October 30, 2008

been caught stealing

this has been the most beautiful fall seasons. i like the cold temps too. i can't wait for snow!!!

face transformer is creepy. so i'm loving it. i'll have pics to post soon.

also, i've had 100's of new visitors to the blog. i finally dug around my stat counter and found they all came from this website, from a link to my "brian peppers mom" photo. i think these guys are from pajiba. so thanks brian peppers & pajiba for the new visitors! really, the thanks should go to dan who found the damn pic, on break.com i think.

so the theme today is obviously stealing!!!

blogger question: have you ever stolen anything? when was it, and what did you steal?

i had a boyfriend in 3rd grade who shop lifted slim jims & bubble gum. i know of a friend who occasionally snagged magazines from the store without paying for them.

i once stole a lip gloss at marc's (back when it was jote's.) my mom wouldn't buy it for me and i didn't have money on me, so i stuck it in her coat pocket when she wasn't paying attention. when we got to the car i pulled it out of her pocket and said, "thanks mom!" she was a little pissed... hehehehe....


Chris said...

I stole a playboy from the old Waldenbooks at Chapel Hill Mall.

I bought something else, a book or another magazine, then walked past the magazines again, slipped it into bag and walked out.

The guilt got to me so bad I threw the magazine away without even looking at it.

Mojito Libre said...

My buddy swiped some Playboy stuff from the Waldenbooks at Parmatown when I was with him. He got caught after he stole something from another store. The police bought the fact that he found the porn outside since nobody in the mall could possibly sell something as horrific as a Playboy calendar.

Also, I swiped cigarettes at a minimart when I was in HS. I was also a little buzzed. I felt horrible about it after I came to my senses. I still smoked them. But they didn't taste as good :)