April 30, 2011

my first morning drink....

i went to a pub at 7am and drank with my work friends to celebrate the royal wedding.  it was fun!

April 19, 2011


me looking moody in my hoodie....

my new favorite silly website is "paula deen riding things"  

April 12, 2011

bruce cockburn, southland of the heart

it's almost 3am, wide awake.  this song speaks to me...


When thoughts you've tried to leave behind
Keep sniping from the dark
When the fire burns inside you but
You jump from every spark
When your heart's beset by memories
You wish you'd never made
When the sun comes up an enemy
And nothing gives you shade

In the southland of the heart
Where the saints go lazily
Lie down
Take your rest with me

When the preacher lays his insight down
And claims to lead the blind
When those you trust just get you hooked
And trifle with your mind
When the nightmare's creeping closer
And your wheels are in the mud
When everything's ambiguous
Except the taste of blood

In the southland of the heart
There's no question of degree
Lie down
Take your rest with me

In the southland of the heart
Everyone was always free
Lie down
Take your rest with me

April 2, 2011

super dog video & short update on life....

here's yet another dog video.  short & sweet.

life is good.  i love my new job.  dogs are in good health.  the house is getting clean.

chili contest at work on monday.

no one reads blogs anymore, right?