February 27, 2007


i always joke about being a luddite, and hating technology. well, today i looked at my desk at work, and was horrified with what i saw. i have 4 laptops i am using at work. i have my personal iPod, a cell phone, and i just got a cute little palm pilot. at home we have 2 laptops, a wireless router, 2 external hard drives........what the crap????? is this my next halloween costume:

when it gets windy outside and the cable goes out, i feel anxious. if we lose our internet connection at home we're both lost. i have a blog i've maintained for almost 2 years, i met my boyfriend through online dating, and my job is in IT. i keep in touch with friends mainly through email and blogs. this is no good...... maybe this weekend i'll figure out how to hook up the old black rotary phone. i bet i can go online and get the directions!!!!

can i update this blog from my palm pilot???

February 24, 2007

i called in sick yesterday. finally "hit the wall" on the long hours and high tension. i had a headache and sore throat. so i called in sick and slept for about 12 hours. i hung out with the dogs, then went to walmart to get a stock pot (see above.) i made a pot of pasta fagioli soup, and it turned out decent. it was good to putter around the house and make soup.

the dogs were barking all day, and i finally figured out why. there was a herd of deer wandering around out back. i tried to snap a pic but they were hidden back in the woods. this is the closest i could get.

in other news, griffin's favorite bee has sustained a major injury. someone ....

chewed a little hole in poor bee's foot and pulled out stuffing. i am hoping my mom can patch him up this weekend. this bee has been griffin's pal for almost a year now!

and finally, i found out i have a bum thyroid. but this seems to be almost "good news", since it explains it explains my being tired all time and unable to loose weight. i figure once the medicine kicks in, i will be skinny with a thick head of hair and glowing skin. hahahahaha!!!

February 22, 2007

i am exhausted and work stress levels are beyond high. that is all..

February 18, 2007

dogs pics!!!!!

more random pics around the old homestead...

pics from around the house......

groundcat is letting me show the premier of his new video! it marks my own youtube appearance as well. i know i am wild about the boy and not impartial, but this video so cool! he did the music himself, all on a snowy sunday afternoon and i think it sounds pretty damn good. the music he's playing is black keys and the lyrics are "man of constant sorrow". he did vocals, drums, guitar and bass and i am so impressed, and NOT just because i am his girlfriend. ok, enough gushing...as long you know my boyfriend kicks ass!!!!!

also, my photo album online has been updated. tons of dog pics, go check it out, i boss...

February 16, 2007

the wasabi peas are making the bunny cry!!!!

gummy sharks and filet-0-fish!!!

vitamin water and sam adams double bock. maybe they would be good combined!!!

just a random list of stuff i am putting on my grocery list. i am waiting to find out how late i have to work tonight. i am also playing around with photoshop........

also added links for craig's horrible blog (not updated since august of 2006 and still filthy dirty. my mom hates it so i thought i'd add it back.) also added my old boss tim. his wife just had a baby! congrats and thanks for posting the pic i bossed your for! zakky got a new job & copaX got a promotion. matt in vegas has some horrible valentine's posts and lisa ann got free pudding in canada! all kinds of news!!!

February 15, 2007

dogs in the snow are the best!

this will make you cry. i am not kidding. don't watch it at work unless you want to weep openly at your desk.

February 14, 2007

newsflash: we got a shitload of snow yesterday, got to leave work early and am working from home today. also, i will not be using the grill for a while....

February 12, 2007

if i made a music video, i'd want it to be this good....

February 9, 2007

it's odd, i did a random search on google images for "evil boy in sweater" and found all these pics of zak!!!