October 21, 2008

more weekend photos and some random thoughts

pretty flowers

when the sun hits it just right, it's like having 2 stained glass windows

my shadow with bed-head

griffin loves the sun

leaf suspended by spider web

words i've used to describe my moods today: flummoxed, livid, exhausted. and this is all before lunch!

also: there's a fancy law office on another floor that i sometimes walk by. they have a very fancy double door to their lobby, made of carved cedar. must have cost a fortune. and every time i pass by, i always think to myself, "who's got the hamster cage?" probably not what they were going for...

my blog roll (peeps & homies) is having technical difficulties. i don't want to remove it since it takes a long time to set-up. there's no option to hide it, so for now, ignore it. thanks to mojito for QAing my blog and finding the defect!

and finally, here's what we decided to do for our belated wedding reception cake:

he he he.........................


Mojito Libre said...

Uh, you're going to have to have that defect resolved prior to the defect review meeting that is scheduled to discuss all defects that have been uncovered during regression testing.

Mach Schnell!

glittermom said...

are you saying glittergirl is defective???

groundcat said...

that picture of Griffin make me laugh so hard! You should post all of them from that series somewhere.

rachel said...

I'm honored to be such an important part of your reception!
(on the cake) whoo hooo!!!!