September 28, 2007

the french horn is the best instrument, and you know i'm right! it sounds lovely and it's also the hardest instrument to play. and miss stravinski was a bitch for not letting me play it in 5th grade. (she is also the reason i hate flutes, to this day.)

dennis brain was the kurt cobain of his day! ok, i made that up. but he did die young (36).

"the principal horn is generally paid second only to the leader of an orchestra, the horn being notoriously difficult to play" take that bitches!!!!!!!

now watch and listen to this and have the windmills of your mind blown:
i'm tired and cranky and feeling "blah". i've been fighting a little head cold all week. i've tried bossing this cold to either "put up or shut up" but so far it's just hanging around, not fully kicking in, but not going away either. even pics of fat elvis babies, dan stealing cake, steve carrell & will farrell (presenting the award for best makeup in a film), and jennette acting like a dumb robot are not cheering me up!

me= whiner

even "vacation kitten" isn't cheering me up. ok, well maybe a little.... i'm not made of stone for god's sake!!!!

also, i have realized something important. it's going to be hard to take for some of my friends and family, but i have to say: i don't like zombie movies. i don't get it, i don't find them funny or cool or interesting. i know i'm supposed to like zombie movies, all the cool kids do.

another thing: the city i live in (mentor, OH) is something i've been wanting to blog about for a while now. it's an interesting city, very middle-american. the pics of the local city council show a lot of white guys in navy suits, and there are all kinds of civic pride things.

from wiki: "The city slogan is "It's better in Mentor," which almost rhymes because locals pronounce the city's name "men-ner", although in the media, "men-ter" is prominent "

the best thing about "men-ner" are the names of stores, or "shoppes" as they like to say. there are so many "shoppes", some of them "olde thyme shoppes"!!!

i am thinking of renaming the blog glittergirl in thine olde thyme shoppe..... (i just need to figure out how to blog with one of those cool old quill and feather pens!)

and finally: today was a "dress casual for the cure" day and i forgot! so, does my not wearing denim (and not paying $5 to wear denim) give some kid cancer? also, who still calls jeans "denim"? "wear dungarees to help kids hurt in conestoga wagon accidents!" day is next week. (and yeah, "the office" did a great parody on this last night, no doubt stolen from my blog...)

September 27, 2007

a purely technical post....

ok, i've got a bit of the OCD. i like to make lists and organize things. groundcat and i share a netflix account, and we're up to over 300 movies. and i hate the way it's organized! you have one big list (called a "queue") and you can only change the order, you can't sort by category, title, or date added. it's just a big ugly list.

i want to be able to sort these movies by genre (we have so many horror films, i could do a whole sub-genre of "horror- zombie" films!) i want to be able to sort them by who added the film (me or the boyfriend.) i played around with the list of the website, and there is no way to export directly into an excel doc. i tried various ways of "select all" and then copy and paste.

i ended up spending 3 hours trying to copy & paste into excel, removing all the embedded formats, and manually deleting additional spaces. horrible!

i went online to research and found an interesting article that basically says, "there's no way to get the info from netflix into an easier format, you're screwed!"

i know, no one cares. i just had to vent!
super random blogging.........

spearmint= horrible, peppermint= wonderful. why???

just as i was typing this, i had this conversation with b-hax:

b-hax: cruncy or creamy?
b-hax: crunchy
me: no way
me: creamy, always
b-hax: why do they even make crunchy?
me: for the weirdos
me: also, peppermint or spearmint?
me: peppermint
me: f*ck spearmint!!!
me: right?
b-hax: what are the blue icebreakers?
b-hax: I am hooked on those
b-hax: c00l mint
me: blue is usually indicative of peppermint
me: green is spearmint
me: so you should be ok
me: i got a pack of gum, it was some kind of sugar free tropical fruit
me: but also COOL and minty
me: horrible, vile, disgusting!
me: now i have to go online and find out what kind of gum it was
me: no time for work!!!!

next topic: i've noticed in older movies, that they showed people working with computers in lab coats. they were "computer scientists" i guess, and in films they are in white lab coats, in big white rooms full of huge computers, and they always had a clip board. am i right??? i am trying to bring the lab coat look back, but so far none of my IT friends are joining me.

also: me and groundcat caught the end of "dolores claiborne" last night, we we were saying how it's a very upsetting movie to watch. i started thinking about the movies that have upset me, given me stomach aches and generally disturbed me. here's my list of the most upsetting films:

1. sybil
2. this boy's life
3. prince of tides
4. bastard out of carolina
5. the ring (the scene where the horse flips out and ends up jumping off a boat)
6. 'night mother
7. the elephant man
it's interesting to note that 5 of the films listed are all based on memoirs and true stories.

final topic: i like this new multiply website. my homepage is here and i created a special group here!

September 26, 2007

happy birthday crabby boyfriend!!!!

(he didn't appreciate the flash going off in his face before he'd had his coffee)
new camera- series 4- home

new camera- series 3- dan in diner

new camera- series 2- downtown

new camera- series 1- work


i got a new cheap little digital camera and i am testing it out. go to my photo blog to see the results from day one.

jennette has taken up needlepoint, which is gross. (i say this on account of my string phobia.) she's got pics of it on her blog.

there are signs up all over work for some "walk for the cure!!!" thing, and well as the "dress casual for the cure!!!" rip-off (pay $5 to wear jeans, you know how i feel about that. i said to my boss today, "if wearing jeans and walking around is gonna cure cancer, then i'm about to cure cancer, every day!" i don't know what i meant by that, except that i want to wear jeans and wander around the office aimlessly, and if i can cure cancer while doing that, i'm down with it.

ok, i am going to add a picture of me at the gas station in the rain, with a fake smile. enjoy!

yet another new and free internet thingy

here's a list of the online stuff i am currently using:

2 myspace accounts (one for me and one for my old band)

6 blogs (some public, some private)

1 live journal account

2 email accounts

also: photobucket, skype, dogster (griffin has his own website!), amazon wish list, online banking,, okcupid, youtube and now multiply!

click here and read the comments, whereupon i win and my mom loses. this made my day, and "2 can anne" is my hero.

September 25, 2007

apparently i am becoming a youtube sensation! copax uploaded 6 little video's from dan's b-day on sunday, and only one of them has gotten almost 200 hits!

copax thinks it's because i am pulling the paper out of my bra. either way, look out "chocolate rain", because here comes "chubby gal pulls amazon gift certificate out of her shirt and giggles"!!!!!

we were sitting around at work, talking about public speaking. who's good at it, who hates it (me.) people started reminising about elementary school plays, church choir solos etc...

so i busted out my favorite story, about how our 5th grade teacher tried to make history "more interesting". she decided to assign us a project to actually renact some important moment from history. i was 9 years old and the possibilities were....boring.

then i read about the romans and the vomitorium. i talked my group into donning togas and re-enacting a roman meal. we sat around and ate and drank and laughed, then got up and walked behind a wall and pretended to puke our guts out.

we walked out laughing and started eating more. the teacher turned red, then maybe green, and screamed at us to stop.

good thing i didn't know about caligula!

ok, i am off to attend a 3 hour meeting on something called "synthesis"....

p.s. dan's favorite website says that vomitoriums are a myth! dammit!

September 24, 2007

how bad did it suck to have to go back to work today? it sucked ass, hard.

all the weekend fun had to be forgotten so i could sit in 5 hours of meetings, listening to people debate the difference between a "theme" and a "scope" (business planning BS talk.) at one point there was an entire discussion of how to add a checklist with details on how to fill out a much larger checklist. adding a checklist to a checklist? it felt like i was in some kind of dante's inferno of business meetings. (i think it must have been the 8th circle, involving those "those guilty of deliberate, knowing evil." you have to be evil to know the difference between a "swim lane" and a "chevron", and to care about it.)

one thing to brighten up my day was seeing some pics and videos from sunday. glittermom got some great pics and copax got some really funny video (see parts 1-6, 5 is my favorite!)

i think carl monday uncovered this secret footage of the dotditwell ceremony:

September 23, 2007