May 31, 2006

another favorite poet.....
anne sexton is another poet i love. read about her here.

The Earth

God loafs around heaven,
without a shape
but He would like to smoke His cigar
or bite His fingernails
and so forth.

God owns heaven
but He craves earth,
the earth with its sleepy caves,
its birds resting at the kitchen window....

He does not envy the soul so much,
He is all soul
but He would like to house it in a body
and come down
and give it a bath
now and then.

p.s. my photoblog is updated with weekend pics!!!! check it out HERE!!!!!
my perfect weekend......

saw a deer in dan's backyard!

everything is blooming.....

campfire fun

our fancy VIP tent (with working ceiling fan)

tiny tent we wanted to buy j-net

guitar hero battle part 2

all the stinky mutts got baths (including j-net!)

guitar heros resting....

dan's new bloody arm

farting dog and music
more bossing.....

i am recommending yet another movie. this one is a lovely little british film about a man with OCD. read about it here. it's sort of a love story for the mentally ill. not that i relate! (ah hell, of course i relate.....)

speaking of OCD, i dropped my earring in the toliet stall at work, and when i bent down to pick it up, my work ID badge dipped into the toliet. yes, looks like i will be spending $10 to replace my "lost" ID badge. the germs, my god, the germs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on another note; the month of june is almost here and i just realized this blog is officially one year old. happy birthday bossy blog!!!!!!! thanks to zak for hooking me up with the blog in the first place, although i am sure he has come to regret it. if you go back into the archives from june 2005 you will see a pic of him that i lovingly photoshopped. hehehehehe.....

May 30, 2006

back to work.........

5 days off was amazing. it was so hard coming back to work today. i got the worst night's sleep last night and woke up with a twitch in my lower left eye lid. it's been twitching hard for about 4 hours now with no signs of stopping. my boss even noticed it. i think it's hot, part of my "look." all the kids are getting facial ticks this summer!!!

we gave all the dogs baths last night. gus immediately went and rolled in mud while dixie ran off and rolled in grass. griffin was the only one who didn't dirty himself up.

ok, i'm gonna stop day dreaming about my lovely, long weekend and try and do some work.

May 29, 2006



zak says i should blog about stuff. (he's as bossy as me.) i don't want to "jinx" anything and say too much, but that's stupid. so what's going on? well, i met an amazing guy who is funny and sweet and kind, and the more time i spend with him, the better he gets. he makes me laugh really hard and i trust his driving. and he looks much better in a cowboy hat then i do.

i'll update my photoblog with pics from guitar hero (i got my ass whooped by a first timer), and camping. (and yes, sleeping in a tent in the back yard totally counts as camping!)

it's an understatement to say i am happy. things are good at work (only working 40 hours per week) and my family is all happy and healthy (and when i say "family" that includes my roomie who has taken over and is now mom's favorite.) and now i have a kickass boyfriend who makes me smile so much my face hurts!

is this too mushy and sappy? whatever. i don't care. it's the new mushy me! hugs for everyone, god dammit!!!!!!!

May 26, 2006

the movie i boss you to see...........
a good friend bought me this DVD for my birthday, and i finally watched it last night. it's a beautiful, sad, weird, quirky, funny and sweet film. thanks matty!!!

read about it here.

lots to write, but let's just say i am having the best time of my life.

May 24, 2006

these are the days....

i've got that 10,000 maniacs song stuck in my head. "these are the days..." i think it was played for every sappy tv show back in the mid-90's at some point. whatever, i like it!

david and i have always talked about a concept called "halcyon days". the days between seasons when the weather is perfect and the sky is bright blue. colors are so vivid and every smells great. just perfect and intense. i think laurie anderson talked about the term. but according to wikipedia, my definition is wrong.

"Halcyon days are calm days; a reference to the fourteen days of calm weather the ancients believed to precede the winter solstice that coincided with the brooding of the Halcyon--fabled to be in nests floating on the sea--because the birds charmed the winds and waves so that seas were especially calm."

so i am walking around with sappy songs playing in my head, noticing the beautiful sky. i'll probably end up walking in front of a bus, but for now it's fun.

in other news: i am completely addicted to slim jims! gross!!!! my breakfast today was a latte and a super slim jim. ah yes, the breakfast of champions.....

ok, if anyone's bored i have some new videos saved out on you tube. i plan on spending the next 5 days off AWAY from computers, so enjoy!!!

update: i am psychic! over at, there's an article about beef jerky. read it here.

May 23, 2006

it was fun while it lasted......
it's time for me to break things off with my imaginary boyfriend, doug stanhope. it was fun while it lasted (in my twisted mind) but now i've met a real life boy and it's time to move on...

but click here and buy a tshirt, because stanhope is hilarious and i hope he does run for president. it could be like the hunter s. thompson freak ticket in colorado in the 70's. and old HST almost won!

lots to say, but i am keeping my yap shut for now. a long holiday weekend coming up. if i don't post, just know i am off having a really great time.


May 21, 2006

spring is here!!!!!

flowers are blooming....

and the midgies are back......

our house and yard are full of midgies. some people call them canadian soldiers or muckleheads. they are like mosquitoes that don't bite. but they are everywhere and so gross. YUK!

not too much to say. well, maybe lots to say, but i'll keep it brief. i have had the best weekend and my face hurts from all the smiling and laughing. :o)

if you want a chuckle, check out zak's blog and see him in his kilt. i LOVE my roomie!!!!

May 20, 2006

racetrack (poem)

4 years old
and dad lets me ride shotgun
strapped in tight
rain flying by the window
just one solid water logged sky
50, 60, 80 mph around the slippery track

the race cancelled
i scream and laugh
taking in the smell of stale cigarettes
cherry-flavored chapstick
motor oil and cough drops

hang on to the cigarette-burned cracked vinyl seat
i dig my nails into ruined upholstery
wet, warm pain shoots through my finger
and the blister breaks open

(i remember the burn
of summer-scorched orange coals
shining like a secret sunset
a whole box of secrets….
bright hot jewels)

everyone said to stay away
get that kid away from the hibachi!!!!

old rusty metal box
dirty grime from the last cookout
the stinky fish dad caught grilling on top
popping & cracking with grease
i won’t eat the fish
just the tail (cuz it tastes like a salty potato chip)

i had to reach in
and touch the blistering hot coals
you would have too
(if you knew
how beautifully they blazed)
i kept my tiny index finger
resting on inflamed briquettes
until someone pulled me way
the pain shooting through my small pale arm
electric-shock jolt and sizzle

years later i look at my finger
larger and hang-dog wrinkled around the edge
i wish there was a scar
a sign, a reminder
some permanent little road map mark
to nowhere
now here

i see mom
a long pale blur on the side of the track
wet and worried
wheat blonde hair plastered down on her head
from rain and worry and weariness

hi mom…..bye mom……

the heavy booted foot
eases off the gas pedal
slowing down now
my tiny heart still racing
around the darkening track

May 19, 2006

the best movie ever!!!!

or at least the best movie ever when you are 10 years old in 1980. olivia newton-john on rollerskates as some kind of magical greek muse? come on!!!

ok, some more random hoo-haa before the weekend.....

today my "horror-scope" pissed me off. i had an entire fight with it in my head:

"Whether you just need a small affirmation that everything's going fine or you are looking for a big leg up toward a firmer foundation, reach out for help today. There are people on the sidelines just waiting to get in on the action of your life. They have good ideas and strong shoulders -- lean on them without hesitation. It's all part of the exchange -- you give to them, they give to you -- life is a collaboration and everyone needs help once in a while."

reach out for help today? fuck off! i'm little miss independant, thank you very much. of course where has that actually gotten me? ah, who knows.......

click here for a beautiful song/video. this chick is amazing, although i noticed she ripped off my "short nails-chipped polish" look.

click here for a hilarious cartoon. you will like this is you related to my slim goodbody rant a few months back.



a coworker comes in this morning and announces, "hey, my cat's in labor! anybody want a kitten?"

so i ask, "why are breeding kittens?" of course, the answer is the usual stupid reasoning and excuses. here's a few i've heard:

  • we didn't get her fixed because she never goes out of the house. well, except that one time she got loose.......
  • she's a pure bred and we wanted to breed her. i mean, this litter won't be pure breeds so we'll give them away.... but i might want to bred her so we're not getting her fixed after this litter!
  • we meant to get her fixed.
  • we thought our son's cat was a boy, until we found them mating

etc..... this doesn't even include those jackasses with male pets who are not fixed and roam the neighborhood. i've had people say, "who cares? it's not like he's going to bring a litter home!"

here's why everyone needs to spay/neuter their pets:

"Although precise data is not available, it is estimated that 5-10 million American pets are taken in by shelters and rescue groups each year. Of which, 3-4 million are euthanized by often under funded animal care and control organizations, as a heartbreaking way to manage the numbers of homeless and unwanted pets in our society. Additionally, these statistics do not take into account the many free roaming and feral animals (estimated to be in the tens of millions) that fend for themselves in our neighborhoods."

every time one of you idiots lets your dog or cat have a litter, you say, "oh, i found them all good homes!" that may be the case, but those are homes that could have taken an animal from a shelter. and do you really know you found them good homes? a litter of 10 kittens will go to 10 homes. are you sure no one is abusing them? are they all being taken to the vet, being fed and loved? if someone changes their mind about the puppy you gave them, are you going to take it back?

here's the link for a great group that is trying to do something about the problem with pet overpopulation.

May 18, 2006

i'm flipping out!!!!!!!!!!

i am flipping out just like dixie (after being forced to take a bath.)

why am i flipping out? my good news.....

i have been given the most amazing opportunity to attend the bonnaroo festival this year. click here to read about it. it's a weekend long music festival in tennesse and some of my all-time favorite musicians will be there, like:

  • elvis costello
  • ben folds
  • nickel creek
  • son volt
  • mike doughty
  • cat power
  • death cab for cutie
  • beck
  • sonic youth

that's just a list of my favs, but there are so many amazing bands playing, along with comedian lewis black and the bindlestiff family cirkus.

it will be my first time camping in about a decade, so anyone with any camping gear they can lend out would be appreciated. of course if i have to, i'll go out and buy a big pink tent with matching sleeping bags. i bet they make a powerpuff girl camping set!

and how did i get this wonderful chance to go to bonnaroo? my friend dan (groundcat). you can read his blog to hear his nervous excitement and stress over bonnaroo. i'm with him on being nervous about the drive, the crowds, the crowds, and did i mention the crowds?

but i will get over my dislike of crowds, because this is a once in a lifetime chance. when dan invited me i got so excited. i asked my evil boss for the time off and he said yes right away (i am thinking he may have had a stroke, since normally he is a mean SOB.) then i went online and looked at the lineup and got so excited my eyes teared up. yes, i am a dork who cries when she is super happy/excited and overjoyed. maybe i'll cry the whole 4 day weekend in tennesse!

yes, my friend is going to regret the day he ever invited me....hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

one more thing: i ran spellcheck and the blog does not know the word "dork"or the word "blog". how is that so???

May 17, 2006

random musings.......

this is from a mcdonald's ad in india. a friend sent it to me because everyone knows i love the creepy stuff! here's the link to the ad. i am NOT lovin' it!!!!

i love working downtown. i see so many characters. i went downstairs for coffee the morning, and found myself asking these questions:

  • if you work in a diner, do you have to call everyone "hon"?
  • if you're a bike messenger, must you be skinny and covered in tattoos?
  • if your name is "roz", are you almost always a woman in her mid-50's with a deep gravelly voice and smoker's cough?

also, in the news yesterday was a story about a bear in a zoo eating a monkey. the headline made me giggle. but when i went to read the story, the photo was disturbing as was the story. read about it here, if you want. i was horribly upset by the whole thing and was telling a friend about it over dinner (while eating BURGERS!) now why is it so upsetting for me to hear about a monkey being eaten by a bear, while i have no problem eating a cow? i know i've talked before about wanting to be a vegetarian, and failing at my many attempts. and that burger was great last night! ah well, just something to think about....

if you haven't had a chance, check out the website for the band david and i put together. new clear spiders!!! we've got 2 songs up now and both are terrible. if you're on myspace i'd recommend making one your profile song. break everyone's ear drums!!! we'll also consider any submissions if anyone else has any upsetting music or videos to include. BLOODY MARY!!!

ok, i am in a great mood today. might have some good news coming down the pike, i have a roomate who is hilarious, and griffin seems to be recovering from his stinky gas spell. dig it!!!

May 15, 2006

an artist you've probably never heard of (unless i bossed you to listen on a mix CD)

jane siberry is one of my favorite musicians. she's a canadian artist who started recording in the early 80's. read more about on her website. you can also download songs for free from her store. i suggest downloading a song called "the valley", which i heard today and found myself thinking of friends going through hard times. i can think of at least 4 friends going through some sort of depression, sadness, confusion or general ennui. god knows i've been there!

"The Valley"

i live in the hills
you live in the valleys
and all that you know are those blackbirds
you rise every morning
wondering what in the world will the world bring today
will it bring you joy or will it take it away
and every step you take is guided by
the love of the light on the land and the blackbird's cry
you will walk in good company

the valley is dark
the burgeoning holding
the stillness obscured by their judging
you walk through the shadows
uncertain and surely hurting
deserted by the blackbirds and the staccato of the staff
and though you trust the light towards which you wend your way
sometimes you feel all that you wanted has been taken away

you will walk in good company

i love the best of you
you love the best of me
though it is not always easy
we will walk in good company.....

May 13, 2006

happy mother's day sticklady!!!!
now watch this clip, it's my one of my mom's favs.

May 11, 2006

it's official!!!!
my roomie zak is a reverend, and now he's got the certificate to prove it! but will this bring peace to our household???

my new dilema: i am becoming more interested in myspace vs. this blog. myspace is more of a rush. it's used by more people than even google! and you can have some minimal form of contact with some minimal celebs!

myspace is like fast food, and tastes great at first, but not very satisfying, ya dig?

ok, i need to go work on the myspace website for our band!!!!!

btw- a few new pics on the photoblog.....
some new random pics.....

May 10, 2006

new upsetting monkey pic from rachel.....

monkey popsicles.....yum......

May 9, 2006

my brush with the semi- famous......
i've been addicted to myspace recently. my friends and i all have profiles, as do many celebs (mostly comedians and indie rock bands, 2 things i love!) i found a profile for doug standhope and saw that he actually logs in to his account fairly often. when i saw this pic, i was immediately smitten. i decided he would be my new celeb crush (just for the caption alone) and wrote about it on my myspace profile. well today he actually wrote a comment on my myspace (said he'd "always love me") and i got such a kick out of it.

yes, i am a nerd! i am not the type to write to famous folks or ask for autographs. so this was cool to me. i love the way the internet, and especially myspace has made people so much more accessible. even bjork is on myspace!

on another note, watch this video: click here to see a sensitive film about a girl's first menses. it's really horrible!!!!
i can't leave out the cats!

zak has officially adopted hank and opal, so now i only have
2 dogs and 2 cats, which is, like, almost normal!!!
i love our dogs!!!!!!!!
dixie is fighting hardcore, like a ninja!!!
the boys like to fight too.....
the eyebrow!!! (andy rooney-ish)
gus (also known as dave)
the usual view one sees of griffin...

May 8, 2006

a few more funny work pics....

the coolest catholic ever!!!

this is brother guy consolmagno, vatican astronomer, based in arizona. i'm gonna cut and paste the article i read this morning, because it's just so damn cool! stuff like this gives an ignostic girl hope that religious folks can actually make sense.....

BELIEVING that God created the universe in six days is a form of superstitious paganism, the Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno claimed yesterday.

Brother Consolmagno, who works in a Vatican observatory in Arizona and as curator of the Vatican meteorite collection in Italy, said a "destructive myth" had developed in modern society that religion and science were competing ideologies.

He described creationism, whose supporters want it taught in schools alongside evolution, as a "kind of paganism" because it harked back to the days of "nature gods" who were responsible for natural events.

Brother Consolmagno argued that the Christian God was a supernatural one, a belief that had led the clergy in the past to become involved in science to seek natural reasons for phenomena such as thunder and lightning, which had been previously attributed to vengeful gods. "Knowledge is dangerous, but so is ignorance. That's why science and religion need to talk to each other," he said.

"Religion needs science to keep it away from superstition and keep it close to reality, to protect it from creationism, which at the end of the day is a kind of paganism - it's turning God into a nature god. And science needs religion in order to have a conscience, to know that, just because something is possible, it may not be a good thing to do."

Brother Consolmagno, who was due to give a speech at the Glasgow Science Centre last night, entitled "Why the Pope has an Astronomer", said the idea of papal infallibility had been a "PR disaster". What it actually meant was that, on matters of faith, followers should accept "somebody has got to be the boss, the final authority".

"It's not like he has a magic power, that God whispers the truth in his ear," he said.

May 7, 2006

an announcement.....
i created a myspace account for music, and "bloody mary" is now online!!!

BLOODY MARY!!!!!!!!!!

May 6, 2006

fun with work folks!!!

alfred causing trouble

things always take a turn towards violence...

(i'm not even sure what this means... hahahaha!!!)

my first SCA meeting......