November 30, 2006

when celebrities go bat shit crazy.....part deux....... (my linkiest blog post ever!!!)
i know i've blogged about this before. tom cruise hopping around on oprah's couch, arguing about his study of the "history of psychiatry", etc... mel gibson drunk and mean, etc.... but there's a new batch of crazy brewing out there, and i feel the need to comment.

first off: mel gibson feels sorry for michael richards. me too, but for different reasons. seeing richards on letterman, then with jesse jackson, trying to make ammends. it seems like people are wanting him to apologize for a couple 100 years of racism, and not just one bad night. read doug stanhope's take on the whole "make the N-word illegal" debate. i can't imagine richard pryor agreeing with the comedy club's decision to ban the word.... (fyi- you'll need to scroll down past stanhope's update on his "nether region" problems.)

apparently britney spears is flashing her crotch on a daily basis. this website has some pics if that's your cup of tea. i've heard folks in the press saying they're worried about her being a role model for young girls, but i think she's past her prime. and amy sedaris is a way better role model for girls and boys!

the great film director robert altman passed away recently. i was going to write about him, but got side tracked by some youtube video or another. it's ok though, because lindsey lohan wrote a nice letter of condolence for his family, and was smart enough to release it to the press. everyone should, "Please just take each moment day by day and consider yourself lucky to breathe and feel at all and smile. Be thankful. Life comes once, doesn't 'keep coming back'." amen sister!

danny devito showed for an appearance on the view a little drunk from a night of partying. and anna nicole is crazier then tom cruise on oprah's couch, any day! she's on entertainment tonight every other night, crying (with her strangely frozen and possibly botoxed face unmoving.) she's got a great tan though! every night the announcer tells us, "anna nicole breaks down..." "anna nicole shattered...discusses christmas without her son..." i've seen footage of her getting a caesarian on ET!!!

and finally, after being forced by rachel to watch "america's top model" last night, i have to say that tyra banks is koo koo for coco puffs. she looks like a heavily made up drag queen and announces everything she says in the most pompous and grave tone. "and now must learn to tango!" opie & anthony have been playing clips from tyra's daytime talk show and it's even worse. on that show she screams and no matter what the topic or guest, changes the topic to herself. she did a show on underwear, and had an "expert" on to explain that not only do you have to wash your panties, you have to put them in the dryer. no way!!!!!!!!!!

here's a clip from the notorious "panty party!!!!"

November 29, 2006


another little gem from renny...... i am afraid of that burger king guy. really...

November 28, 2006

question of the day.....

if you could take a pill to erase bad memories, would you? read the story here

reminds me of "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind". here's a youtube video, to piss jennette off!

November 27, 2006

please go check out the new and improved skullranch. renny has a cool amazon "shoppe" and a crazy movie from our last party. you can see dan & his monkey and my mom drinking beer!!!
in other news, i hate my job. it's killing me. that's not melodramatic at all! but i have a few leads and may have some good news soon... or else very bad news...
so what's everyone doing for christmas??? do you decorate? put up a tree? i haven't decided what, if anything, i want to do this year. maybe just chill out and enjoy all the good stuff, friends and family.....
ok, go to skullranch and watch the crazy movie! I BOSS!!!!

November 24, 2006

black friday...
i guess today is the biggest shopping day of the year. i have no desire to be out in the crowds looking for bargains. i am doing all my xmas shopping online this year. and now i won't have to buy gifts for my sister or boyfriend (as they are dead to me- see below) so it will be much easier!

i am stuck at work, with nothing to do. waiting to get some big thing to test, but it's been days and it's blowing up on programmers. so i am doing the famous "hurry up and wait!" routine. with the downtime, i am looking up melonheads and crockpots on wikipedia. i am so excited to see the melonheads finally got their own wiki entry. about time! and the crockpot, oh my gosh....a miracle! i used one for the first time and made a kickass beef stew. even got groundcat to help by stirring the pot, although wiki states, "the lid should not be removed to, for example, stir the food, as this would significantly prolong required cooking time due to heat loss." oops! oh well, it turned out great anyways. i should have taken pics!!!

in other blog news- i found out my sister hates my blog. i guess my fancy blog loads slow on her old PC. whatever! and in more shocking news, my own boyfriend doesn't even keep up with my blog! david suggested that living with someone might make keeping up with blogs obsolete. nonsense!!!! i say this is a blog scandal on the highest order!!!!!!!!!!

November 22, 2006

david found this video on youtube, and it love it. the song is catchy, the video is so colorful and daler mehndi is more perky then katie couric on a good day!
everyone have a lovely thanksgiving.....

have a nice turkey day, and enjoy the day off. i should list all the crap i am thankful for, but i am not in the mood....

isn't this photo magical? it's an elephant in the womb... to see more animals in the womb, click here. i found this story on the drudge report. matt drudge is historically anti-choice and i am sure that's why he bothered to post the story. so i had some reservation about even posting a link. but it's an interesting story, and being pro-choice, i can still think the images are beautiful and breathtaking. so there! dan, can we get a baby elephant???

in other news, the new tom waits CD "orphans" is amazing! it goes back almost 30 years (til present) and even has his son playing drums on a few tunes. i boss everyone to give it a listen. the best track is a twisted bedtime story that made me giggle myself to sleep the other night. tom describes the work like this: "What’s Orphans? I don’t know. Orphans is a dead end kid driving a coffin with big tires across the Ohio River wearing welding goggles and a wife beater with a lit firecracker in his ear."


and finally...... just wanted to comment on the michael richards bruhaha. dan bossed me to watch the video from the comedy club, and then richards on letterman trying to explain. a million other media commentators and blogger have written about this already. my take on it is this: i think he was bombing at the club, and got upset. he seemed to be trying to pull an "andy kaufman." richards and kaufman were friends and often performed together in the 70's. andy used to bait audiences by saying rude, offensive and sexist things. people hated him at the time. it was all an act, but he never did bother to explain that to the pissed off audiences. especially the people who came to see sweet, sensitive "latka" from the tv show "taxi". i think something similar occured in this instance. too bad michael richards wasn't funny enough to pull it off.... seeing him on letterman trying to explain his actions was the worst. the audience started off giggling, but got increasingly uncomfortable. richards started off apologetic but ended up seeming defensive. and refering to black people as "afro-americans" didn't help.

damn you, dan!!! why did you make me watch that mess??? now you've ruined seinfeld reruns for me, forever!

November 21, 2006

(this story from the news today made me cry at work. i am adding some random pics i found online searching for therapy dog images. dixie was once a therapy dog. read about one of the local programs sponsoring therapy dogs here....)
Oregon Man's Prescription Dog Found
By OSKAR GARCIA, Associated Press Writer
Mon Nov 20, 10:38 PM ET

A three-week search for the companion dog of an Oregon man battling depression has ended happily in Wyoming, more than 700 miles from where the dog went missing in Nebraska.

Melody, a 12-year-old border collie mix, was found huddled under a pickup in Sheridan, Wyo. She had been inside a car when it was stolen in York, Neb.

The search for Melody had extended from the small Nebraska city across the western U.S., all the way back to her owner's home in Myrtle Creek, Ore.

The companion dog has been Bliss Green's remedy for the last 11 years, after he went to a hospital for being depressed and suicidal, Green said.

"I brought her old bed from the house," Green said Monday from Idaho, while driving to reunite with Melody at an animal shelter in Sheridan. "There's enough room for her to sit right next to me when we go home."

A U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs nurse practitioner wrote a prescription in February 2003, medically requiring the border collie mix to stay with the 75-year-old veteran at all times.

"If she was with me and knew I was upset about something, her head would come on my lap," Green said. "I haven't been depressed since I've had her."

Health providers at the Roseburg VA Health Care System don't normally assign companion dogs to mental health patients, but a nurse gave Green a handwritten prescription, spokeswoman Sharon Carlson said Monday.

Green's car was stolen while he was inside a York gas station early Nov. 3. He was heading home to Oregon after visiting his daughter in Chicago. Melody was inside the car with Green's cell phone and his belongings.

York police said the stolen cell phone was tracked as it was used through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. It led authorities to the car and a suspect who was arrested in Oregon, Green said.

While authorities tracked down the car, Green and Gail Nordlund, the president of York Adopt-a-Pet, e-mailed shelters across the western U.S. where they thought Melody might turn up.

A Dayton, Wyo., couple found the dog huddled underneath their pickup, said spokeswoman Sandy Litle of the Sheridan County (Wyo.) sheriff's office. The couple fed Melody and gave her water for a week, thinking she belonged to someone else in the neighborhood, Litle said.

Litle and a deputy retrieved the dog about a week later and took her to a shelter.

"She was scared," Litle said. "Once we put her in my vehicle, we could pet her and love her."

Authorities connected the dog to Green after some of his personal belongings from the car were found in the area.

"I've been doing this for many years, and very seldom do we get a happy ending like this," Nordlund said. "When a car's stolen like that, it's usually tough to end it like this. What a Thanksgiving for Bliss."

Green said he's worried about Melody's condition. The two haven't been separated for so long since he adopted her from a shelter, he said.

"I'm worried, but I have no reason to believe it won't be perfect," he said. "This is just like a person-to-person relationship. I'll handle it gently."

November 20, 2006

my blog is boring....even griffin is bored with it.......yawn!!!!

November 17, 2006

when dogs attack (the aborted photo shoot)
i dyed my hair brown, no more ginger kid. i wanted a pic, so i tried taking one of myself. see above for the teribble results. old lazy eye and crabby face. so i sat down on the floor and asked dan to take a pic....

so then i finally gave up.

also, since glittermom is blog lazy, i am including this hilarious link she emailed me. it is so worth the listen, make sure the volume is on!!! i think this adio clip comes from le show, a radio program definetly worth checking out.

November 16, 2006

i don't care what anyone says, all girls love to play dress up! look how excited cleo is to have a fancy outfit.

dixie was always a snappy dresser.............

and finally, here's a snapshot of the gifts groundcat and i bought each other recently, and i think it says a lot. i got a pink sparkly teddy bear with wings and he got a skeleton in an electric chair. when you push the button, he screams and writhes in pain, then asks for more. hahahahaha!

November 14, 2006

more cemetary pics on the photo blog. go see!!! these are scans from our 35mm cameras and dan took most of them. he's not so bad!!!

home sick....

i am home sick from work today. my stomach is killing me and IBS acting up. it's so embarassing calling your boss and trying to explain why you're not coming in when it's "bathroom problems". hell, it's embarssing to blog about! i think my current abdominal distress is due to the stingray i encountered over the weekend.....
so here's where i am today, my home. i have been called a homebody my whole life. even as a child, my mom has to force me out of my bedroom sanctuary. "go outside! get some fresh air and play with the other kids!" but i wanted to stay in my bedroom, with my cat and my books and stereo. nothing has changed! i am taking this day to just play hookey, take some tummy medicine and hang with the dogs.

"When I speak of home, I speak of the place where -- in default of a better -- those I love are gathered together; and if that place were a gypsy's tent, or a barn, I should call it by the same good name notwithstanding." -Charles Dickens

ok, i forgot how bad daytime tv is. i am watching ET and they are doing back to back stories on: "the anorexic british twins, interviewed by tracy gold, former anorexic!!! and then, an ET reporter puts on a fat suit, goes on the subway and cries!!!" UGH!

and finally, groundcat discovered the most beautiful video on youtube. i was going to take credit for finding out about joanna newsome, but i guess i'll give him his due. she's weird and magical!

November 13, 2006

more random stuff and bitchings and moanings....

"let the dog drive" is one of my favorite books. it's not well know and i read it about 10 years ago. and now i can find barely information about the author online. there's no wiki! i don't know what even made me think of the book.

oh wait, i do know.....i was on wikipedia on ym lunch break, reading about the novel and film "american psycho". watched it last night for the first time all the way through. and maybe it was my mood, but i thought it was hilarious. when the book (and eventually film) came out, it was incredibly controversial. i was in college around that time and the feminists were up in arms over the book. now though, it just seems like an interesting story about a psycho-killer 1980's cheesy, self-absorbed stock broker.

once on wiki, i started looking up other favorite authors from those days, like donna tartt, michael chabon and finally david bowman. but no link for bowman! anyways, i recommend the book highly. it's funny and surreal and if it's even in print, i boss you to check it out.

i am a little tired and cranky (and plenty whiney) from having worked all day saturday. today we were told that there will be no scheduled days off until well into january. so basically i have only sundays off from now until next year. not good!

check out for david's new "shoppe". he's got some products and if you purchase them, part of the profit goes to help kids dying their hair in africa!

November 10, 2006

random stuff, running on fumes......

heather mills seems koo koo and this old broad paula dean is on every magazine cover and she has crazy eyes. and i think i have found an exmaple of the worst valentine EVER. i can't even remember what image i was searching for on google when i came acroos this monstrosity. but it's good!

i worked a 14 hour daty yesterday. left the house at 7:30am and was home around 11:30pm. my brain is mush and i've decied to keep all the typos in this post. so once i type it, it stays!

anyways, i was stuck at work, downtown til almost 11pm. and the thing i keep thinking is, "why are we doing this? it's not a hospital! no one's life is in jeopardy, so why am i in this downtown office building at 10pm on a hutraday night?" (hutraday=thursday btw... ) and how do you think my quality of work is going to be today, after a 14 hour day yesterday and only a few hours sleep? look at these typos for god's asake!!!!!!! (he he he...) dan's been going through his own crazy hours and work stress as well. i told him to go work at the new fancy's arby's down the street. we could have the free jalepono poppers and rotten fruit dip we could eat! and maybe i'll realize my dream to be a stay-at-home mom, without the kids...

also, someone please buy me this dog.