August 31, 2006

  • some mean person has a blog post about christina ricci's forehead. there's nothin' wrong with a high forehead!!! it's a sign of intelligence and nobility. so there!
  • my mom's new blog i have linked is a bit of a sham. i "might" have gotten bored at work , and "possibly" sick of her bossing me on my blog, and created it myself. but i am hoping if i keep filling it with lies and slander, she might actually take it over and start posting herself. that way she can stop bossing me over here on my blog.
  • i am really excited about this new film called, "this film is not yet rated". i love debating censorship issues and this film also looks pretty funny.
  • griffin has decided he doesn't like going into the back yard. no one knows why. but since i got home monday, he's going to the bathroom on the back deck and seems terrified to walk down the steps to the yard. who knows what happened or what is going on in that crazy dog brain.....
  • i have seen ads for 2 of the most obnoxious, aimed for teens, films ever. "material girls" stars some teen movie star and her sister, and they both look like horse-faced sarah jessica parker wanna be's. turn your volume down if you decide to click that link. the other one is "cheetah girls" starring the little kid from the cosby show. blech!
  • big news: i am joining the irish american club with my friend beth. why? well, even though i am probably not irish (but there could be some irish on my dad's side!) i have a good reason to join. the ladies drill team. first of all, they march in the parades, and god knows i miss my old marching band days. then beth brought out the uniform. oh my! you know i love a good reason to dress up, and this uniform kicks ass! there's a beautiful kilt, and a dark blue blazer (kinda like zak's iron chef coat) and a cool plaid scarf and a beret! yeah, i'm gonna die my hair red and march in next year's st. patty's day parade!
  • i know sofia coppola gets a bad rap as a director. people love or hate her films. one boy i know even hated "virgin suicides"! how crazy is that? anyways, i think her new marie antoinette film looks good. i'll stick a youtube clip at the top. enjoy!
  • another film, out 20 years ago, is pretty in pink. i need the new DVD version!!! someone buy me this for a present!!!!!

ok, that's all for now. i plan on taking the 3 day weekend to relax and do a lot of NOTHING, so if i don't blog for the weekend, just know that i am off having a lazy, long weekend. ciao!!!

i got to work bright and early, like 7:15am. saw an email from my sister, with a time stamp of 12am. i got worried. what was she doing up at midnight, emailing me? well, she sent me a link to one of the worst news stories i've ever read. i'll share it with everyone else. enjoy!

pregnant man story
2nd version from indian news

p.s. i updated this post after reading my mom's comments, adding the 2nd pic.

p.p.s. dear UC Freak, check out the list of links under my "peeps and homies"...i did a little searching online and found that glittermom has her own blog!

August 30, 2006

see zak's post to understand why i posted this horrible clip.

america's new sweethearts?


: dude, i've actually not goofed off today! i've been working!!!
copax: are you ok???
copax: shocking.... better get on wiki now!!!!
copax: do not!
copax: nuh-uh!
glittergirl: exactly my point
glittergirl: hey, i am gonna eat a whole roll of tums!
copax: you'll be crapping chalk by morning, sister!
glittergirl: what a rip, only 1 pink one. then rest are all yellow and green. that's complete bullshit!
glittergirl: i mean, who cares about orange? only a fool likes orange best!
glittergirl: but come on! 1 pink?????
copax: yeah
copax: you're weird
glittergirl: i had to eat the whole roll
copax: why?
glittergirl: my OCD says to eat 4, one of each color
glittergirl: but that was not possible
glittergirl: so to stop the pain and hurt, i ate them all
glittergirl: duh
copax: wtf
copax: dumbass
glittergirl: you just don't understand my particular brand of tortured genius
copax: the dumbass brand?
glittergirl: ok, what's your favorite flavor of popscicle?
copax: I don't eat popsicles
glittergirl: exactly!
glittergirl: now who's the dumbass??????
copax: ummm
copax: you are
glittergirl: oh yeah? what kind of salad dressing do you prefer?
glittergirl: or maybe you can't decide between 2 different ones....
glittergirl: no
glittergirl: wait
glittergirl: you eat salad with no dressing
copax: yup
glittergirl: FREAK!
glittergirl: i think until i leave today, i will start writing the wikipedia entry for YOU!!!
copax: you're not allowed to do that
copax: Wikipedia is not an advertising service. Promotional articles about yourself, your friends, your company or products; or articles written as part of a marketing or promotional campaign, may be deleted in accordance with our deletion policies. For more information, see Wikipedia:Spam.
glittergirl: it may be deleted, but it will be out there for a little while
glittergirl: stephen colbert told me so!
glittergirl: i'll create a bio with the facts i know about you, and make the rest up
glittergirl: like the stint in prison
glittergirl: (you were involved in a cockfighting ring)
glittergirl: the illegitimate kids with rudy huxtable.....

August 28, 2006

random stuff.....
i love this pic i last weekend. it's so bright and sparkly! anyways, this is a random, rambling post. first of all, i am trying out a new blogger format, called "blogger beta", which makes me extra fancy! i am playing around with the layout and fonts. i've also tweaked my "peeps and homies" section; added "gorilla monkey pen" back, although he's not updated in ages, i have a feeling he might be soon. i added my pal "brother bear", a good friend from the last job (like most of the boys i hang out with!) i took off my sister blog as incentive for her to finally update it. and i think my brother-in-law might be cooking up a new blog...

in other news, i think i am going to try light therapy to see if it will help with the chronic insomnia and depression i battle. copaX offered to shine a flashlight in my face (he's so sweet!) and if it cures my neonatal jaundice, all the better!

happy birthday, emo zak!!!!

zak had his 23rd birthday and turned totally emo. but then he got a play station and was happy-go-lucky again. check out his new blog for more pics. i boss...

here's a link the the latest "friends of the cleveland kennel" newletter, with info on the upcoming "mutt bowl" fundraiser and a nice little tribute to dixie at the end. it got me all teary-eyed at work, but in a good way. i miss my dixie, but i know she had a good life and so many people loved her!
the best music video EVER!!!!

shoehorn featuring coco bear.
i would also recommend anything by travis and john. they kick ass!!!! they have a ton of stuff on youtube as well as their own site linked above. and i suppose i should give groundcat credit for hipping me to these guys. they do a hilarious take-off on "grizzly man" and i would recommend anything of theirs featuring craig (a really creepy guy who randomly appears on their program.)

August 26, 2006

summer's almost over......

we closed the pool up this week. and i've seen some leaves start to change colors, just a tiny bit. i love fall, so summer can kiss my ass!

p.s. zak has a new blog with tons of cool pics. i add the link to my list of peeps and homies.

August 25, 2006

my so called blog......

i have no GUMPTION...... my blog has become boring and listless, not unlike my hair........

i am tired of summer and sick of the heat. i am bored and depressed at work. everyone else i know is stressed out and miserable at work as well. without youtube, my blog would be dead in the water. (although lisa ann's blog has been jumping, and craig updated his with a new dirty rap, which my mom will love....hahahahahaha.....)

it's not all doom and gloom. i mean, i am really happy with the b-friend and the roomie. things with my family are good. all the cats and dogs are healthy and happy. so maybe i need to snap out of it and post something interesting.

but not today.....

August 22, 2006

+ =

my new theory: griffin is a mix of rottweiler and airdale terrier. yeah??? i think so!

August 21, 2006

Jung Explorer Test

Actualized type: ENFJ
(who you are)
ENFJ - "Persuader". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be. 2.5% of total population.
Preferred type: ENFJ
(who you prefer to be)
ENFJ - "Persuader". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be. 2.5% of total population.
Attraction type: INFP
(who you are attracted to)
INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
this is based on the MBTI test
if anyone takes this test, tell us the results! i wonder what groundcat is.... and my roomate zak, my god, do they even have a catagory for the pure evil that is zak???

tom waits in an old hotel with some black balloon and a few emu. classic!

p.s. i am bloglazy and am relying on youtube to keep things mildly interesting. then again, i am not to lazy to invent a new word. bloglazy! it's the new "truthiness"!!!

August 20, 2006

August 17, 2006

the buddha series.....

david is updating his skullranch website, and i found these pics posted. they were taken before his apartment fire, so i am going to guess it was 1991. i had this golden buddha statue that my friends and i had stolen from someone's garden that summer. he decided to use the statue (and me) as part of a photography class project. i put on a black dress and some red lipstick and david and i drove all over town. he took pics of me dragging that buddha through the woods (where we ended up scaring some hikers 1/2 to death.) the worst pic was the one above on the right. i had to lay at the bottom of a filthy dirty stairwell with the statue and lit candles. click on the pic to see a larger version and check out the dumbass hat i am wearing!
david and i always had fun collaborating on projects and someday i hope to have the world premier of our film "night terror" on my blog.
p.s. i have to put the letter verification back up on blog comments. i am getting killed with spammers commenting on my blog. i turned off the verification last night and by this morning my email was clogged up with spam comments. so mom, deal with it!!!!

August 16, 2006

it could have been worse.......

glittergirl: i can't get my phone turned off
glittergirl: i fucking hate these recordings where you have to talk, instead of push buttons
zak: why can't you get your phone turned off?
glittergirl: i got locked into some elaborate recorded thing where i am supposed to speak my answers
zak: HAHA!
zak: just hit 0
zak: or wait on the line
glittergirl: i did
glittergirl: mother fuckers
glittergirl: they are transferring me to someone now
glittergirl: ok, the idiot is asking for the last 4 of my SSN for the 4th time
zak: calm down
glittergirl: no
zak: and just give the info
zak: you get pissed and they won't do it
glittergirl: i am going to flip out
zak: you don't need to
zak: chill and think of pixies
zak: and other gay shit
(ok, it's official, i no longer have a home phone. only a cell phone. it took me 15 minutes with a sales rep though. and i couldn't hang up until he read me pages of offers to transfer the number or make it voicemail only. i would say "no thanks" but then he had to keep reading. annoying as hell. but it's finally done and i am so modern! pretty soon i'll be riding a space ship to work!!!!)

glittergirl: i can't believe i am doing fantasy football!
glittergirl: i'm gonna make brian sipe my QB
copax: ROFL you're in it?
copax: i haven't signed up yet (lol)
copax: and no, you can't use brian sipe, only active players
glittergirl: brian sipe might come out of retirement
copax: umm
copax: no
glittergirl: i might win the whole damn thing'
glittergirl: you don't know
glittergirl: i could be a fantasy football idiot savant!
copax: i'm not saying you can't win! I'm just sayin you can't pick brian sipe, ya dolt!
glittergirl: bernie kosar???
copax: nope
glittergirl: that's dumb
glittergirl: how about omar visquel????
copax: this isn't fantasy "make up people to play football" football this is fantasy "picking from the existing active players list" football
glittergirl: boring
glittergirl: i could come up with a kickass team without all the boring rules
glittergirl: i'd have brian sipe as QB, courtney love on defense, maybe hannibal lecter as a safety
glittergirl: and the janitor from scrubs!
glittergirl: i work in a more abstract realm i suppose...
copax: ya think?!

August 15, 2006

here's a link to a great article in harp magazine on tom waits.

August 14, 2006

last night i saw the one musician i would stand in line for hours, and stay up on a sunday night til 4am for. tom waits scheduled a final, last minute show at the house of blues in cleveland. i've blogged about tom waits before. he's been one of my favorite musicians and artistic inspirations since high school. and he tours maybe once a decade, so dan and i were so lucky to get tickets to the show at the last minute.

the show was amazing....not even sure how to describe it. but we were downtown at 3:30am and it was a magical night. here's a blog devoted to only tom waits if you are interested in set lists and show details.

i do have to say that the crowd was really rude. yelling out requests and drowing him out (which was a disappointment not to hear him, because he's hilarious when he talks between songs.) people talked during the show and when he ended the show at 3:30 am and didn't come out for a 3rd encore, people actually booed. i've never wanted to scream at a group of people more in my life. i wanted to say, "you rude fucks! you're lucky the man gets out of bed and sets foot on stage for the likes of you!"

besides the rude crowd, it was a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience. he son was on stage playing drums which was so cool to see. and if he tours again in another decade or so, i will definetly be there, even if it's 3am on a work night!

one more thing: during the final encore, tom waits reached into the pockets of his old suit jacket and threw handfuls of glitter at the audience (remember rip taylor???) i think he did it because he knew i was there....

August 11, 2006

i got my tooth fixed!!!

August 9, 2006

a big announcement!!!

i hearby declare waffle ass the blog of the week!!!! boys, come by and pick up your trophy any time..... click this link to read about "mutt-bowl 2006."

See the moon roll across the stars
See the seasons turn like a heart
Your fathers days are lost to you
This is your time here to do what you will do

Your life is now your life is now your life is now
In this undiscovered moment
Lift your head up above the crowd
We could shake this world
If you would only show us how
Your life is now

this song has always meant a lot to me. i remember hearing it while driving home to cleveland after my dad died (in 1996.) i just love the idea of "your life is now", that in this moment you could become anything, like having a clean slate.

i am posting this for a few friends who seem to be at points in their own lives where maybe they are ready for a clean slate. :o)

my blog is getting spammed, so i have to turn on the word verification thingy. what a pain in the arse! anyways, enjoy the video!

August 8, 2006


August 7, 2006

"hey jen, your blog is messed up!!!"
before copax yells at me (like he loves to do) i am letting everyone know that my blog is "under construction" and some of the links are broke. a close personal friend bossed me to try a new format. i guess the polka dots were getting old. whatever!
in the mean time, groundcat and b-hax have some interesting posts. too bad i don't have any links for you to click!!!!!

sunday madness.........
zak and i ended up with almost 20 people over at our place for a cookout yesterday. it ended up being so much fun, and such a weird mix of people. there's lisa r. who i've known for 22 years and zak who was just born 22 years ago!
zak cooked up a ton of amazing food. i think he needs to open his own catering company!

anyways, a good time was had by all and there will be a short home movie up here soon. in the meantime i will put a bunch of photos on my photo album. click here.
sticklady: click this link.... this is the new muppet modeled after you....check her out...
glittergirl: why is she me?
sticklady: she's girly and pink but no can read about her on the link I sent you
glittergirl: oh, i like her!
sticklady: she needs to be on your blog
glittergirl: i was just thinking that
glittergirl: i was also thinking that you need to STOP BOSSING ME
glittergirl: LMAO
sticklady: someone needs to boss you....

August 5, 2006

cats are so romantic............
we went to some horror-fest thing, and met michael berryman. he was really nice! the above pic is from "devil's rejects", but he was in one of my favorite childhood movies, "one flew over the cuckoo's nest". now why would that be any kid's favorite film???

we went to see this film:

the producer (and one of the stars) was there to show the film and it was so much fun seeing someone so excited about their work. of course only about 10 of us showed up to see it, but it was a blast.

August 4, 2006

my new hero.....

it's betty butterfield! she's like something out of an old-school john water's film, or maybe someone i once met in portsmouth, OH. enjoy.....

the work week is finally ending. i didn't get the promotion i was wanting, but did get a different position and am moving up the ladder, in my own weird way. my boss actually semi-complimented me today, in front of everyone! i am on something called the "SWAT team" that i guess is a big deal. i am just hoping for jumpsuits and a badge.

so now it's time for the weekend. i might see a horror film about a killer bunny tonight. lisa ann is leaving for canada (good luck little nut brown pal!) and griffin gets to meet with a dog trainer tomorrow. so many adventure ahead...

August 3, 2006

dixie was popular!!!

i was on the website for the friends of the cleveland kennel, and i found a bunch of photos from past events. lo and behold, there was my lovely dixie, schmoozing with eileen mcshea!!! and dixie's "other mom" becca got kisses too. it was a bittersweet suprise, finding these photos online that i'd forgotten about. dixie had a blast, that's for sure. i'd say it's only a little bitter, mostly sweet, remembering how much fun we had and how much everyone loved her.

August 2, 2006

i am IRON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(that's me concentrating on playing black sabbath on the bass)

(that's me laughing cuz dan said i looked like a go-go!)

the bass guitar is so much fun! and yes, i am a geek. but after "iron man" i'm gonna learn all kinds of bad ass bass guitar lines, like stuff from metallica and korn. and deep purple!!!