May 31, 2008

home again...

we had a good time in detroit. stuff happened, some good stuff, some stressful stuff, and now we're home. i will blog more tomorrow and include a ton of pics. for now, here's the best man!!!

May 28, 2008

my boring blog

(ain't photoshop fun???)

i haven't had the time or energy to blog much lately. some stuff going on that..... well, i can't really talk about yet. also, i am being a little more careful about what i say on the blog. just knowing that anyone can read it, and take it out of context, makes me nervous. which then pisses me off. it's my damn blog and i should say whatever the hell i want to say!

that being said, i actually don't have much to say right now. i'm learning how to occasionally keep my trap shut and even keep my opinions to myself. i know, shocking.

of course i have no problem telling everyone that dan had a spider run across his head last night in bed! he woke up in the middle of the night when he felt something on his head. he fell back asleep, but in the morning, found the spider smashed. apparently his large head crushed the poor little guy.... LMAO!

ok, we're off on a little road trip. going to see an old buddy of dan's get hitched. i'll take lots of pics, as per usual.

May 22, 2008

we need these!!!!

seriously, someone get us 3 of these stroller, in XL. cleo needs the one in pink for sure!

my job

this guy is semi-famous, and he's QA, or quabity ashwitz. my hero! the wiki page is hilarious to read, maybe even better then watching the actual show.

Creed Bratton is a taciturn and creepy kleptomaniac quality assurance officer at the Scranton branch of fictitious paper distributor Dunder Mifflin. As a result of his drug use during his career as a rock musician in the 1960s, Creed has a phenomenally poor memory. Little is known about Creed's life outside the office; the scattered details that emerge (as well as his behavior in the office) are invariably bizarre. He is also extremely dishonest, with details emerging of his many scams, including faking his own death. When asked his age, the reply varies wildly depending upon what suits him at the time. In the Season 4 episode, Fun Run, Creed states in what seems to be an honest manner that he will soon be 82[2]. In the next episode, Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Creed, in an attempt to look young , dyes his hair black and says that he is 30 years old. He then corrects himself, saying that he'll be 30 in November.[3] The real Creed Bratton was born in 1943, making him 65.

May 19, 2008

atypical, non-goofy post....

well, i am trying to not complain, so...... i won't talk about work. or the rotten salad i just got from arby's..... or..... the troll posting anonymous comments about my good friend.....dammit!!!!

ok, i need to employ some of those basic CBT tools i'm always reminding my friends to use. like, "keeping a diary of significant events and associated feelings, thoughts and behaviors; questioning and testing cognitions, assumptions, evaluations and beliefs that might be unhelpful and unrealistic; gradually facing activities which may have been avoided; and trying out new ways of behaving and reacting."

or maybe some REBT!!!! "one of the fundamental premises of REBT is that people, in most cases, do not merely get upset by unfortunate adversities, but also through how they construct their view of reality through their evaluative beliefs and philosophies about these adversities."
in other news- rachel sent me a horrible pic of carrot top that i'll make the photo for today's post. something to cheer me up!

May 18, 2008


stacy's blog is down for the moment, so i wanted to make sure her beautiful drawing of griffin was still online and available for all to see. here's the first drawing of griffin she made a few weeks ago as well. griffin is a super model!!!!

interesting old documents

here's something from an old phone book:

this is my favorite part, about the "rowdy boys" being replaced with "soft-spoken" girls:

i never would have lasted long in this era.......... although as a child i did want to be a phone operator like lily tomlin's ernestine!
one ringy-dingy.....

here's a post card from dan's great aunt ruth's perfume business:
i want to order the lemon verbana and join "the jet age"! we still have some of her bottling supplies in the house & barn, and i'd love to be able to smell "black locust" or "clove pink". if i made my own perfume i'd use lily of the valley.....

May 16, 2008


we got tom waits tickets! they went on sale at 10am, and by 10:03 were sold out. i logged on from work and even made sure a business meeting was rescheduled so i could do this! we got balcony seats and they are supposed to be a great view, so i'm excited!