December 31, 2005

these girls kick ass! jennette's friend jen just joined (2nd from right next to carol.) next time these gals perform i am dragging my ancient hermit self out to see them!
yesterday i went on a thrift shopping spree. as i was emptying my cart, the hipster guy at the register was oohing and ahhhhing over the good stuff i found, like a real authentic pair of old cowboy boots for $5. i said, "honey, i've got a cart of crazy here!!!" i will post pics of some of the loot on my photo blog later tonight. let's just say the boy's breathe was taken away at the coffee mug i scored, in the shape of a human kidney. good stuff!
on another note: new year's eve is sort of lame. i've never liked going out to parties on new year's eve. in high school my mom and i would eat lobster & artichokes (all dipped in butter of course) and watch "the shining." i've just never had fun with all the drunks on new year's eve. so tonight i am staying home and doing NOTHING. which i am looking forward to quite a bit after my busy (but fun) vacation.
so there!

December 29, 2005

how i spent my winter vacation.......
i haven't blogged in almost a week. i know, very naughty. but really there's not much to write about. i have spent my vacation resting up, seeing friends and family, and chilling with my friend matt. like me, he's cool with hanging out in PJs and getting into all kinds of weird fun.

i've been trying different kinds of art projects. got a neat stained glass coloring book. then decided to sign up for an actual stained glass workshop. it's 6 weeks of class and i'm excited to try a new art medium. my mom and i are signed up for tuesday nights, and jennette and mag's might join us as well.

i brought zak to my mom's for xmas and he was a complete asshole. why do i say he was an asshole? because he spent the day pretending to be sweet and innocent, so that they wouldn't believe me telling them he is evil incarnate. bastard!!!

i didn't buy any gifts this year. yes, i ruined xmas! just not enough time or energy. instead i want to take family and a few friends out to a nice dinner sometime later in january. my birthday is coming up soon and i hope to make it a nice low key (no key) day.

ok, now i need an image for the post, then back to the couch!

December 22, 2005

now what do we think this incense might smell like? i was excited to find this pic online, because back in 1989 at OSU, they carried this incense at the corner store, and i always regretted not buying a pack to keep for sentimental reasons...

let's see, what else? i am officially sick with the pneumonia. but we caught it early on so it's no biggie. i'm off work til after the new year so i have plenty of time to rest and and catch up with friends.

also i have time to go online and find crazy shit. i was on wikipedia reading about charlie brown and the peanuts (all time favorite comic/cartoon ever!) and ended up with this:

the peanuts were the japenese duo who sang in the mothra films. i looked for info on the sister's online and found this:

"The THE peanut which was favorite from a child's time. A THE peanut favorite even now. The angel's singing voice transcends technical so and so, and invites us to the world of fascination and fantasy. A time slip is carried out always and a record and CD can hear the singing voice. Respect is expressed also to these human beings' great invention, and it is careful about each recording. The site was started by making to offer a book report into main point. Moreover, those who are mad for an audio are although jazz or a classic favorite person is most, I went mad in one mind of wanting to hear the recording of a THE peanut in a great tone. Although it is a popular song lover, that there is a corner of the audio talk originates there."

Mothra Theme Song:

Mothra oh Mothra
Hear our call for you to save us
over time, over sea
like a wave you come
our guardian angel

Mothra oh Mothra
the people have forgotten kindness
their spirits fall to ruin
we shall pray for the people as we sing
this song of love

December 21, 2005

happy birthday shellie!!!!

too bad i got a sign that spells it "birthdHy".....

December 19, 2005

i'm still home sick. this cold has knocked me on my ass. but i am going to work tomorrow, no matter what! i am going on my 3rd jumbo box of puff's (with lotion of course) since friday. this being sick business is complete BS!

last night was a classic jennifer scene. the night before i decided to try and take some extra antibiotics i had laying around from when griffin had kennel cough. as i type this i am giggling at how ridiculous that sounds. but they are normal human medicine, and i was wanting to take care of these ear infections without having to go to the doctor. suffice to say i had an allergic reaction and my face and neck turned into a bright red mask. i took benedryl and it finally calmed down.

so last night i was bored. i've been cooped up in thie house since friday. so i was goofing around with the silver xmas tree and some vintage xmas lights i found at goodwill. they were in perfect shape and seemed to never have been taken from the box. i was plugging in strands and tightening bulbs when one sort of exploded. and then all the lights went out in my entire apartment (except for 1 small nightlight.)

i checked with the mccoy's upstairs and they had power. we checked the breakers in the basement and they were all set to "on", and the fuses looked ok, although one looked slightly dark in 1 area. it was almost 10pm and i was sneezing and hacking. i started to get dressed, figuring i needed to replace the fuse.

then the genius girl who can cope with anything kicked in. i noticed the night light was plugged into a 3 prong socket. i dug out the 3 prong heavy extension cord for the AC and was able to get the fridge plugged in, so i didn't have to worry about food going bad. the heat was still on, so i decided i could stick it out til morning.

i fired up the laptop (battery lasts for about 3 hours). took the power cord from that and plugged it in the other working 3 prong socket. i had a desk light in the kitchen and made a snack. got the boombox and put on late night jazz show. i was sitting at my laptop chatting with matt, snacking on brie and fancy crackers with a nice glass of merlot, all by candlelight (and computer glow.) it as quite lovely! and yes, a bit ridiculous....

(ok, i don't have a pic to include, so i'll do a random image search and find something to go with the theme of ridiculous.)

December 17, 2005

photographs by joseph.....

alfred discovers the joys of black haus

bob's "serious face"

joseph attempts a "serious" face

fuck you, ya bossy hair dryer tag! yeah, i removed you! that's how i roll!!!!

i've been home sick since friday. bad cold/ sore throat. it's complete bullshit and i am not happy about it AT ALL.

a word of advice: if you have a can of hairspray that resembles a can of air freshener, don't keep them next to each other in the wicker basket on top of your toliet. you might get them mixed up. i mean, i would never do anything as stupid as spraying my hair with lysol! jennette asked me to write about it on my blog. she doesn't want the kids out there to make the same tragic mistake she did.

December 15, 2005

my new lighter!!!! (my sister's new photo blog- it kicks ass!)

December 13, 2005

big news: i am off december 22nd through january 2nd. that's 11 days off, fool! what the hell am i going to do with myself? working an 8 hour day monday was surreal. now 11 days off? that's crazy talk! i guess i will relax, see my friends, and redecorate the spare room (i've been wanting to do that for 2 years now.)

in other late breaking news, the photo blog is updated and i once again boss y'all to check it out.

(image for this post provided by rachy-roo)
decorating for the holidays in the pit!

some new random pics....

the view outside the bus window on a dreary day

fernando's still life. as joseph would say, "it's modern art!"

(btw- "crack creme" is used for dry or cracked cuticles.)

time for failed vegetarian soap box rant!!!!

i was chatting with stacy last night. we agree on most social/political issues, but last night we debated the death penalty. it was really interesting and got me to thinking why i am against it. so i did some research.

then this morning i read the account of the execution of tookie smith (former crips leader on death row for murder.) the headline read "no quick death for tookie smith" and i winced. apparently it took the prison staff 20 minutes of poking and prodding to insert the needle in his vein. according to amnesty international, the US has the highest rate of botched execution in the world. anyone remember the FL executions where 2 guys in the electric chair had flames shot out of the tops of their heads (because prison staff set up the chair improperly.)

i know these people on death row have done horrible things, destroyed lives. they need to be locked up in tiny cells with nothing except a toliet and a blank wall. but killing people is not something any government should be doing. why? because 7% of folks on death row have been found innocent. because the state shouldn't be seeking vengence and murdering people. because it's cheaper for someone to spend their life on death row then it is to execute them (studies show the money spent on death row appeals costs the government much more then a lifetime of solitary confinement.) because our judicial system is flawed and inherantly racist. studies show people end up on death row not because of their own race, but the race of the victim. blacks killing whites make up the highest numbers on death row, and it's disproportionate to the number the occur in society.)

most democratic countries have abolished the death penalty. canada, austrailia, almost all of europe. only the US and japan still use captial punishment. oh yeah, the term "capitol" is derived from the latin word for head. capitol punishment translates as decapitating.

but we don't decapitate any more. too messy. now we build gas chambers, electric chairs, or use injection, firing squad or hanging. does it make anyone uncomfortable thinking about our government allowing this? and how did we decide on these 5 options? why not bring the "blood eagle" back?

per wikipedia: "The Blood Eagle was reportedly a method of torture and execution that is sometimes mentioned in old Icelandic Viking sagas. It was performed by cutting the ribs of the victim by the spine, breaking the ribs so they resembled blood-stained wings, and pulling the lungs out. Salt was reportedly sprinkled in the wounds."

what are the benefits of the death penalty? studies vary on whether it actually deters crime. it's more costly then life in prison. and i just don't think a judge or jury should be given the power (by the state) to murder people.

maybe i feel this way because i don't believe in vengence. you know my "nobody is allowed to hit anybody ever" rule? that includes not hitting some one just because they hit you first. besides true self defense, no hitting. and besides protecting yourself or someone else, no killing.

December 12, 2005

this was the view from the bus on the way home..... that's lake erie back there. a real depressing scene. the funny thing was i was sitting on the bus in a GREAT mood. i had a kick ass weekend and saw all kinds of friends. i had an actual 2 day weekend. and today i came in at 7:30am and left at 4pm. i haven't left work that earlt since.....ever! and 8 hour day is nice.

no one worked today. we all just relaxed, hung out and talked. i paid one of the guys from india a dollar to eat an entire pack of pop rocks all at once. then we put up xmas lights in the pit. i'll put pics on my photo blog later, and of course you will assume i am bossing you to go look.
if you get a chance, catch an episode of the boohbah's on PBS. or rent one of the movies! they are more trippy then teletubbies! they robot dance to techno music and sleep in pods. and they are just a wee bit phallic....

i had the best weekend. 2 days off in a row! i had a great time hanging with matt saturday night. the MIS xmas party was a blast. got to meet chris' cool girlfriend, stole a table decoration, and got to see all my old friends.

i am in such a good mood!

as far as my vegetarian edict, i am obviously torn. part of me wants to stop eating meat as some kind of political/ethical statement. the other part loves a good steak and knows my giving up meat won't help anything.

so for now i am just going to make an effort to cut out meat from my diet slowly. maybe i'll never give it up, but eating less would be cool.

speaking of which..........ever since "the great sangwich debate of 2005", i've decided that if a burger is a sandwich (which i still don't agree with) that my favorite sanGwich would be a toss up between a gyro and a filet-o-fish.

as amy w. would say, "can you smell what i'm saying?"

December 11, 2005

hank's "mean face"

hanging out in the sink....



office xmas tree

magical color wheel

my beautiful vintage xmas tree

some random pics......

people sleep on the sidewalk downtown. no one is homeless because they are lazy. they are homeless because they are mentally ill.

festivus for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my friend matt. he's a cheerleading star!!!


i fell prey to chick-fil-a! not only did i eat meat, i ate meat from a christian food chain! but i took my evil mom to dinner at the vegetarian soul food restaurant, so that's something...

of course for dinner i had some "stew" (more like gruel) at matt's and managed to eat some beef.

December 10, 2005

this is from my mom: "How many people are eaten by animals in 1 YEAR? Americans eat more than 1 Million animals an HOUR....How do we justify this?"

my friends and family LOVE animals. we live with dogs and cats who sleep in our beds. we know that they feel emotions. so how do we eat meat? here's what i think: if you want a nice steak, before you eat it, think about where it came from. think about the cow being born, maybe bonding with its mom (if it wasn't taken away to be veal.) think about someone putting a nail threw its head. think about how scared the cow must have been seeing the other cows being killed. think about all that before you eat that steak.

i have a challenge: let's all stop eating meat. stop NOW. i am pledging to not buy meat starting today. i've got a few lean cuisines and some chicken thawing, so after that i never buy meat again. not at the grocery or restaurants. and if someone makes me dinner, i don't eat meat just because i didn't buy it. and i will gradually cut back on eggs and cheese. because those animals that produce dairy products do not have good lives.

and by becoming a vegetarian, i can now freely lecture folks like my friend "UC freak"!!!

morgan spurlock has a point with his "supersize me" film. and get this: "Spurlock's current project is a television program called 30 Days. In each episode, a person spends thirty days immersing him or herself in a mode of life markedly different from their norm (working at Wal-Mart, being in prison, etc.), while Spurlock discusses the relevant social issues involved. FX began airing the show on June 15, 2005. In the premiere episode, "Minimum Wage," Spurlock and his fiancée lived for thirty days in the Bottoms neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio earning minimum wage, with no access to outside funds."

i got miles (my last dog) from the bottoms in columbus!!! it's a really depressing area, along the river, where people live in crumbling houses or shacks. when i went to choose a puppy, i almost fell through the front porch!

when i lived with stacy and henry, miles and henry bonded. they were great friends. we made hot dogs for dinner, and when stacy asked henry if he wanted a hot dog, henry started crying. we asked what was wrong and he said, "i don't want to eat miles!!!" i think the kid had a good point.

December 9, 2005

i found this image on google doing random image searches.

i have updated my photo blog with some great work pics. i boss you to go see.

also, i highly recommend zak's blog this week. it involves priests and whore, and an amish star.