March 31, 2006

i hate this guy

this guy is some dumg british rock star (pete doherty.) the one who dated kate moss. who cares? but i keep seeing these idiotic pics of him on the news, and i get so annoyed. stop acting like a jackass!

that's all i have to say. my last post (crunk mom) was my favorite one yet. notorious MAG in the hizz-ow!

another friend is starting a blog! pixiechick and i go way back, like over 20 years back! she's added to my peeps and homies. enjoy!

March 29, 2006

sucker free mom...

sticklady: yo!
glittergirl: yo!
sticklady: I got busted by the police today
glittergirl: what??????
sticklady: speeding
glittergirl: oh my god!
glittergirl: scandal!!!!
sticklady: it was a young black cop...very handsome....he gave me a warning citation....whew......I guess that stays on the rec for 1 month and if you get stopped again they can put points on your license....
sticklady: I think he knew I was down with the blacks so let me slide...
glittergirl: lmao!!!!!!!!
glittergirl: how fast were you going?
sticklady: 44 in a 25 on Grand Blvd...I always look for cops on that st....he snuck up on me from don't know where...
(***i immediately cut and paste the above conversation to my sister in an email and zak on IM. zak then IM's my mom to tease her.)
sticklady: do you have to tell EVERYONE?????
glittergirl: hahahaha
sticklady: and I do have a gold there.....
glittergirl: i told zak and zak told copaX
glittergirl: and i emailed jennette too
sticklady: good LORD!!!!
glittergirl: LMAO
sticklady: You have a BIG mouth Missy...
glittergirl: i know!
glittergirl: wait til it goes on my blog!!!
sticklady: come on now....I have a reputation to uphold......

(this image was brought to you by the design team of cHar-bear, bringing you upsetting images for today's business needs)
i haven't been crabby!!!
since zank moved in, i haven't been "crabbish" (rachel word) at all! we just have so much fun and it's a nice vibe. last night jennette and mike came down to play "guitar hero" and it was a blast. mike's been updating his blog (see crazy mike blog link under my peeps and homies) so go check it out!!!

plus it's fun seeing zak PWN jennette now and then.....

March 28, 2006

meet zank!!!!
this creation was brought to you by the design team of cHar-paX, bringing you upsetting images for today's business needs.

sweatpants debate

a new debate!

sticklady: did you know I have a new look?
glittergirl: uh oh....
sticklady: no more sweat pants....I switched
glittergirl: to what?
sticklady: sports Ozzie wears...with the strip down the leg..I even have satin ones...very snazzy
glittergirl: mom, those are still sweat pants.
sticklady: no they are elastic on the ankle...and not sweat shirt material...they are not called sweat pants......get over yourself!

ok, i am taking a poll. are sports pants any different then sweat pants? and isn't sweatpants one word and not 2??? talk amongst yourselves....

March 26, 2006

new roomate and mary kaye party!

griffin helps make the bed

hank got kicked out of his new buddy's bedroom for being bad

but he eventually got back in and got his spot

jennette makes another dumb face (at the mary kaye facial party)
i wish i could get this little video to play. this kid is flippin' out, hardcore!

ok, it's been a fun weekend with the new roomie and a mary kaye party. of course he refused to participate in getting a facial. too bad he missed out on "satin hands"! i will post some pics over on my photo blog.

p.s. i added 2 new blogs to the "friends" list. lobster boy (who has comment here on my blog before) and waffle ass (an old pal and his friends who write some great stuff about politics, music, etc...) enjoy!

March 25, 2006

you can blame rachel for the monkey pics on this blog. she sent me this pic yesterday and it's so lovely i almost cried. i want a baby hippo!!! and NO, hank doesn't count!

my blog has been "broke" all week and every time i try to post there ends up being pages of blank html above the post. i did a great blog about our goofy child president (as HST used to refer to bush) but it wouldn't work.

so here's a baby hippo. maybe i'll try to re-do the political post later from home. ciao!

March 22, 2006

dance monkey, dance....
my old friend craig f. got a new job! he's a dancin' monkey flute player! congrats!!!

also, my mom is famous! she spoke at a euclid city council meeting last night and it's on tv! david was on the news recently....
he looks like he's up to trouble!!!!

March 20, 2006

i'm FINE....

this is a drawing i made many years ago, titled "coffee ice cream". i believe the name is in reference to lisa ann & i staying up til 3am, hopped up on coffee ice cream, drawing all kinds of crazy shit with our fancy new set of markers. ah...caffeine and sugar!

today's post is to announce that i am FINE. i am no longer stressed out or having anxiety attacks. i am sad matt has moved away, but looking forward to insane zak moving in. i am still working 10 hour days (and saturdays) but am getting through things. i am getting over a terrible head cold, but still managed to spring clean on the weekend.

i decided since i've posted before when i am miserable and freaked out, that i should post when i'm doing good. so i am here to say i am doing pretty damn well (considering). and i'm not even on any kind of "happy pills"! so there!

tomorrow's my mom's birthday. everyone wish her a happy 80th!!!! (he he he...)

March 19, 2006

me and my seester....
even back then i had thin hair and bad bangs, and jennette had crazy eyes!!!

March 16, 2006

the word of the day......
"ennui": listlessness, boredom, melancholia, depression.

also, "malaise": a feeling of general bodily discomfort or unpleasantness, often at the onset of illness. an ambiguous feeling of mental or moral depression.

apparently i am sad and french today! LOL!!!!!
the boy i've been hanging out with is moving to vegas. it's a great job opportunity so i am very happy for him, but sad for me. although i'm sure he'll still be around the blog, posting his pro-german nonsense... gosh, pro-german, pro-robot and anti-cleveland... and he insults my mom's cooking! but i shall miss this horrible quote a bob dylan song, "you're gonna make me lonesome when you go...."

just be careful out there in the desert, it's "bat country' you know......

March 15, 2006

things that scare me......

robots and my brother in law!!! SCARY!!!!

also, this article really freaked me out. of course i forced myself to read the entire damn thing...


March 14, 2006

this is what i do with my free time......

this morning i got in to work early and got on wikipedia. this is what i ended up looking up. 1970's sassy ladies!!! yes, i am bizarre.

ok, so isaac hayes is quitting his role as chef on southpark. he is quoted in the press as saying, "there is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins." which is a noble idea, until you consider all the years he never complained when they did all the satire concerning christians, jews, hindu, etc... it was only when they did the episode knocking scientology that he balked. i guess he didn't like them discussing the great xenu!

here's a link to something really screwed up. thanks fisher boy who hates monkeys!!!!

March 12, 2006

this just in.....
also, on the internet, you can find crazy fans. this guy got adam duritz (from counting crows) tattooed on his back! i mean, i dig the crows and all, but come on! and it's from a recent pic where adam is all fat-faced. why???????????
the internet is weird!!!!

the internet is just plain wacko! i started off researching lewis black online. saw him live last night and he was amazing. so i start on wikipedia (of course) and start reading about the daily show. i end up on a craig kilbourne fansite, with a whole collection of images called "angel craig". this poor girl has about 100 images of kilbourne to which she has added wings, hearts and teddy bears. i worry for the poor girl's mental health! and yes, that's saying something coming from a freak like me.

my favorite lewis black quote from wiki:

When from behind me, a woman of 25 uttered the dumbest thing I'd ever heard in my life ... She said, 'If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.' I'll repeat that. I'll repeat that because that's the kind of sentence that when you hear it, your brain comes to a screeching halt. And the left hand side of the brain looks at the right hand side and goes, 'It's dark in here, and we may die.' She said, 'If it weren't for my horse...' as in, giddy up, giddy up, let's go - 'I wouldn't have spent that year in college,' a degree-granting institution. Don't! Don't think about that sentence for more than three minutes, or blood'll shoot out your nose. The American medical profession doesn't know why we get an aneurysm. It's when a blood vessel bursts in our head for no apparent reason. There's a reason. You're at the mall one day, and somebody over there says the dumbest thing you've ever heard and it goes in your ear. So you turn around to see if your friends heard it, cause if your friends heard it, and you can talk about what the jackass said, then it'll be gone. But your friends are over here, pretending they're gonna buy a cellular phone, and they're not gonna buy a cellular phone, because they don't even understand how the rate structure works. So you turn back, to find the person who said it, because if you can ask 'em a question like, 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKIN' ABOUT?!' then it'll go away. But they're gone. And now those words are in your head. And those words don't go away. Cause the way I see it, 7% of our brains functions all the time, because 99% of everything that happens is the same old stuff. We get it. All right. Move on. Get it. Right. But every so often, somethin' like that happens: 'If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college.' So your brain goes, 'LET'S FIGURE IT OUT! Son of a bitch! I wonder what that's about!' I wonder, was she riding the horse to school? No, she wouldn't be riding the horse to school. Maybe it was a polo pony; she had a polo pony scholarship. Maybe she sold the horse and that's how she - she was betting on the horse! WHAT THE FUCK?!! And then you realize that anybody who went to college would never say anything that stupid in public. And as soon as you have that thought, your eyes close and the next morning they find you dead in your bathroom. - The White Album

March 11, 2006

pray for me!!!!

i know i am not religous, but pray for me!!! because when zak moves in at the end of the month, i know he and hank are going to gang up on me. they are so much alike....pure evil.

this is what i imagine happening......
jen: hey zak, can you remember to take the trash out tonight?
zak: FUCK YOU JEN!!!!
(throws remote at my head, grabs hank and storms off to his bedroom)

ah well, as HST said, "buy the ticket, take the ride...."

March 9, 2006

this cheered me right up from my work woes....

March 8, 2006

i hit the wall.....

i called in sick today. even though i had a lovely relaxing evening and a decent amount of sleeplast night, i woke up with chest pains, my heart racing and trouble breathing. call evilboss man and let a weepy message saying i was going to the doctor. i know he's going to be pissed and most certainly isn't going to understand what the fuck an anxiety attack even is, but i have hit the wall.

i've been doing these 50-60 hour weeks since september, and i had no idea it would be continuing for this long with so few breaks. the last month did me in. we had a few fridays when we were there til 10-11pm at night. 15 hour days, and still required to come in saturday. i started to wake up feeling so exhausted, like i was floating. i started having trouble speaking (i was stuttered) and did things like pay the parking garage $20 and drive off without change.

then we had 2 weeks of "lockdown". it was only supposed to be 1 week. they locked up everyone in a large conference room for 10 hour days, and it was intense. bosses watching every move, and people from the business side questioning everything. at the end of the week, after we worked so hard, the boss said our results were disappointing and order the next week on lockdown.

week 2 was worse. a smaller, warm room with no phone. everyone was miserable and the tension was so high. i cried on the way home every night. i started having trouble eating and worse insomnia then usual. at the end of the week i BEGGED for some time off, but was refused. i was told no one can take time off til may.

i have plodded through these 10 hour days, six days a week. i have loved the job, the people and being downtown. and i was proud of getting through the long hours! i guess i hadn't planned on the 60 hours weeks to continue after christman break. no one did. everyone is beyond burned out and exhausted.

the other day my boss said, "well, you're single, no kids, it should be easier!" and it would, if i didn't have 4 cats and 2 dogs. my boss comes home from a 10 hour day and his wife makes dinner and the laundry is done. i come home and spend 1-2 hours on pets (litterboxes food water and play) and my own chores.

i am going to the doctor and i know she'll write a note saying i need a few days off. she was concerned about my health when i ended up with pneumonia back in december. i am hoping a little rest will help. and then i'll need to sit down with my boss and explain that i physically can't continue on the hours. i've tried my best. i hope he can let me cut back a little. if not, then i will suggest they hire someone to replace me, and i'll stay around long enough to train them on my job duties while i look for new work.

because this is where i am at:

my friend chris (who understands anxiety) has reminded me that this is just a job, and that no one could keep up with these hours without cracking. i might get written up for missing work, and my crazy boss that i like so much may be upset with me, but i have tried my best and have nothing left to give.

ah......that rant felt good.... time for some ramen noodle soup (the only thing i can eat lately) and then the doctor.

March 7, 2006

with dolls like these, no wonder i never had kids!

we were here at work talking about dolls we had growing up. i mentioned having a doll that you fed and it pooped and peed (how fun is that NOT?) someone said, "oh, that's baby alive! i had one too!" so i've been online for the last hour obsessively researching this nightmare doll. i could only find this tiny pic and not much info. i found a website for kenner doll history (kenner is the company who made baby alive.) the website only had lists of toys they had made, and no pics. but check out this list of dolls!

Baby Alive (as opposed to Baby Undead)
Baby All Gone (uh's "gone"?)
Baby Bundles (baby's rich!)
Baby Check-Up (is there a thermometer involved?)
Baby Color & Shampoo ( it really ok to dye a baby's hair?)
Baby Heartbeat (another morbid medical procedure)
Baby Needs Me (baby's too needy!)
Baby Wet & Care (my sis had this one. you gave it a bottle and it got a diaper rash, no joke)
Baby Won't Let Go (baby's WAY too needy!!!)
Baby Yawnie (baby is bored with you already...)

now i swear i did not make that list up. i literally cut and pasted it from the website.

they also made something called a daddy saddle.....

and the worst doll ever? the joey stivic doll. yes david, it did exist! remember we saw that doll at big fun in coventry?

"Joey Stivic doll - Baby boy doll manufactured by Ideal Toys Corp. (Tandem Productions) to commemorate the December, 1975 birth of Joey Stivic, the son of Gloria (Sally Struthers) and Mike Stivic (Rob Reiner) on the sitcom ALL IN THE FAMILY/ CBS/1971-79.The Joey doll was the first male anatomically correct doll to be made and sold in America. The printed information on the Ideal Toy box listed the contents as "Archie Bunker's Grand Son Joey Stivic." A short summary described the doll: "A little girl will love playing mommy to a baby boy for a change...especially sweet Joey Stivic with his blue eyes, rooted hair, soft vinyl skin, and winning smile! This drink and wet doll is physically correct."

this drink and wet doll is physically correct??????

March 6, 2006

the oscar's part deux: what was bad.....

that is not an old bar hag from 185th street. nope, it's eddie van halen on the way in to attend elton john's oscar bash. dude, there's this new invention called "hair conditioner". look into it!

ok, this was the dumbest thing i've ever seen on the oscar's. some hip hop group performing a song about a pimp from "hustle and flow", with choreographed dancers on stage acting out the pimps and ho's. it was cheesier then the dance moves in "west side story" and the song sucked. the song went on to win the damn oscar for best song from a film. i can only chalk this up to white liberal guilt. "well, we gotta give awards to the gay films, so let's toss the black film a bone and give them the best song statue!"

i'm not a huge hip hop fan, but i know there's excellant hip hop out there. this was not good hip hop! it was mediocore at best. i think the award was a token. dolly parton was robbed!!!

i guess the oscar voting is always political in nature. "brokeback mountain" had so much positive buzz, then the jokes started. so they give the director an academy (he wasn't on screen smooching a boy). they give the acting award to phillip seymour hoffman because while he played a gay man, he was almost asexual and certainly not in any sexy make out scenes with other men. ok, so each "gay film" gets an award, but the film of the year is dirty, gritty and considered more "real". "crash" started out with mixed reviews, but once the ballots were sent to voters, brokeback was too much of a punchline to win film of the year.

so in conclusion, it's all a bunch of huck-a-buck, but i'll watch again next year.

the funniest moment in oscar history...

they announced the award for best makeup in a film, totally deadpan. it was the funniest thing on the oscars i've ever seen! the coolest part of when robert altman got the lifetime achievement award. he's one of our great directors and very under appreciated. check out "short cuts" or "the player" sometime. i boss you to do it!

in other news, goth night was fun, but i forgot i don't like bars or dance clubs. whoops! but once i found a little perch in the corner, i had a great time hanging with matt and people watching. if i had time i'd love to do a little goth photo shoot. i'll wear a cape and look sad in a cemetary! maybe carry some dead flowers. bela lugosi's dead......

as far as the potluck goes, i say we wait for evil zak to move in. the boy knows how to cook and maybe we can boss him into making homemade pierogis. plus my work schedule is back to 60 hour weeks til may. so let's make it a springtime potluck!

but feel free to continue arguing about the menu and inclusion of sauerkraut!

March 4, 2006

i love big old spooky buildings at night....

good news: i am getting a roomate this spring! crazy mean old zak is going to be my roomie and help out with the pets. it will be good for both of us. he gets to pay really cheap rent, i get help with pets. and we'll have a blast! he'll team up with his asshole partner hank to drive me crazy. i'll try and boss him around and he'll ignore me. we'll listen to bag pipe music real loud and cook pasta. maleguena!!!!!!

as far as work goes, i am told i can't take any time off until july. and that the hours are "revving back up." too bad they never "revved" down! i guess the last 2 weeks working only 50 hours was supposed to be a vacation. i've been having anxiety attacks recently, just trying to get through the hours and the super high stress environment. the pressure is enormous. we've had VPs flying in from the UK to give up "pep" talks recently. by pep talk i mean "holy shit get it done NOW and get it right" talks.

so i spruced up the old resume and sent it out to 5 different places. it can't hurt to keep my options open. once zak moves in the 60 hour weeks will be easier, but that's not happening til the end of april. i'll just try my best to get through it without having a nervous breakdown, or i'll find a new job.

tonight i am going to try and goth it up for peabody's goth/ industrial night. i am so NOT goth, but it will be fun. i realized yesterday who i remind myself of....ellen degeneres! she was doing some really goofy dance and laughing like crazy and i realized, hey, that's sort of me. so we'll see if ellen degeneres can pull of goth tonight.

and yes zak, go ahead and make the lesbian remarks. simon maples can go to hell!!!!

p.s. go to my myspace to hear my new favorite song. i boss...

March 2, 2006

turn around.....bright eyes.....

i swear to god, bonnie tyler was on my bus this morning! the hair, the eyeliner, it had to be her!!!

ok, we need to reschedule the "blog party" potluck, and i am looking for victims, i mean volunteers to help me paint my back bedroom. mag's will tell you i am a little sloppy with the edging. just a tiny bit!

March 1, 2006

ok....simmer down now!!!!

remember molly shannon did a character on SNL called "the simmer down now" lady? and she's say "simma dow now!" a million different ways. or was that cheri o'teri?

anyways, the comments on the last post about the pets got a little heated, so i closed the comment section. something i've never done, even when things got rough on the cabbage roll debate!

everyone means well, and i think everyone can understand my dilema. i love these animals so much! i just know they deserve more then i can give, and that i made a mistake when i decided to take in so many. so maybe i'll come up with a way to make things better for them and for me. a roomate possibly, or a better home.....we'll see...

i love these god damned furry beasts and i'll figure something out! so simmer down!!!

my dilema......

i have too many pets. 4 cats and 2 dogs. it was too much when i worked a regular 40 hour per week job. now it's out of hand. i work 50-60 hours a week now, and also do stuff like stained glass class. and i occasionally go out of town (like last weekend) or spend the night at a friend's house.

when i got all these pets, i was going through a bad time. i went through 2 painful and messy relationships and weightloss surgery. and it felt good to take in these older abandoned animals who needed a home. i was a hermit anyways. totally depressed and always home, and only working 40 hours a week.

over the last year i've come out of a bad depression. i worked hard to get off anti-depressants and cut back on the wine. i now want to hang out with friends and go places again. i love the cats and dogs, but i feel like even if i only worked these crazy hours and came home, it's not enough. they deserve more attention and playtime. especially griffin. he is such a big loveable goof and i can see how lonely he is, and how he craves so much attention.

i recently have considered getting a roomate. someone who loves animals, of course. i would charge cheap rent in exchange for help with the pets. i have 2 folks in mind who would work out great. actually 3.... so that's an option.

the other option is finding homes for some of the pets. my mom offered to take dixie since she's so easy. zak wants to eventually adopt hank. griffin is the one who really needs a new home. he needs to be with people who appreciate his goofy nature and lap dog tendencies. he's an 80 pound lap dog, so what? he would be so great with a family with kids. or with someone like carlo who is never annoyed by him.

ok, all my opinionated friends out there, what do i do?????