January 25, 2007

for the first time ever, a joint post. the blog has brought me and my little sister together! after all the years of fighting, the bruises and tears, we have come together to create the ultimate:

sad bastard mix CD

we share a love of all things sad bastard. depressing movies, music, anything that makes ya cry. so help us come up with a list for the ultimate depressing mix CD!
here's what we have so far:
  • anything by elliot smith ("miss misery" is still my fav)
  • anything from the "bawlers" disk from the new tom waits box set
  • anything from the beck CD "sea changes" (he got depressed after breaking up with some model and made one of the saddest CDs ever!)
  • sufjan stevens song about john wayne gacy (made me cry at work!)
  • jeff buckey "last goodbye"
  • leonard cohen
  • will oldham (new partner)
ok, we need help! add some song ideas to comment section.

(all images provided by google image search for "sad bastard")
here's a video that groundcat found recently. it's lovely and strange and we are both currently obsessed with the music of will oldham. this video is my favorite:

January 24, 2007

i got me one of them there happy lights!!!

i realized recently that i am experiencing classic SAD symptoms and light therapy is recommended. read an article that explains Seasonal Affective Disorder here. instead of taking anti-depressants, i am trying light therapy this year. i am sure working 6 day weeks in a dark office is making it worse. so we'll see if the "grow light" works! i just wish it came in pink......

in other news, b-hax updated his blog and has a link to his grandfather's blog. pretty cool! and zak has updated his blog and added an online photo album. this pic of lucy with her face in a drinking glass made my day! he also has a link to judy's blog. maybe she'll let me add her to my list of "peeps and homies"......

and finally, someone is taking a poll on blogs and how they are used. click this link to take part in the study. i found the questions interesting and it got me to think about how i use this blog, my reasons for keeping up with it, and what i get out of it. a friend recently suggested a blog was no more then attention seeking, "written masturbation." i had to disagree. for me it's mainly a way to keep in touch with family and friends from all over the place, especially when i am working 50-60 hours a week. i also think i use my blog as a way to be creative and have fun. how many ways can i piss my mom off or annoy copaX? or how can i get people to join in the fun? the survey on "the best sanGwich" ended up having over 30 comments and much heated debate. it was fun!

and the blog is free. it's a waste of bandwith that i can occupy for no cost. except the time i waste at work blogging when i should be working. but that's my way to "stick it to the man!" yeah, i am a blogging revolutionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 22, 2007

well, thanks to copaX i think i've fixed all the links to the blogs of my peeps. it had something to do with the slashes at the end of web addresses and ...well, i don't like computers and it's hurting my big head to much too think about! but it should be fixed and computers are still dead to me. you ask how can a girl can work in IT and hate computers? well, my job as a "QA analyst" is to "break" computers, or computer software programs. and i am good at it. and yes, i like my blog, but it's easy to use, except for when links get F'ed up and copax has to boss me to fix them.

anyways......it's monday and i had a lovely 2 day weekend. that's so sad to say "2 day weekend" like it's something special, but for me, i guess it is. i won't have another saturday off until march, so i made sure to enjoy the time off. spent a lot of time just hanging out at home with "my roomate in a choir" (see comments on post below.) we left the house to come downtown to see an amazing show. lyle lovett, john hiatt, guy clark and joe ely played a showed at the playhouse. just the 4 singer-songwriters on stage, each with a guitar and mic. they took turns playing songs, then joined in with each for a few songs and it was amazing. lyle lovett has been a favorite since high school, john hiatt since college. i would put a bunch of links for them, but it's monday and i am tired. go look them up on wikipedia! guy clarke is an old school songwriter who i wasn't too familiar with. he did a few 'sad bastard' songs that blew me away. joe ely was the only boring part. but lyle lovett came out and smiled the whole time. he played some of my favorites and was funny too! john hiatt was the best part for me. he played some wild guitar stuff with the other guys. i wish more people knew about hiatt! besides his "have a little faith in me" song that is in way too many chick flicks.
ok, i need more coffee. ciao!

January 19, 2007

i was talking with copax today, telling him how excited we are to have him come over for dinner. i said, "i'll throw some steaks on the grill. then me, you & dan can play guitars, bass, drum etc... and i'll show you the barn!" i went online and within seconds found the pic above as well as this link showing the barn. it struck me, how odd.... i never would have guessed i'd end up living with a barn in my front yard, no less a famous one! (dan has 2 coffee table books at home on OH's bicentenial barns and there may be more.) the cold weather has kept the "barn groupies" away, but in warmer days i was there to see folks pull up, set the tripods up and take pics of themselves in front of the barn. weird....

i went from the city (pretty much the inner-city) to waking up to deer outside the bedroom window.

in looking at my online photos, i struck me how strange and amazing life is, that i ended up in the house, with this boy and these dogs... and a big red barn. a year ago i never would have guessed where i would find myself now. or how happy i would be!

here's my favorite pic from inside the house. magical.......

and incase this has gotten too mushy, let's not forget i live with crabby choir guy!!!!! click here to relive the horror............

January 18, 2007

so very random.....

i am obsessed with making fruit smoothies. my secret recipe is provided in the images above. sometimes i substitute raspberries for strawberries, if i am feeling wacky! a few posts back you will see where i had my first attempt at making a smoothie explode all over the kitchen. can't remember if i mentioned my 2nd attempt, where i accidently left part of the blender lid in the blender (along with the above ingredients.) i only ran the blender a few seconds before i noticed, and the smoothie tasted fine (after dan fished out some plastic flakes.)

thursday night tv is good! well, i can't sit through "my name is earl". the blonde chick gets on my last nerve. but "the office" is awesome (i am watching right now and it's making me giggle and also feel very uncomfortable- the mark of good tv!) scrubs has jumped the shark (sadly) but "30 rock" kicks ass! please go watch it and make it popular and write letters so that it is not cancelled. well, that's a bit much. but give it a chance and check it out, if only for the "creepy NBC page" character.

i thought i had other stuff to say......

go watch this clip on youtube. it's the funniest thing i've seen in ages. for real.

January 15, 2007

i am an opinionated gal, but i try to keep my trap shut about things like politics or the war in the iraq. i have found that once people have their opinions (usually spoon fed to them by the media) that they rarely listen.

but i have to say how disturbed i am by the recent news out of iraq. they hung saddam and now 2 more of his "henchmen". the news today described how one of the men was accidentally decapitated when they hung him. you can read the gory details here.

i just find it odd that no one seems to be as horrified or disgusted as i am.

i finally found someone commenting on the brutality. check out ralph steadman's comments on the blog being run by hunter s. thompson's widow here. (it's my lazy way of letting someone else do the talking for me!)

January 12, 2007

subliminal recording device
patent#: US 6940432

i found this horrible patent online and can't even remember what i was searching for. the teddy bear can be "unnoticeably placed near a child's bed" where it can then impart prerecorded "affirmations, self-hypnotic suggestions, or subliminal instructions" while the child is in "the subconscious state of sleep." it's perfect for the busy-body parent who doesn't have the time for traditional brainwashing methods. i call him "sublima-bear" and he creeps me out!
in other news, it's been ages since i blogged about hating my job. or at least a few weeks! we're back to 10 hour days, 6 days a week. i've been here about 18 months and have never gotten uses to the crazy hours. i will never prefer to be at work over home.
maybe sublima-bear can go sit near my boss and whisper to him to "get a life..."

January 10, 2007

it's been ages since i posted a youtube video. this one is so creepy and good and i love the song. it's got a good beat you can dance to.....

i discovered this video all on my own. yup.

January 9, 2007

random birthday blog.......
we got a new creepy monkey playing cymbals. neither one of us wanted to be the first to touch him, because he might be cursed....

(this is what he would look this in real life)

this pic is for lisa and valerie, who said i looked like a cambell soup kid ages ago.

look what i got for my bday!!!!

i got snow and some creepy dolls! (gorilla monkey pen says hello to copax)

my mom's dog maggie looking very "sad bastard"

i went to lunch with reynolds, who hates iceberg lettuce. this is my favorite salad! they serve it upstairs in the fancy-pants old-school restaurant on the 21st floor.

January 8, 2007

January 4, 2007

i haven't blogged in ages. i have been "sick with the ick" (i.e. sinus infection, ear aches, etc...) and now back to work for 10 hour days and mandatory saturdays from now til spring. the pic above describes my feelings on this matter.
also, a big middle finger to matt in vegas for adding my mom's blog to his, and NOT mine. that's just wrong!!!!!