February 27, 2011

my new painting "monster mother bug"

link for pics of my other "art".
link for weekend pics of dogs and stuff.

February 25, 2011

dear winter, bite me

 so you say there's a blizzard coming our way?  big deal.  i have to be at work by 7:30am for a deployment to production?  fine.  i was up before 5am, showered, played with the dogs, got gas, mcd's and starbucks, and arrive at work at 7:25am.  so screw you blizzard!

this is a pic of me standing in front of starbucks at 6am, waiting for them to unlock the doors.  venti quad latte, skinny cinnamon dolce, 2 packs of splenda please.

i got to work and found a roll of mentos i'd forgotten about in my purse.  awesome!!!

winter is almost over.  here's a pic of a cute baby orangutan to get you through til spring...

February 24, 2011

i boss you to sign this petition....


I urge you to support H.B. 14 to remove pit bulls from the state's definition of vicious dogs.

Ohio is the only state in the U.S. that singles out dogs based on appearance rather than behavior. Breed discriminatory laws are expensive to enforce, ineffective in preventing dog bites, and target responsible pet owners. Municipalities around the world, and in Ohio (e.g. Toledo), are realizing that these laws don't work and are repealing them in favor of breed-neutral laws that target reckless owners instead of innocent dogs.

Please make it a priority to pass H.B. 14 and end breed discrimination in Ohio.

Thank you.

link to petition is HERE.

February 22, 2011


this is really the cover of tina fey's new book.  it took my breathe away and made me laugh so hard.  then i couldn't get the website image to close and i was afraid a coworker would see me looking at this... monstrosity.  she is my hero.

here's a painting i made yesterday.  it's horrible, i love it.  dan looks like harvey pekar.  i'll upload a better quality pic from home later.  i can't wait to paint more bad art!  (the acrylic paint kit i bought was only $12 at 1/2 priced books, and there's more paint and canvas to go!)
and of course i still have my photography.....

February 13, 2011

February 10, 2011

a day's worth of philisophical thoughts and random pics...

i am at work and stressed out.  i thought it would be a good way to relieve this stress by ranting on my blog. i don't suppose this will be very entertaining, but here goes...

 it's 8:30am and i'm chugging coffee, trying to test some complicated email service that no one knows how to test.  so i'm winging it!

today is the first day i am wearing jeggings.  they are black jeggings and seem work appropriate.  they do not look anything like the jeggings conan o'brien wore recently, fyi.

not a lot of people know what a "QA Analyst" is.  i did a google search and this came up.... weird...

i'm looking forward to learning more bartender tricks soon.  my mom got me a whole set of mixologist tools.  i think when the weather warms up, i'll be creating new & icy beverages.  if i could just get my hands on a bottle of luxador maraschino cherry liquor!

when you're having a bad day, it's always fun to go read 30 rock quotes.  my favorites are the ones with dr. spaceman.  anchorman and royal tennenbaum quotes also make me happy.

ok, onto my first meeting of the day.  blah humblargh!

got all caught up in work silliness... also had to look up lyrics to "rhinestone cowboy".  i like how his head is in the clouds, reminds me of my senior pic....

time to run out for lunch and i need to buy a small purse.  NEED IT.

this is what it looks like in beachwood.  crazy....

ok, i'm bored with this.... ba bye!

February 8, 2011

gilly is intense....

iPhone pics...


I'm looking at a website for the Cleveland Memory Project.  I love reading about the old buildings and the history of downtown.  Today I'm particularly interested in the Superior Viaduct.  Apparently it was not an easy project. 

I think it's a great area and I hope to explore it soon.  Lots of photos to come....I'm going to become a bridge nerd!