March 31, 2008


my new socks, griffin is guarding his toy from you-know-who
he kept up his guard, then went and made a new "found art" installation
these 2 look like they are up to no good!
dan's great aunt ruth (who built the house we live in now) was, besides being an amazing gardener & creating her own perfumes, was an amazing artist. dan's mom showed me some of her piece and i got some pics. the image on the right has nothing to do with great aunt ruth. i just forget i have that tattoo sometimes, and when i see it i'm surprised.

my mom's kitchen after sunday dinner is always a buzz, and some flowers at my house are blooming despite the snow...
my mom's cats and some flowers from my place. snow drops, i think they are called...

great aunt ruth painting and stieff tiger
rocking chair in the bedroom and the bathroom i want to paint pink & brown.....

here's the before and after shot, of me trying to help dan's mom catalog family memorabilia, and then breaking it...
now on to some random yammering!

2 things i've heard people say recently that cracked me up: "that sign has way too much cursive to even read!!!" "i named the monkey, now you have to name the gnome!!!" i shall not provide any explanation or context.

time to take stock in my life: i look up some weird stuff on google and wiki, but a few days ago i found myself looking up dom delouise and just thought to myself, "how did i end up at the point in my life where i am looking up info on dom delouise?"

lessons learned: chicken pot pie is never good in the microwave. even if the box tells you it's better in the microwave. that is a lie. don't listen to the box! you bake that damn chicken pot pie, even if it's going to take an hour!!!
that's it for now.

March 30, 2008

cribs, copax style......

copax busted out of the hospital and we went to visit him today....

he has 3 recliners! and a huge laptop, where he can look at photos of himself, and sometimes griffin.....

some cool decorating stuff, bachelor-pad style...

healthy crap in the fridge and a gargoyle on a laptop that i wanted to steal....

and a few DVDs.......

March 29, 2008

the girl who made lists.....

i've discussed my love of list making many times. besides sorting my trail mix, list making is a favorite OCD behaviour. it's somehow soothing to be able to check things off of a list. and just having the list is a way to try and control your life when it feels out of control. read this article about the birth of the thesaurus. it's really interesting and more then a little sad.


Part of Speech: adjective

Definition: unhappy

Synonyms: bereaved, bitter, blue, cheerless, dejected, depressed, despairing, despondent, disconsolate, dismal, distressed, doleful, down, downcast, forlorn, gloomy, glum, grief-stricken, grieved, heartbroken, heartsick, heavy-hearted, hurting, in doldrums, in grief, languishing, low, low-spirited, lugubrious, melancholy, morbid, morose, mournful, pensive, pessimistic, somber, sorrowful, sorry, troubled, weeping, wistful, woebegone

Antonyms: cheerful, happy

i did an image search for "vintage thesaurus" and got the image at the top. weird, huh?

March 28, 2008

old pics and new pics.....

this is a photo i took from my bedroom window when i was about 15 years old. that would make it 1985 in willowick OH. i had the entire attic for a bedroom, and in 85 i would have been starting my collection of morrissey and cure posters. i moved the furniture around quite often, but this was when i had my bed right below the window on the side of the house facing west. i saw some decent sunsets. in this photo you can see the curtains blowing in the breeze.

my first car, a 1980 AMC concord, and my new car, a 2008 suzuki sx4. i see some similarities!

it's spring time! ok, i bought these at giant eagle, but pretty soon my yard will be blooming with all kinds of flowers.

i'm still worried about the news story my friend amy sent me, about lemons being unwashed and covered in germs. they've been in my fridge a week and seem to be changing colors.......

now for some more old photos:

here i am with my lovely friend eva. we both have our collars "propped" and i have my favorite pink sweater on. purchased from "the limited", duh! i remember asking my dad to snap the photo, on our back porch at sunset. i can remember is so vividly! the pic on the right is me and a local orchestra. they needed a french horn player badly so i to play with the grown-ups. there's a little boy in the photo who i remember played drums. my friend lauren's grandma is to my right. she was the one who asked me to join. she'd let me drive her car to rehersals (i was only 14 or 15) and i believe it was a pacer. memories!

the pic on the left was taken my junior year after our annual band awards dinner. katie, rachel and sladj are posed in front of my favorite morrissey poster. rachel has what we now refer to as "box hair". as you can see on the right, i had my own hair "problems" and some very shiny braces. and i am embarassed to point out the "miami vice" calendar behind me. a momentary lapse in judgement....

ok, enough for now. pics from my freshman year in the dorms at OSU next time. now it's bedtime!

all talk, links, no pics

1. the dogs woke me up around 2am wanting to go out. while i waited for them to come in, i looked out the window by the barn. (we have tons of water collecting out there and i was worried about flooding.) out in the moonlight, i saw 2 deer playing in the yard. the larger one stood closer to the road and seemed to be eating grass. the smaller one was closer to the barn, jumping and hopping and acting really funny. the little deer would jump around and then race towards the larger deer. at the last moment the small deer would turn around and run back. this went on for a few minutes and it was really cool to get to see.

2. my new car reminds me of my first car, a brown amc concord. we called my old concord "the little brown shoe". now i have a "little orange shoe" i think!

3. worst tv show ever: "don't forget the lyrics!!!" (basically "name that tune", but singing the answer.) the lead singer from reo speedwagon was on last night. he's very.....old. gray shag haircut, tight leather pants, just....wrong, for many reasons. he was trying to belt out songs by the pretenders and aretha franklin. horrible. he even did the juice newton song and got the lyrics right (not the jennette version, which goes, "just brush my teeth before you leave me, baby....")

4. here's why i love penn & teller. and here's why i love janeane garofalo.

5. best "worst lunch": starbucks (fat free, sugar free but expensive) and a mcdonald's double cheese burger (cheap but high calorie & fat.) YUM!

March 26, 2008

more random, less bossy

blogs news: anthony cartouche posted a video on his blog that got me a little teary-eyed, in the good way. you can read the comments to hear what i loved about it. or not. i feel less bossy the usual today. my mom's blog has some great pics and groundcat's testing out "twitter". sds's dog tim is featured her blog and i am in love with him.

when mediocre actors go bad: i had a huge crush on john corbett when he was on northern exposure. i knew he wasn't the best actor, but i liked his character and thought he was cute. i lost a little respect for him when he did "sex & the city". then i saw an interview with him & his "trial marriage wife" bo derek. huh? yeah, i don't know what that means either. over the weekend we were flipping channels and saw him in a trisha yearwood video! and not just "in" the video, but acting in it! he's supposed to be some kind of orchestra conductor who trisha gazes at while she sings. he plays the piano at one point, giving a "tortured genius" look. it was so bad it made me uncomfortable just watching it. i guess my crush was on "chris the dj" on northern exposure, and not the actual actor.

anxiety: i was listening to maxwell on the drive home yesterday, and he said something really interesting. he's been talking about being on wellbutrin and how it's helped him so much with anxiety and depression. he talked about coming home from work the night before and not having his house key out and ready. he said something like that would trigger huge anxiety in the past. and there are only 3 keys on his key ring! he was able to notice himself not freaking out and then realized how such little things used to send him into a panic.

it's just a good example for folks who don't understand anxiety disorders. a friend of mine recently made the point that, "the one thing that every single nervous person has in common, is that we want everything to always go perfectly and we become really distressed when things don't go perfectly!" and really, things usually turn out just fine, like 98% of the time! and even if they don't turn out ok, did all that worry help the situation? nope.

in other news: penn has been eliminated on that horrible "dancing with the stars" show. i am not surprised, and now can go back to avoiding that show like the plague.

new old song: i blogged about the song "float on" last week after hearing it on the bob & tom radio show. they played a new bizarre song the other day called "timothy". you can hear the song on youtube, just ignore the crappy video. the song was written by the guy who wrote the pina colada song and is about 3 guys trapped in a collapsed mine who resort to cannibalism!

and finally: i caught a few minutes of the rock hall inductions. iggy pop doing madonna songs to be exact. it was.....bizarre. i am adding a pic from the event to illustrate that iggy pop is made of beef jerky and madonna has the scariest arms ever.

March 25, 2008

not much, but something

here's a link to an article on ways to deal with stress, something we all could use. i just noticed it's from, ugh! but it's really good advice, so i'll keep the link here. i don't know why, but oprah is like clamato to me....

i thought i had other stuff to say, but now...not so much. maybe later.

for now, some pics. griff & cleo together on the couch, my secret chili recipe revealed, and "the little legends- britney spears" i am hoping to see in vegas.

March 24, 2008

glittergirl in abstract.....

i swiped this from 2 can anne's blog. click here to make your own.

weekend pics

glittermom got 2 cakes for her bday!

dan made crabby faces while jennette and i made dumb faces
"grandma's hand" revisited and bunny on the imac
more bad faces from jennette along with mom and mike
glittermom got a new gorilla monkey pen!

the first of 5 strombolli, and the strombolli chef exhausted
strombolli clean up was not easy, but was rewarded with strombolli leftovers for breakfast the next day

we had some fun....
strombolli mania at its height, then easter at groundcat's grandma dot's (and the crabbiest face ever!!!)
groundcat did cheer up when he saw ginny slightly burned the dinner roll, and grandma dot goes so fast with that walker on wheels!

the view from the kitchen and ginny with her cat marlowe

the end of the weekend pics.