May 31, 2012

the gym...

this is sort of my motto when it comes to the gym and working out.  someday i'm going to run a 5K.  hopefully by the end of the year.  i think if my dad could learn to run marathons, i can handle a 5K. 

found this magazine in the locker room, seems a little...creepy.  someone has issues!

this is the intersection i am at most mornings around 5:00am.

this website has some really great tips on diet and exercise.  i've never been a fan of girls who want to be "super skinny", but i think the dumb name of the website can be ignored.  because they really have good information on things like body type, zig zag calorie intake, and other tips that really make sense.

this is one of those amazing sunrises that greets me when i leave the gym.  it's like the sky is saying, "good job on exercising!"  he he he...

May 22, 2012


this is my friend doyle.  we worked together at my last job.  he passed away this weekend (motorcycle accident.)  he leaves behind 2 children.  he was only 31.

we worked together for about a year, on the same project.  when the project was getting ready to go live, our PM got the team together in a conference room, for 2 weeks.  i was horrified to have to leave my nice cubicle for 2 weeks holed up with a bunch of crazy developers.

but then something funny happened.  our little team really bonded.  we had fun in that stuffy conference room.  and our project went live without a hitch.

i sat next to doyle for those 2 weeks.  i watched him consume giant protein bars & bottles of "muscle milk".  he was working out and obsessed with protein intake and muscle mass.  i liked to call his drink "man milk" and it made us laugh.

he also once had me convinced that the reason chik-fil-a sandwiches were so good was that they slaughtered the birds right on the premise.  he he he...

he did a really great impression of me.  of course it was highly embarrassing, but it was so funny, and true.  he'd start off talking very fast about some idea i had, and slowly wind down.  "hey, why don't we... um... oh...wait.... never mind... sigh...."  

he talked a lot about his kids.  he sold girl scout cookies for his daughter and strong-armed all of us into buying boxes of them.  i didn't even like cookies and he sold me 4 boxes, just by his charm & brute force.

when i left the job, he said some nice things to me.  he refused to get on facebook, but talked about dropping those cookies off at my house.

of course he never did.  and now i'll never get those stupid cookies i didn't want (or the chance to see my friend who made me laugh.)

(jersey shore doyle)

May 21, 2012

kicking things up a notch...

so tomorrow i'm starting boot camp, officially.  for 6 weeks, every tuesday at 5:30am.  then spinning wednesday & friday.  and swimming on other days.  i want to get under 200 pounds by fall.

i'm trying to cut back on the wine, and if i want a drink, stick with gin & soda with lime.  less carbs and calories.

i'm cutting back on meat and cheese, and trying to eat more vegetables.  this is my food plan.

May 20, 2012

May 17, 2012

May 15, 2012

I did it!!!!

so today i went to the gym at 5am and i did boot camp.  i lasted the entire hour!  here's what it included...

50 weighted squats
50 lying tricep extensions
50 weighted lunges
50 weighted crunches
50 standing bicep curls
50 loading sprints
50 bar push ups
100 seated torso twists
over 1 mile ran