October 31, 2006

happy groundcat day!!!
i love google image search!!! i found out that there's a "famous" glittergirl out there who is some kind of exotic fire dancer. here's a clip, enjoy!

October 30, 2006

view more great halloween party pics at skullranch!!!!
i am wondering who made the anonymus comment about liking mike's halloween costume. i mean, liking it alot.
btw- i saw the best bumper sticker on the way to work today. it's my new motto:
it's ok to have too much fun....

October 29, 2006

the many looks of groundcat.....

halloween par-tay! (even the cat dressed up...)

i am going to load up my photo album with pics from the night, but here's a quick recap:

dan came to the party as michael myers/cowboy, with a ukulele and a 100 year old machete. his costume "transformed" throughout the evening (see the photo blog)

i looked like some kind of freaked-out china doll (as usual) and rachel's costume was CREEPY (bees are not funny!!!)

mike made a grand entrance as an old queen and also had a costume change (see the photo blog!)

jennette wins the award for the cutest costume. she also wins the mike tyson award:

she punched out dan as part of his offer to cure her of her fear of michael myers through "therapy."


nice...i mean "nicsh!"

david's fancy new fog (not smoke) machine created the perfect spooky atmosphere, and then he showed everyone a scary movie that he felt the need to apologize for several times. you know it's a good party when you find yourself apologizing!!!

ok, go see more pics on the photo blog, i boss!

October 27, 2006

a very random list of recent wikipedia entries i have read and found interesting:

link 1
link 2
link 3
link 4
link 5
link 6
link 7
link 8
link 9
link 10
linonophobia - an abnormal, persistent fear of string

wow, it actually has a name and exists! i was going to say, "now i don't feel so crazy!" but yeah, i still feel crazy.... he he he..... i also have a fear of kitchen sink dish drains.
ok, what bizarre fears and phobias does everyone else have???? let's bring them out in the open...so we can all point and laugh at each other. (i mean, this ain't oprah!)
after typing that last comment, i remembered a description of seinfeld i once read that always stuck with me, and i think it describes this blog:
"thirty-something singles ... with no roots, vague identities, and conscious indifference to morals. the 'no hugging, no learning' convention held that the characters should not develop or improve throughout the series."
that's my new motto in life! no hugging, no learning!!!!

October 25, 2006

ok, this is the most depressing news story. i don't even know what to say...for once.....

also, i wanted to say this about my being against the death penalty: i know a murderer (like lundgren) didn't give his victims a choice. but one persons wrong action doesn't mean another wrong action will make things better. i just don't think the government should be executing anyone. the government, cops and lawyers and judges, they make mistakes. they are sometimes corrupt. and even if they weren't, i don't think it should be up to any human to decide when someone should be murdered. lundgren should never have made that decision, and no judge or jury should have decided that for him.

i say put the worst of them in a tiny cell and let them sit and stare at a wall for 40 years and think about what they are missing.

on another note: i am terrible about turning the ringer on my cell phone on after work. so if i don't answer my phone when you call, it doesn't mean i am screening my calls. unless it's copax, and then you can assume i am screening your ass. hahahahaha, kidding!!!!

October 24, 2006

random stuff........
i had a revelation over the weekend. i hate turtlenecks. i hate wearing them, and 99% of the time i think they look stupid on others. i will admit to going through a "black mock turtleneck" phase in the early 90's, but that's over!!!

in other news, the state of OH executed jeffrey lundgren today. just a few weekends ago groundcat & i drove around to find the barn where he murdered that family out in kirtland.

so what's everyone's stand on the death penalty? i know in previous posts i've identified myself as pro-choice/ pro death (meaning, i am pro abortion and pro physician assisted suicide, but against the death penalty since it is not by choice.)

October 21, 2006

it's all jennette's fault....

i've been going through photos on my old external hard drive and found this one. i remember exactly why i was so pissed off, and it was all my little sister's fault. it was my 6th birthday, we were living in kentucky. my teacher made me a super cool birthday crown with glitter all over it, and jennette kept grabbing it and finally ripped it. damn 2 year old brat! oh gosh, i was so mad...i sulked from the rest of the evening. nice undies showing! hahahaha! no wonder i hate birthdays to this day....

i think i may have posted this one before. it's me at about 5 years old in my all time favorite halloween costume. my mom made it from scratch and i even had a pencilled on evil mustache. and my dad made the pitchfork from an old broom stick. best costume ever!!!

and finally, here i am with the worst doll ever. look how depressed i am! she had a horrible face and a long skinny body and spindley arms and legs. horrible!!!!

October 18, 2006

oh my.......

i snapped this pic when i got home from work. this is our new friend out in the front bushes. the blur on the photos if from griffin's nose (he's a bit of an underfoot dog.) but look at this spider, he's HUGE!!! what shall i name this one???

i name this spider stephen colbert. maybe i'll get a better pic of him tomorrow!

ah yes, where to begin..... here's me in 7th grade, about 13 years old in 1983. i had the "prairie shirt", braces, a lazy eye and some rockin' feathered hair. anyone else brave enough to scan and send me their embarassing pics??? i will put 'em up asap! i know my little sis has some good pics with her big burn-out perm and black eyeliner....

October 17, 2006

here's the pic i snapped of martha this morning...she's a big girl!!!!!

random huck-a-buck......

i asked if anyone ever heard the saying "jesus criminetly" a few days ago and no one responded. so now i am wondering if anyone says "huck-a-buck" or "hucklebuck" like i do. i know on howard stern they had a debate about the term and origin. this guy wrote a song with the name in it and i think it's primarily a cleveland saying....

here's a pic groundcat scanned for me. it me and my old pal T on a rollercoaster, about 10 years ago. apparently i turned into a troll!!!! we had a blast that day, taking clients from the group home to cedar point, and getting some of them to ride the rides.

martha (the spider) has decided to really take over the bathroom. this morning i found her up on the shower stall, spying on me in the shower. she's huge and furry, and i saw her legs dangling over the edge, above my head. we had a little talk about what's "appropriate", and how i'd prefer she hang out on the angel statue (if she wouldn't mind.)

my drive to work today took 1.5 hours, just driving from mentor to downtown cleveland. and the only reason traffic seemed to be so bad was that it was raining. i didn't see one accident! i can't imagine the commute when it's snowing. i need a heliocopter! we could store it in the barn on weekends.... yes, that's a brilliant idea!

one thing that makes the drive better is listening to rover in the morning. when howard stern left radio i was so sad, and not interested in any replacements. but i caught a few mornings of rover and i am hooked. and now that they're back in cleveland! they are 1 block from my work, so i am determined to see "dare dieter" some day in person. a few weeks back my evil boss was out on euclid ave. smoking and came in to report seeing a guy in a werewolf costume riding on top of a ford escort. dammit, i missed him that time!

ok, now let's discuss sweetest day. i have never paid any attention to this "holiday", but folks at work brought it up. so i looked it up on wiki, and apprently it IS a made-up holiday and it IS primarily a cleveland/ great lakes thing. i just like the quote, "sweetest day is an occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed." so this saturday, don't forget to send a card to an sick, old orphans you might know!!!

Push your partner out,
Then you hunch your back,
Start a little movement in your sacroiliac,
Wiggle like an eel, waddle like a duck,
That's the way you do it when you do the Hucklebuck

also, check out zak's new post on the old blog, and stacy's post from the weekend with awesome kid pics, and you know i am not normally a sucker for the kiddie photos, but H & A are so lovely!!! here's little henry the first day i met him, in my rastafarian wig:

October 16, 2006

say hello to my little friend...

our front door spider (raoul) has disappeared, but now we have one of his friends living in the bathroom (on the wing of my angel statue.) this spider is different looking, almost fuzzy. i think it's a girl and i am naming her martha.

the weekend was busy. got some sad news (see groundcat's blog). had to work saturday and a little on sunday. then went to madison for the tour of homes. i ended up having a great time as a volunteer with dan's mom and sis. the house we worked at ended up having around 300 visitors all within the span of 3 hours. i am posting some pics below. enjoy!

(funny, none of these pics really show the actual house. but these are my favs. especially the one of the perry nuclear power plant. i drove by on my way home and thought to myself that a little kid might think it was some kind of magical cloud factory. it puts out the most beautiful puffy white clouds. too bad it's a scary nuclear power plant!!!)

October 15, 2006

the historical society house tour was so much fun! i'll post more about it later. i ended up working most of the weekend, but it was ok. i like this pic. enjoy and maybe i will post more tomorrow.

October 14, 2006

October 13, 2006

this is dedicated to david....

October 11, 2006

another UC Freak guest blog (cuz i'm too boring)

I just got a chair massage at work- (thanks big corporation!!!) Love it. They have these cute little grab items which are thoughts for a healthier mind. I picked one at random, so fate would tell me what I need. Mine said "Ask for what you want". Astounding. I really looked at it for a minute. How simple. And straightforward. And something I would never think myself. Now, I am not a flaming idiot or a simpleton of any nature, but I think sometimes we are programmed to be too diplomatic and PC, to the point we really get away from our true selves. If I want something, no one will read my mind. There is no one whose job it is to make sure I have what I want or need. That stopped years ago. So, I better get on the ball and tell people what I want, or not get frustrated when I do not get it.

Another thought, I think people have such an awakening turning 40, not because of the actual number it represents, but because the 30's seem to slip by. I realized the other day I am 36 years old. Now some people will say this is young, while others may see me as old. I see me as surprised. I swear I just turned 32. Not sure why exactly that age, but that seems to be about where I am. Time flies by. My mom always used to say it, but I never believed it as a child. Sometimes it seems like time is slipping away and there are things I want to do, that I am not getting done. Other times, it seems like I have so many years to accomplish my goals. It seems like there is never time to just breathe. I am very busy, but I don't get to do everything I want. I guess it is time to cut out the filler. If I don't love it, why bother? It's my life, and I only get 1. Why put off being happy, or doing what I truly want to do?

(also,here's a poem UC freak wrote about me on groundcat's blog comments....)

Anally retentive, that's my girl,
Analyzing little witch, that's my girl,
She cannot be left in the dark
I explain that it wasn't a lark
Inquisitive little GG, that's my girl.

Sometimes things are just beautiful because they are.