October 31, 2005

work has taken over my life and now my photo blog! most of team are far from home, or never get to see their homes on our crazy schedule. so here's a place to show family and friends what shaun and shellie call the "gam-x life style" ha ha ha!!!

the offical team portrait (although we're missing a few)

my halloween costume (QA princess)


i decided to use google image search for "guest star" and use whatever image came up first. meet creepy little danny!

this image came up on page 2 and i thought i'd include it as well, just because i love random craziness.

so my idea is to invite anyone who doesn't have a blog, but does have an opinion, to use my blog. i will post whatever you write, along with images, etc...

our first guest blogger is.....anonymus! enjoy.

I haven't written on a blog before but I shall start today, for Jennifer, the whore. She is a great person, with a small animal addiction. I am trying to decide what to write about. I shall rant. I like to complain, and since you apparently like to read, here goes-

--If you cannot drive a big truck, do not buy one. Women, unfortunately this seems to apply to you, more often than not. Those big SUVs do take a certain amount of skill which you should possess prior to purchasing one. Maybe you could use the test drive, to see if you can actually drive it.

--The God question is freaking me out a little. Do I believe in God? Logically, the magic God is said to possess is too fantastic to believe. Then again, the stories we hear are actually from man, translated into other languages by man. And these were medieval men at best, sexist, homophobic, stuck in their societal norms. I cannot believe my thoughts, ideas, and relationships, as well as the entirely of life, are a completely random occurrence. Could God just be a wonderful grandparent who is understanding and forgiving? And, most or all, not judgmental? And where does 42 fit in?

--I think everyone should be able to speak English appropriately. Diagramming may be a little much, but I think conjugating verbs shouldn't be an option, it should be mandatory.

--I think the word weird should never be viewed, or used, as a negative. My friend Jennifer used to call me an undercover freak. I think everyone has some amount of freak and many people have an extraordinary amount. We all just wear it differently. If I want my hair blue, so be it. You can see my freak. I am not John Wayne Gacy, hiding my freak under the floor boards. Blue hair or a tongue piercing do not hurt others.

--I love Howard Stern. He is very real and natural. Is he sexist? No, I don't think so. He has 3 daughters, who he said he would never want to be a stripper, and Robin, who is a very intelligent woman. Is he focused on sex? Yes, and it has kept him in radio for over 20 years. Artie Lange may be the funniest person.

--If we are overthrowing regimes that are basing their laws on Islamic teachings, why is our own government trying to base our laws and choices on conservative Christianity? My religious choices may have nothing to do with yours. The laws should protect each person for safety, not make moral decisions for me.

--I love to eat. Truly. That is why I am overweight. It is not because I am big boned, eat little and keep gaining weight, or any other excuse. I also, do not like to exercise. It's a bad combo.

--Could Will Ferrell be any funnier? He is not very visually appealing, but he makes me laugh. Goofy and earnest. What a great person.

--Please let my epitaph read, "She laughed loud and often."

--Please comment. I love a debate.

And finally....

Quote from Lidia "My head is like cable right now, 31 channels and nothings on".

sladj and samantha. cutest god damn thing i've ever seen!!!!!

October 30, 2005

mike's halloween costume. hahaha! the other pic is jennette getting my dogs all wound up before she leaves. she thinks it funny to do that. but it's ok, griffin pulled her pants down at least twice.

ok. i know i complain often, so today i am going to talk about the good stuff. it's sunday morning and daylight savings time has given me an hour back. fuck that "jump ahead" in the spring! so i am sitting here in my clean house, drinking coffee, talking to friends online on my new (used) laptop. the stinky rug dixie peed on is gone and so is the baby gate to the cat room. i figured out a way to put the food and litter where griffin can't get it. i feel like i am getting my apartment back finally.

there's a great college radio show on for the next 2 hours. lots of old and new alternative stuff. my friend chris is happy and seems to have gotten himself a girlfriend. zak won the halloween costume contest last night and is at a good place with his girl issues. (you can read their blogs for the details, although their blogs suck compared to mine.)

i love my job, my boss and working downtown. i work with wonderful people from all over the world. i have a little money in the bank, the pets are healthy, and i just bought jennette's pink ipod full of great music.

so today i go to my mom's with todd, jennette and mike, and david. rach might even stop by. i bossed my mom into making slovenian rice sausage, which is my fav. and it's fall! i Y fall!!!!

life is good and i am happy today!!!!!!!!!

October 29, 2005

this is one of my favorite movies (no suprise!) it's finally out on DVD with lots of extra stuff. someone buy me this for xmas or bday. thanks!

i put a bunch of downtown pics on the photo blog. also some beautiful cloud photos. i've been obsessed with clouds since i was a kid. teacher's would ask if i wanted to be a meteorologist, and i'd say no, i just like looking at them.
beautiful sky over lake erie (sunset...)

more downtown pics......
st. john's cathederal

downtown mural

cool building

breast cancer awareness sign

bench where i catch the bus

run forest, run!!! new name for my blog???

in the news:
Gillian Kennedy, 35, is accused of shooting neighbor Kenneth "Rooster" Cantrell, 38, on the front lawn of their Pegram, Tenn., home following a spat with the victim's wife Tosha, who called the defendant a "Jenny Craig reject" and a "whale."

i swear i am not making that up! i Y white trash!!!

update: it gets worse!!!

"On May 21, 2004, Mrs. Kennedy allegedly stood outside in her bathing suit, rubbed her breasts, and yelled at Mrs. Cantrell that she was jealous of her large chest."

"Mr. Richardson would be out in the yard yelling over threats, and sometimes Mr. Cantrell even followed Mr. Kennedy to work," Lockert said. "It's hard to believe a bunch of neighbors would act like this, but we have it all on video."

"They would cluck like chickens outside their home," Lockert said. "Someone once asked the pizza delivery boy if there were chicken feathers on the pizza because he was delivering to a bunch of chicken sh---."

and it all started over a stolen basketball.....

October 28, 2005

meet zak...

meet zak!!!!!

jcglitter2: have you seen that movie "saw"?
MrBoJengle: yes
jcglitter2: any good?
MrBoJengle: yeah
MrBoJengle: it was a good one
jcglitter2: i thought you hated horror films?
MrBoJengle: i liked the way he made people kill themselves
MrBoJengle: no no no
MrBoJengle: i hate flicks with fucken scary kids (i.e "the ring")
MrBoJengle: that's all
jcglitter2: LOL
jcglitter2: my sister hates michael myers
jcglitter2: anytime it's on tv i call and say, hey, put on channel so and so
jcglitter2: she falls for it every time
MrBoJengle: hahaha
MrBoJengle: scary dead kids
MrBoJengle: freak the FUCK out of me
jcglitter2: why do we all love torturing each other?
MrBoJengle: and i know when i have a kid
MrBoJengle: i'll be sleeping
MrBoJengle: and he/she will come in after the shower
MrBoJengle: and sit on me and just stare till i wake up
jcglitter2: wow
MrBoJengle: and i will throw that kid across the room
MrBoJengle: i know that will happen
jcglitter2: i know it will, zak....... i know it will.

he was updating my test machine at my desk, bitching about all the pink stuff i have, the pink wallpaper on the computer. i asked if i could take his pic so my friends could see my evil new boss and this is what i got.

he is mean and funny and my favorite boss ever!!!!!

October 27, 2005

October 26, 2005

yeah, i'm weird!!!!!!

i spend my free time thinking about things like slim goodbody (he disturbs me). i know i'm weird, and getting more weird the older i get. i am not trying to be weird. i guess i just am not stopping myself. i say and do what i want, unfiltered, and i am genuinely happy. also, i have so much fun!

lately i've been called weird by like 10 people in the last week. so i guess it got me thinking about it. i am even weird looking! weird face, weird clothes.....

i like to play jokes (the classic creme of tartar i put in stacy's purse), take pics of elephants pooping (and post them online.) i've recently admitted to sometimes vacumming with pixie wings on. i do this shit when i am home alone!

i tried not to be weird at the new job, which lasted about a day. recently pat asked to borrow my stapler. i had to tell her, "i can't find it, but i do have a kazoo!"

so why am i ranting about being weird? i guess it's my way of saying, "i'm here! i'm weird! and it's not going away!"

October 25, 2005

very random, because i said so!

not sure what exactly this is, but i want it.

i left early yesterday and got home in time to watch dr. phil. it's a guilty pleasure, i admit. yesterday's show was....grotesque. first they had a married couple who weren't getting along. why? because the wife was angry with her husband for getting a rare liver disease. too many hospital bills. huh? then there was the lady who was beating her mentally retarded daughter with a belt. why? because she didn't want her to get fat. huh?????????

http://blog.livedoor.jp/parumo_zaeega/ the japanese jennifer charlton blog

http://www.stuffonmycat.com/ brilliant and addictive

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Maleshower.jpg very strange and confusing painting

October 22, 2005

this is carl. he's the maintence man at the east ohio building downtown. he's one of the sweetest people i know. he knew all our names when BW Insurance was in the building. a year ago we left downtown for independence. we all missed him. well, a few months ago i was back downtown for an interview at ernst & young, and on the way back to the bus stop, i ran into carl. he remembered my name still and was so excited to see me he hugged me! he asked about everyone at BW (like his smoking buddy pete) and said he missed them.

so now about once a week i stop by and we chat. i love downtown!!!

October 20, 2005

the elephants

i forgot some important pics!

people on the street were screaming when the elephants all turned and "let go" all at once..

i don't know if you can read the sign, but the shoe shine place downstairs is offering massages on a hand written note. something seems very wrong with this...

bob's crooked hand. it's all he'd let me photograph. reminds me of a certain friend with a "special ear"...harumph!
the annual ringling brothers circus comes to town....

the elephants came to downtown! i'm always torn between excitement over seeing the beautiful elephants and feeling bad that they are not treated very well in the circus. it's so surreal seeing them link trunk and tails and walk down east 9th. i'll put more pics on my photo blog.

also, they had a tiny pony that looks like dixie! the damn thing has a border collie mane!!!

i am terrified of tom cruise. he's nuttier then a fruit cake. the girl on the right is my beautiful friend becca modeling a "cleveland free times" t-shirt. she's the girl who runs the friends of the kennel volunteer group. she's dixie's other mom as well. yes kids, dixie has 2 mommies. oh yeah, becca doesn't have anything to do with tom cruise.

a conversation about my mother...

jcglitter2: btw- my mom is nuts!
jcglitter2: she does my grocery shopping for me once a week (since my schedule is so nuts)
mrbojengle: awww
mrbojengle: what a sweetheart
jcglitter2: yesterday she called to tell me she stole a huge bag of cat food from walmart!
mrbojengle: hahaha
jcglitter2: she did the self check out and forgot to scan it
jcglitter2: the alarms went off and she just ran!!!
mrbojengle: AHHAHAHAHAH
mrbojengle: NO WAY
jcglitter2: she's a spaz!
jcglitter2: now you see where i get it! i'm the girl who sprays herself in the face with butter pam. thanks mom!
mrbojengle: hahhaha
mrbojengle: that's funny as fuck

(mrbojengle is zak. check out his blog to see his miraculous toliet invention)

October 19, 2005

dear stacy, you win!!!!

(isn't that a great photo?)

my friend stacy and i have a long standing competition to see who can find the most disturbing images online. today she won. she is the champion, my friends....

i will only post a link and not the actual image. click at your own risk!!!

beautiful cleveland in the morning....

sad gargoyle.....

halloween lights....

fernando in the pit.......
am i the only person worried about the weather and natural disasters? seems like over the last year it's gotten intense, with the tsunami, hurricanes, fires in CA, then mudslides, a dam in new england about to burst, the earthquake in pakistan.... scary times...........
i was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The Food and Drug Administration wants to know if those popular antibacterial soaps really work. Critics say the cleansers not only provide little benefit for health-conscious consumers, but also could carry public and environmental health risks. The FDA is now taking the issue to an outside committee of experts who will examine whether the use of antibacterial soaps, wipes and washes should be limited. Any move by the FDA would affect hundreds of products on store shelves. Some 253 antibacterial products have been introduced in the U.S. this year alone. Some doctors have argued against use of antibacterial products for years, saying they can lead to the emergence of bacteria that resist antibiotics. "

October 17, 2005

my downtown cleveland/new job pics....

union protest (this scared me at 7am in the dark!)

building lit up pink for breast cancer awareness month

the fridge at work is named after me!

"the pit"

my crazy desk