore the black beaded dress from smitty's wedding & dan wore his fancy dress clothes and tie. we wanted to get married in private. isn't that funny? we're just both sort of shy in our ways and wanted to say our vows without a crowd. but we still want to throw a "belated" reception in november!

i was able to book the entire wedding via email with a nice lady in the hilton wedding chapel. not one phone call needed, which made me so happy.

we arrived monday evening in vegas. the courthouse downtown closed at 8pm so once we unpacked and had dinner, we got in a taxi and raced to the "old strip" near freemont. it was easy getting the license and took about 15 minutes. we giggled the whole time.

the next day dan had to work, so i meet with the wedding planner in the chapel. she was the nicest lady and was our wedding planner, witness, photographer, and videographer. (she’s been working in vegas wedding chapels for almost 20 years and loves her job.) she helped us plan the small ceremony, pick music, flowers and decide on what kind of ceremony we'd have.

she gave us a bottle of champagne and we made mimosas before we went down to the chapel. it was tuesday, june 17th at 6pm. (06/17/o8, per wiki is also barry manilow's birthday, LOL!)

the minister walked into the chapel sucking on a lollipop. he was an older guy in a nice suit, and he was really sweet and funny. he talked a lot and gave us advice on RVs and talked about the beauty of the desert.

we played tom waits' "a little rain" for the walk up the aisle. i think it took me all of 5 seconds, it was such a small chapel and i was nervous. the minister loved the song and quietly asked the planner to let it play out, because it was a beautiful song. he did a non-religious service and what he said made me cry, it was so lovely. i cried and giggled like a loon. after our vows, we walked down the aisle to "long way home", another waits song done by norah jones. the minister loved the music so we gave him our "wedding mix CD." (that meant a lot to us.)

we laughed and talked with the planner and minister, and took photos. then we hopped in a taxi & went to the stratosphere for dinner. we called family & friends on the blackberry to tell them the good news, until we realized folks back home in ohio were already in bed!

dinner was amazing up in the spinning restaurant, although when we got there the sun was so bright in our faces. the waiters tried to stand to block the sun when we ordered. we had drinks and steaks and just talked and laughed. the view was magical and there was a big pink moon over the mountains and it reminded me of that nick drake song from the VW ads.

ya know, i like to think of that old minister driving in his RV, out in the desert, listening to tom waits, & sucking on a lollipop....

so it was wonderful and lovely and we're really happy. enough "mushy" for now.

links to hear the songs:
a little rain link
long way home link
pink moon link

after the wedding......