March 29, 2009

March 24, 2009

random as usual...

my longtime imaginary tv boyfriend david letterman finally married his real life girlfriend! read about it here. he was the last of the gunslingers....
i am going to try to exercise and eat real healthy! i've tried before, but am trying again. so there. if this guy and this guy can get skinny, there's hope for me!
i'm "recovering" from the pneumonia, but it's still kicking my ass. i'm so tired and want to sleep for about a week. griffin tried to talk me into calling in sick this morning but i resisted.
this blog is hilarious and addictive. i love the cheesy portraits.
that's all i got today. i know....lame. adding a pic dan's cousin snapped of my magical "cape" dress. ciao.

March 23, 2009

back to work...

click here to see weekend photos.

i'm back at work today, and everyone is telling me to "take it easy." i want to respond with, "take it sleazy!" (sarah silverman quote), but that seems inappropriate.

that's all i got. :)

March 21, 2009

March 20, 2009

under the dumb dumb tree...

working from home today, with the tv on, of course. i caught this movie on AMC. i like jack lemmon so i thought it would be ok. nope, not ok. horrible. the wikipedia entry is pretty funny though. someone really cares about the car and included some odd details.
that's all i got. my poor, tiny blog....

March 18, 2009

some pics....

dogs (ours and ones we've met...)

cleo after the vet, soaking the in fresh air

griffin looks up to his BFF

dogs in chicago parking lot

griffin imposter at petsmart!

March 17, 2009


ok, i also wanted to mention that while we were in chicago, the night i get really sick with a high fever, we saw an old tv show with paul winchell & jerry mahoney. the doll pretended to have a fever and covered its own face in red dots (to fake being sick) and...i swear i saw this and was not just hallucinating from a high fever!

i think i am more afraid of ventriloquist dolls then even clowns, but there's hope!

here's the reason i'm so afraid of them. i saw the ad for this movie as a little kid and it scared the crap out of me. of course i also memorized the poem and begged to see the movie:

more important info on ventriloquist dolls here and the people who operate them here. this is what happens on day 5 of being sick. i blog about ventriloquist dummies. good times...

yeah, i'm sick, big deal

so i went to the doc and she says i gots the pneumonia. i says, no way! i got too much stuff to do!!! i don't have time to be lolly gagging around the house in pjs, "resting", etc...

the fever (103) broke sometime last night, so i am feeling better. i've had some earl grey tea and and feeling like i could do some

yeah, i started that at 7:15am. it's now 11:03pm and i am just getting back to this post. pneumonia will totally screw up your blog. he he he...

March 15, 2009


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March 14, 2009

chicago photo album

click here for chicago pics. i'm too exhausted and sick with the flu to blog about it. maybe later!

pizza place we went to. YUM!


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Head cold in Chicago...

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March 13, 2009


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March 9, 2009

the GPS debate....

we're going to chicago soon. i'm getting nervous about directions, maps, etc.... we don't have a working laptop with wireless, and i've been wanting to get GPS. groundcat is not so sure we need it. copax offered to lend me his GPS and here's what i told him about past trips:

i think dan wants to dig out his 2000 compaq laptop that doesn't have wireless or anything, but did have a GPS type map installed on it in 2005. here's how it worked for bonnaroo in 2006, and subsequent trips to philly and amish country:

1. dan loads up heavy laptop into a backpack with necessary cords

2. dan boots up laptop and waits about 20 minutes for it to finish opening

3. dan curses at laptop repeatedly

4. dan opens GPS type software, and waits for satellites to connect (or something like that) and curses more

5. i suggest we buy GPS

6. dan explains how this is "still good!" and just because the map hasn't been updated since 2005, the basic directions are fine!

7. dan accidentally unplugs some part of the laptop and loses satellites

8. more cursing, etc......

9. dan remembers the setting to have directions spoken out loud on the computer in a creepy robot voice.

10. dan types in creepy things for the computer to say to me while i drive, like, "you're going 10 miles over the speed limit, dumb ass!" or "i will see your blood in the moonlight"....

11. we get to where we're going by a combination of printed directions and guess work, dan believes the GPS on his laptop got us there.

read about our trip to bonnaro in 2006 here, here and here. (that was quite a way to start dating!!!)

March 8, 2009

kleifeld's in willoughby

we loved this little diner. it's been there for ages. lots of "regulars" and good coffee always. so says the sign...

click here to see all my weekend pics!