September 30, 2009

let's scare jessica to death

one of my very favorite horror films, and one that's frequently overlooked, is "let's scare jessica to death". i just recently came upon this lovely photo of the lead actress (zohra lampert), who is also frequently overlooked. i was going to write a long review, but there's no time. just know that the film involves a "hippie vampire" and the ending is totally ambiguous. good times!

September 29, 2009


clothes i will not wear: pantsuits, shrugs, jumpsuits, capes, or military-style denim jackets. i also won't wear sleeveless turtlenecks or ponchos.
the guys have it worse i think. how do you decide between meeting the teachers vs. meeting the inlaws? what if you want to wind down while also scoring show tickets? is their an outfit for a fellow scoring broadway show tickets vs. metallica tickets? maybe you should just hit the streets and rock out!

September 28, 2009

random weekend pics......

griffin, basil, acorns, etc...

stuff at the drug store i didn't buy:

stuff at the thrift store i didn't buy:

cookies i baked for dan in 2006 & 2009:

some friends done good....

the cleveland plain dealer ran a story about erin o'brien. read it here.

the cleveland scene magazine ran a story about dr. zombie. read it here.

the 3rd annual dotditwell day- 2009