November 22, 2005

ignostic is a word...

a friend and i were talking about the whole god thing. saying i am an atheist just doesn't feel right. so i did some research and i think this describes my beliefs:

"Ignosticism is the view that the question of whether or not deities exist is inherently meaningless. It is a popular view among many logical positivists such as Rudolph Carnap and A. J. Ayer, who hold that talk of gods is literally nonsense. According to ignostics, "Does a god exist?" has the same logical status as "What color is Saturday?"; they are both nonsensical, and thus have no meaningful answers."

hey, i'm ignostic!

i am respect of others religous and spiritual beliefs. i just don't like "bossy religon". like people knocking on my door to save my soul. or god references on money or the pledge of allegience. even as a kid i wouldn't say the "under god" part! when i had surgery at st. vincent's, a priest came over and offered to pray with me. i said, "no thanks!" and giggled, and the poor guy looked so confused!

ok, now for a new survey: what are your religous/ spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs? you can post anonymus if you feel it's too private. i know for me, it's been a little scary at times telling people i am an atheist/agnostic (now an ignostic!) people are pretty judgemental about that kind of thing in the country. the media always portrays atheists as goofy or somehow dangerous.... well, i am out of the god closet!


SDS said...

I believe the children are our future....

I used to be down with Jesus but never again. I work with and know a lot of fundies.

So I am an atheist. I like being Elaine to their Puddy, but I don't care if they care if I go to hell.

Anonymous said...

I guess i would be ignostic also. The whole religion thing carries the same weight as to asking me who my boss is. I think it is sad that so many people blindly follow things because they were "told" to. And remember you can't go hell if you don't think there is one, screw what society thinks... They are normally wrong.

UC Freak said...

I am a recovering Catholic. I do believe there is a God, but most organized religions are bs.
I do have a question or two for atheist/ignostic/pagans/heathens. If you believe there is nothing after death, are you fighting to stay alive? Are you very healthy so you can stick around as long as possible, before you are worm food, and null? And, if religious morals do not contain you, do you sleep around a lot (using safe sex of course, see above), go door to door and try to convert people (No ma'am, no services and it's free!).
What is the difference between society's expectations, and most religions?

glittergirl said...

am i fighting to stay alive? nope. after all the funerals i've been to, i know there are no guarantees. my cay missy lived to be 20, but ike died at 3 weeks. i loved them both and miss them both the same.

society does base its expectations on religous values. i don't. my values are simple: be kind, try my best to never cause pain, make things better for others whenever possible, and have fun.

my friend eva is a born-again, and we have very similar values. "jesus is just alright with me....."

UC Freak said...

I have different values. Laugh loud and often, at other's misfortunes when possible. Killing an animal is my right (don't argue Ms. Non-Vegatarian). And blind people are not scary. Unless you are a crazy string freak.
The lady who has to spend the night in the Metroparks is supposed to spend it tonight. I wonder if they will make her, since it's supposed to have snow squalls all evening. Goes back to the right of killing animals.
No harm in liberating a few cats.

glittergirl said...

uc freak, i know exactly who you are!

you're right about me being a complete hypocrite for eating meat. i am slowly trying to stop, and when i do, i will be lecturing you about animals rights!!! but for now i am craving a filet-o-fish.

my sis and i were talking about the abortion debate and bossy religous folks, and how they say they will pray for you. next time someone says that i am going to say, "and i will have an abortion for you."

UC Freak said...

Or, you could tell them you are a druid, so pray for you, but to a tree. Voodoo priestess- chicken. Cultist- latest passing comet. Scientologist- closest alien. Catholic- on your knees, if you're a child.
I always honk and flip off the protesting pro-lifers. Hopefully that adds to their rotten day.

glittergirl said...

i luv U uc freak

Anonymous said...

God? What God? Religion is one of humankind's ways of dealing with the fear of death and dying. A lot of people say they have no fear of death, but when they say that they are not trully grasping the concept of mortality; they see it as an abstract notion. When we die, we become bug food and rot. We will have NO awareness. Best way to think of it..if you were born in 1968, do you remember what 1966 was like for you??? Think hard. I'd like to believe that some 29 gram floaty thing pops out and rises into the clouds, but scientific data over the last, oh, billion years or so have proven otherwise. I used to be Catholic. Now I am cured. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! A great Festivus for the Restivus!