April 30, 2009

my poor, neglected blog....

facebook & my current job stress have kept me from blogging. besides some photo uploads, i got nothing. i did find a handwritten list of a few blog ideas i've written down, so i'll be lazy and just list the ideas.

no crying over spilled meat: this was going to be an in depth post about how i cry when i see dead animals on the side of the road, how i worry about the deer, but continue to eat meat. also wanted to talk about how i am such a "cry-er" and that i cry so easily.

real housewives of.....: i am ashamed to admit my guilty pleasure tv watching. but when dan's not home or not paying attention, i watch "the real housewives of...." whatever city. NY is my favorite, and the NJ premiere was awesome! those ladies know how to cake on the makeup and fight! rich people acting badly, fun to observe.

reality show w/people i don't actually hate: big & rob. skateboard kid with fat black guy sidekick, bulldogs and a miniature pony.

words that are funny: bromance. fauxhawk.

advice: when in doubt, order the breaded chicken

movies: this movie about independant record stores looks amazing. this movie looks really great as well. they both make me feel nostalgic about the "good old days" of FM DJs (uncle vic on sunday nights!) and little record stores ("used kids" in columbus was my fav.)

that's all i got. very sad. now i'll attach a pic. yawn.......

April 26, 2009

weekend wrap up......

more pics here.....

cleo napping & dan playing guitar....

April 23, 2009


cleo does not approve of the ducks...

April 19, 2009

your business card is crap!!!!!!

from his online bio: he is "Consumed by Martial Arts and Magic". i think he's better then the shamwow guy!

i uploaded a ton of pics to facebook. click here to see the album. these are my favorites.

April 14, 2009

the most wasted of all days is one without laughter....

i'm quoting e.e. cummings. just thinking about how important it is to be able to laugh about the hard stuff in life. work stress is getting bad for me lately, so reading an interview with brian regan reminded me about keeping my sense of humor:

Brian Regan on CNN: I think comedy is a good way to deal with anything. I hear about people in the hospital who are ill, and they use humor to help them through it. I think it's a great remedy for many things.

They say a formula for comedy is comedy equals tragedy plus time. A difficult or uncomfortable situation takes place, and then you laugh about it later down the road. Sometimes I wonder if I could be so mentally healthy to subtract the time part. Like what if there is a flat tire, and it's raining outside? Instead of laughing a month later, why not laugh while you are changing tires in the rain?

(read an article about laughter and stress management here.)

i want to laugh while i'm changing the tire in the rain.

April 13, 2009

TV: flipping, surfing, zapping....

i love TV. it's one of my favorite time-wasting things. i've always loved TV, and as a kid had my own TV in my bedroom. it was my childhood insomnia and having a tv in my bedroom that introduced me to the letterman show and SCTV. i can't imagine living in a house without tv.

i did go without cable for a few months in columbus back in 1997, and regularly complained that it felt like i was living in "little house on the prairie" times.

anyways, the only show i tape and watch every week is 30 rock. other then that, i'm big on just getting the remote and "flipping channels" (i prefer that term to channel surfing, which sounds too athletic.) and of course i have a method. i'm an OCD girl, duh!

how to flip channels:

get on the couch in comfy clothes, with your spouse/ roomie/ friend, a beverage and a dog or 2

pre-program the remote to your favorite channels (no sports channels allowed!)

start on the lowest channel (channel 3 at our house)

hit the "favorite" button to move up through the channel list

(we have our "favorites" set to the networks, christian tv, news channels, movies, bravo, the gay channel, and anything not sports related)

find 2 shows that are semi-interesting and then use the "last" button to go between the 2 shows

flip between the 2 shows, & never watch commercials

if both shows go to commercials at the same time, you must start flipping ahead using "favorite" button

ask your spouse/roomate/mother to remember the 2 channels you were watching (you'll forget, and they will too, so you're kinda screwed...)

once the time changes to a new hour (from 7:59 to 8:00pm) you have to start from the top (because i said so.)
lather, rinse, repeat and enjoy!!!!

horror movie we need to see.....

tourist trap

(this movie has some really bizarre dolls and mannequins.)

don't open the door & the sinful dwarf trailers (awesome music and creepy dolls in both!)

(both of these trailers have insane music and creepy doll footage.)

(i tried to watch this once and fell asleep. it did look good and weird though. and margot kidder plays psychotic twins quite well.)

this one is my fav. a total carrie rip off!
i am not embedding videos since it slows the old blog down, so click the damn links above!

April 12, 2009

April 9, 2009

now what do i love???

i love tofu, of course!!!!!!
watch the dumb news story here.

April 8, 2009

tofu and dr. spaceman...

i made the tofu with brocolli & rice and a brown sauce. it turned out pretty good. even the dogs tried some! also, we got snow. and the recumbent bike is great for laundry!

whatever.....we ate tofu, we deserve a medal!!! i'm craving steak........ like dr. spaceman says, "humans need more animal blood; it keeps the spine straight!"

April 7, 2009

insane pics

crazy bedhead and back lighting:

the funniest pic ever: