August 29, 2011

today's post brought to you by the letter F...

i joined a fantasy football league with the people at work.  i made my draft selections based on wacky names!

i saw a specialist who thinks i have fibromyalgia, which makes sense. i'm hoping a new med will help with the pain and insomnia.

and finally, it's almost fall!  i can feel it in the air and i'm so excited!!!  i can't wait for fall leaves, cool temps, sweater weather.... lovely.

August 27, 2011

how's your face???

i was playing with chris's camera and took a bunch of pics of my face.  the lighting was interesting and i wanted to see if i could see my freckles (age spots), wrinkles, etc... and yes, i can see all those things in these self-portraits.

why does anyone create a self-portrait?  i think it's a way to try to see yourself.  

when i look in the mirror i don't really look at my face.  i wash my face, put on makeup, etc... but i don't really look.  i guess these photos are my way of seeing myself.

what's funny to me is that every angle is different.  every expression is slightly different.  do all of these photos make up a composite of my face?

ah...too much philosophical talk for this early in the morning....

August 26, 2011

new tattoo????

this is my tattoo.  i got it in 1992.  i don't really like it  i want to add some flowers and stuff around it.  i need help deciding what to add.

below are some flower tattoos that i like.  i like bright tattoo artwork, and want to cover a lot more of my fat upper arm.  (it will be flattering, right?)

August 23, 2011

the west side market

the west side market was a big deal when i was growing up. the 6th grade class at shoregate elementary got to go on a field trip to the market AND watch a chicken get it's head cut off.  i skipped that part.

i did see a cow tongue for sale and we giggled about it for days afterward.  the west side market smelled weird.  old, exotic, but oddly familiar.

i love walking around behind the market and seeing all the boxes and things being prepared for the next morning

every time i'm at the market i take photos...
the cafe is one of my favorite breakfast spots.  awesome hashbrowns, and the only place you can order a beer at 7:00am.  or so i've heard...

August 18, 2011


i recently got into a heated debate at work over "the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy".  it's an argument i've had before.  some people love this book and the author.  but it's a little too sci-fi for me.

so i started to think, what do i think is funny.   so here's a list (slightly chronological): 

the carol burnett show
SNL (john belushi specifically)
young frankenstein
MASH (sad but funny, and i loved hawkeye pierce)
my grandpap (see pic above)
mad magazine
mad libs
bugs bunny (but not daffy duck)
SNL (eddie murphy and martin short)
woody allen
david letterman
SNL (molly shannon & cheri o'teri)
hunter s. thompson
kids in the hall
janeane garafalo
mr. show
doug stanhope
conan o'brien
chris elliot
brain regan
harlen ellison
tina fey
will ferrel
magical trevor
LOL cats
kristen wiig
steve martin
howard stern
tom waits
ali g
harvey pekar
christopher guest
samuel beckett

ok, there's a non-dog blog post!

August 16, 2011

non-dog blog

i miss blogging.  i'm bored with just posting the occasional dog pics.  i'm going to try to blog every day for the next week, and include non-dog stuff!

of course i will still write and post pics about the dogs.  that will never stop.  but i want to blog about other stuff.

i need ideas....

here's my list of possible blog posts:

1. childhood memories- my disastrous swimming lessons at age 4, my dream about trolls and the potato closet, the cher barbie doll, my black eye....

2.  what i think is funny.  a list of comedians, authors, tv shows, and things i find funny, starting with childhood to present.

3.  bad tv-  my favorite bad tv shows and why i love them.  (daytime tv= poop talk, nighttime tv= drunk rich people)

4.  the upcoming 10 year anniversary of my weight loss surgery

5.  home improvements

maybe i need to write a new poem or paint a new painting... yes, i think with fall approaching, i'm ready to do something creative!

at least this blog post is a start.... and now to find a weird and random pic on the internets...

August 11, 2011

August 3, 2011