June 30, 2006

celebrity blog part deux....

i get these guys mixed up. seth green, breckin meyer and jamie kennedy. they all seem to be short, strawberry blonde jewish guys around the same age. and stacy tells me 2 of them were in a band together in high school. kind of like "the corey's"....

holy mother of pearl, there's a wikipedia page for the coreys. click HERE!!!!

ok, i know i will not be the first or last person to say this, but star jones is koo koo nutty!!! real bad crazy. i watched her on larry king last night and she is now officially the most insane celebrity on the planet. tom cruise has calmed down ever since he bought that ultra sound machine, so star has stepped up to the plate.

flakey celebrities are nothing new. but here's the thing that pisses me off about star jones: she lost over 150 pounds, and never once admitted that she had weight loss surgery. i remember when i had the surgery in 2001, i was home recovering and watching daytime tv. i saw her more then once comment negatively on the surgery (this was during the carnie wilson mania.) so to then have the surgery, and tell people she lost weight from eating healthy and pilates, is wrong.

larry king confronted her on the question of weightloss surgery, and she seemed suprised. she stated that she'd always been honest about having a "medical intervention" (whatever the hell that is!) but she would not say the word surgery or even say "yes" when asked if she's had the surgery. total BS.

maybe she needs to get herself an ultra sound machine.....

June 28, 2006

this is for jennette and zak, DDR champions!!!!

June 27, 2006

i read the news today, oh boy.......... (and a new earth shattering poll!!!)

ok, i have been cringing over my starbucks reading the news (venti quad iced latte, skim & sugar free vanilla w/ 2 packs of splenda, if you're wanting to treat me next time.)

rush limbaugh was detained at an airport for having viagara in his possession without a valid prescription. read about it here (and deal with the link, mom!) i almost feel bad for the guy at this point. i've always had a strong dislike for him, and yes, i did listen to a few shows all the way through before i decided he was an imbecile. so he got busted for sending his maid out to buy pain pills a few years back. that's not the worst thing a celebrity has done. but now a viagara scandal? too much information! and someone please get this guy a personal assistant to carry his bags through the airport next time. they pay those PA's big money to take the fall for stuff like that.

and while searching the news for a link to the limbaugh story, i saw this headline: "Axl Rose allegedly bites security guard" here's the link for this story. apparently the botox has gone to axl's head and he's bitten the leg of a security guard in sweden. a month ago he got into a brawl with fashioner designer (and little tiny guy) tommy hilfiger.

add this to the list of "celebrities gone wild" like tom cruise and star jones.

and speaking of celebrities, i have had a new poll suggested. one of my best columbus friends, lisa ann, has asked this burning question:

is jessica simpson beautiful or ugly????

let's take an opinion poll and decide once and for all! i looked for pics of her online, and found some that were beautiful and others hideous. so i won't include a pic that could sway the jury. do your own damn google image search!

June 26, 2006

random weekend pics......

i must counteract the last lovely video with something...... more bizarre... this is by the french director michel gondry (i won't put a link since my mom bitches about that. but he's a french director who did some bjork videos and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. look him up on wiki yourself, since my mom is a link nazi.)

it's gondry in the video with david cross as his poo. enjoy and try to make sense of it.

p.s. i updated the photo blog with some random weekend pics. enjoy!!!!!
i am obsessed with the flaming lips "yoshimi battles the pink robots" CD. it's been out for a few years and i am just now discovering it. the song below gets me all teary-eyed every time.

p.s. the angst is gone. it only lasted a day or so. whatever.

Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize - we're floating in space -
Do You Realize - that happiness makes you cry
Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun don'-go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Do You Realize - Oh - Oh - Oh
Do You Realize - that everyone you know
Someday will die -

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun don'-go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize

June 23, 2006

new blog post, with a side of angst....
"Your blog has really suffered as you have been getting happier." it's true, my blog has been boring as hell. even a road trip to southern tennesse to attend a rock concert with 80,000 dirty hippies and a ricky skaggs roadside accident horror scene didn't do much to produce enough trauma or angst for some. but today is a bad day, and i am at work looking up words like "ennui" and "angst" on wikipedia. so enjoy!!!!

"Angst is a Dutch, German, and North Germanic word for fear or anxiety. It is used in English to describe an intense feeling of emotional strife."

here's the lesson i am learning: you can be all happy and in love with the most wonderful person, but you still have bad days. being in love doesn't make you hate your job any less or make it easier to take your sick old dog to the vet, again. it doesn't help balance your checkbook or get the gutters cleaned.

that being said, i am still happy and smart enough to know how lucky i am to have something really good happening, amidst all the shit.

ok, on to random things.....

apparently, stabbing yourself in the chest AND jumping 9 stories to your death in cleveland can't get you ruled a suicide. read about it here. seems like 2 methods of suicide and a huge gambling debt aren't fact enough for the coroner.

here's the thing about bonnaroo that left a bad taste in my mouth: the money. the cost of tickets (VIP or otherwise) just seemed so out of hand. and then to not provide free water and run out of toliet paper by the end of day 2, seemed like such poor planning & greed. they made a lot of money, read here.

finally, i'd like to recommend some films and bands that dan has recently bossed me to check out. the boy has good taste!

films: "the big lebowski" (yes, i am only like 8 years behind on this one. and i've loved other cohen brother films, so not sure what took me so long.) also, the movie "stay". i am too lazy to write about it, so go here and read up.

music: bright eyes, iron and wine, hayden, and the flaming lips. i am obsessed with the flaming lips album "yoshimi battles the pink robots" (and this time only 4 years behind!)

ok, i am done for now. i am going to get out of this funk, this angsty mood and enjoy my weekend. and here's another beautiful song with images from a favorite film. enjoy and cheer the fuck up!

June 21, 2006

my friend copaX got me the most beautiful ring on his vacation and i love it!!! it's an irish friendship ring and i've always wanted one. read about it here, because i am a wiki geek. he also got zak a ring, so this doesn't mean we're engaged! it's an SBC thing i suppose.....

i updated the photo blog with a few good pics from bonnaroo. i boss you to check them out.
random bonnaroo pics. enjoy!

well, it's back to the real world.....

back to work today. feels like i've been gone for longer then a week. everyone keeps coming by to ask about bonnaroo and my vacation. i end up saying something like, "it was way too hot, they ran out of water and toliet paper. we left early and saw a horrible accident scene. then we managed to salvage the vacation and have a really wonderful time just taking our time getting home, going to the park, grilling out, shopping, watching movies and just enjoying the time off.

all in all it was a good time and i wouldn't change a thing.

and like the cheesecake from karma i got a few months back, today i got a free lowfat iced latte from "the cork and bean" downstairs. the guy next to me asked about my order and i told him it was better then a starbucks frappiciano and only 1/2 the calories. the owner overheard me and gave me my drink on the house. so i shall take this as a good sign on my first day back to work......

tonight i'll post pics from vacation on my photo blog.

in the meantime, here's a new favorite song (from 6 feet under) along with a video someone made on youtube. enjoy.

June 19, 2006

damn dirty hippies...

just a quick post for now. i'll write more later when i am back to work (wednesday) and looking for a way to slack.

we left early. no shock there. we got to tennesse after dark and managed to still get the tent up, and we camped next to some swell folks. but the VIP accomedations were not so great, and by the 2nd day the heat (well over 90 degrees) combined with the over 80,000 crowd and lack of cool drinking water and no toliet paper did me in. it was during cat power's set that we realized that it just wasn't worth it to stay. we could hear the music from 2 other main stages and it drown her out. to me, if the music wasn't any good, there was no point in sticking around for the gig.

we did get to see andrew bird warm up and it was an amazing little suprise, and we caught bright eyes performing with gillian welch as a special guest.

so we left friday night and after about 2 minutes on the freeway came upon a horrible accident scene. a man attending bonnaroo had jumped the fence and ran onto the freeway and was hit and killed by ricky skagg's tour bus. it took the police about 15 minutes to arrive and actually cover the body and we were stuck there behind police lines, watching it all. you can read about it on dan's blog (groundcat link under peeps and homies.)

we were finally able to leave the scene and we got a hotel outside of nashville. i think we were both in shock. but we decided to continue on and salvage the vacation, and that we did. we took our own sweet time getting home and stopped along the way for frequent starbucks stops and stayed in some nice hotels (AC and a real bed! and internet access!!!!)

so we're home now and i have a little more time left before it's back to work. after everything that happened, i would still do it again and i have had a great time just travelling with someone i dig.

ok, time for a starbucks run and then who knows!

June 14, 2006

a beautiful song and video (from the shins) with an amazing french horn solo throughout. watch and enjoy, i boss.

June 13, 2006

road trip!!!!!
ok, tonight i am finishing up my packing and tomorrow is my last day at work before bonnaroo. i finally stop being nervous and anxious and just decided to enjoy the trip. i am going to see some amazing bands and i am going with someone who i am crazy about. 4 days of camping doesn't sound so bad with dan! i packed my lucky deck of pink playing cards, so if we get bored i will have time to kick his ass at gin rummy.

this will be my last post for a few days. and if i happen to run into elvis costello i plan on seducing him and running away forever. so if that happens, nice knowing ya!

p.s. more new pics on the photo blog

cebar's on sunday night......

June 12, 2006

actual spider outside the window downtown!!!!

the pit "before"

the pit "after"

this is ALMOST as good as the video i posted friday. i stole this from matt's new blog. i'll add a link so y'all can see what trollboy is up to in vegas.

June 9, 2006

June 8, 2006

read about this cool weather phenomenon here. as a child i was obsessed with cloud formations and wanted to be a meteoroligist until i found out i'd have to study lots of math. just call me "slackass" like my bro copaX does.....

ok, after today only 4 more work days before bonnaroo. this weekend the weather is supposed to be wonderful and i am hoping for another "pre-bonnaroo" camp out. i need to practice watching, i mean helping set up the tent!

other news: my boss pulled me in to a meeting this morning, wanting to know what was "up" with me. apparently i seem "disengaged" and detached from work. um, yeah! i am doing my work and doing a good job, but am just sort of ignoring all the bitching and complaining in the pit. so he agreed that my being disengaged wasn't a bad thing, as long as i am still happy in my job. i let him know i am happy as long as we don't go to 60 hour weeks again. he agreed and it actually ended on a good note. but i am definetly ready for a few days off and away from work.

ok, time to go do some work. ciao!

June 5, 2006

Bonnaroo 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
watch this. it's lovely....

barns and roofs and feet....