October 22, 2008

i ain't got a title today... except for this!

i call this one "my bloody valentine".... nice that they are offerring a grilled version, less calories!

this one is so....inappropriate, i won't comment. i'll just blush and regret posting it.
yeah, this one might be the worst... i mean, come on! that's really bad grammar!

in other non-creepy valentine news:

lisa ann cracks me up! this is the funniest pic i've seen all day. lisa ann RULES!!!!! (i stole this from her facebook. since facebook is stealing my blog readers, i'll steal right back.)

1 comment:

Mojito Libre said...

All I can say about that last V-day card is Wow.

I can only imagine the type of man that would give that to someone...is his hand in a perpetual back-slap position if the girl doesn't accept??

"You Best Take This and Get In Tha Kitchen, Woman!"