December 30, 2008

surreal new year's resolutions....

In 2009, glittergirl1970 resolves to...
Go cursing three times a week.
Find a new hem.
Give some clean sheets to charity.
Take evening classes in mash.
Eat more sharpie pens.
Spend less time on brooklyn.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

these are funny. another meme stolen from my pal T. but i really am making a list of resolutions for 2009, as cheesy as it sounds. i want to make some changes and be healthier. i saw myself on HD DVD and i need to lose weight! plus i could always stand to eat more sharpie pens.....

my shit's fucked up (warren zevon)

this is the song playing in my head today.......

oddly enough, i'm in a great mood! i have no idea why i woke up singing this song in my head.... it's not a chipper song, but i'm feeling pretty darn good!

December 29, 2008

holidays, vacation, work, etc....

vacation sheep and goats!
horrible decoration over the bed. i want to burn it next time.
also, i don't like the bossy signs. we laugh & dream without reminders!

rachel made us cool wine glasses, groundcat is crabby, and the goat stuck his tongue out at us.
i really looked like this on vacation. the dogs got new toys from jnet and mike! (here's griffin with one right before he demolished it.)

weird stuff in shops, boring books at the cabin, us....
these are my favorite pics from the last few days:

the holidays and time at the cabin were amazing. time with both our families on xmas was lovely. lots of laughter and good times. the cabin was perfect with it's big fireplace, jacuzzi and goats & sheep. we had amazing meals, and watched "sideways"(i'd forgotten how good that movie is.) we saw a family of deer come right by our cabin, and more deer when we got home. we found some cool, not so touristy antique shops (including one with a giant wasp nest for sale in the basement.)
i came home and played with my wide angle lens and got some great pics of the barn. how many pics can i take of the barn, dogs, and groundcat? apparently no limit.
now i'm back to work and....yeah. back to work. more talk about budget cuts, projects on hold until even 2010. i stick it out one day at a time, blog on my lunch break, and try to stay calm.
sidenote: have you ever sat next to a "loud eater"? the kind of person who could make yogurt sound crunchy??? for some reason it's a pet peeve of mine. god knows i probably make a lot of noise. i get allergies and sniffle & clear my throat. so i have no room to talk. but still, the loud lip-smacking eaters make me koo-koo. (probably the same thing that makes me hate it when the dogs lick themselves at night. slurp, slurp....... ICK!)
to see more pics on that damn facebook: our vacation at the cabin posted here. some cool photos of the barn are here. pics from xmas are here. i know, no one cares. i am blogging out of spite. ciao!!!!

December 28, 2008

December 27, 2008

Vacation Goat!!!!

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December 25, 2008

December 24, 2008

real quick

i'm going through old blog posts, and this is my favorite pic of groundcat. he bought this book for smitty at his wedding in grosse pointe. of course groundcat is an expert and doesn't need a book like this! (doesn't he looking fetching in the tux?)

here's the post where caesar ate the cake, with pics included.
good times....

December 23, 2008

merry happy holidays!

here ya go, a really pretty picture, merry xmas blog readers!!!
(i have some great pics of the dogs out in the snow yesterday and will post those when i have time. today's post is just a way to avoid work for 5 minutes.)

tonight is the debut of a new lasagna recipe i got from simply recipes, my favorite cooking wesbite. it took me almost 2 hours to prepare and clean up after. it's in the fridge and ready to cook for guests tonight. if it's a disaster, i'm going to have about 20 pounds of leftovers.

ok, that's all i got for now. ciao.

December 21, 2008

weekend crappola

the weekend, as usual, went by way too fast. i haven't been too blog chatty these days, so i'll discuss what we've watched on the telly.
first, we watched all the episodes of "the tick" on DVD. i loved that show when it was on in 2001 and it's as awesome as i remember it.

(A vending machine has taken a commuter's money and failed to deliver a cup of coffee)
Tick: Metal fiend. So, vending menace, we meet again. Armless bandit! Empty your bladder of that bitter black urine men call coffee! It has its price and that price has been paid! (slams machine back onto the ground; it delivers a cup of coffee) Java devil, you are now my bitch.

now watching "return from witch mountain" and it's as horrible as i remember it.

Having spent a good deal of time enjoying the company of their newfound family and friends at Witch Mountain and intensively studying and practicing their supernormal powers, it is decided that Tony and Tia deserve a vacation in Los Angeles, California. Uncle Bené drops them off in their flying saucer in the Rose Bowl Stadium, after which they quickly become separated from each other. Dr. Gannon and Letha happen to see Tony using his powers, kidnap him, and successfully test the doctor's new mind-control technology on him. With Tony at his robotic bidding, Dr. Gannon hopes to achieve recognition within the scientific community and worldwide power, while Letha merely wants a return on her investment.

Tia must find Tony and foil the villains' nefarious plans. Fortunately, a group of wanna-be tough guys called the Earthquake Gang and hapless truant officer Mr. Yokomoto – whom the guys call "Yo-Yo" – come to her aid. The boys and their relationship with "Yo-Yo" bring a great deal of comic relief to the film, along with the underlying message that it might actually be "cool to stay in school."

the kids in the gang are named rocky, crusher, muscles, and dazzler. i cannot stop laughing over the poor kid with the gang name of dazzler!

December 20, 2008