April 3, 2014

day 2, feeling good...

This online ad keeps coming up.  Gross!!!  I guess the internet knows I'm doing a juice cleanse.

Yesterday went well.  I even went to the gym at 7pm to swim and spend lots of time in the steam room.  The guy is so different at night.  I'm used to going at 5am.  In the evening it was old guys and blonde barbie dolls ladies who weren't very friendly.  In the mornings everyone knows each other and chats.  I don't care, as long as I get in the hot tub, steam room, or sauna.

Someone at work asked why I was doing this.  And I said, "I'm tired of being fat" and then laughed.  Because, while blunt, it's true.

The juice cleanse isn't about losing weight, it's about doing something kick start major changes.  I want to give up wine, fast food, cough drops, and cheese.  I want to lose weight by eating lean protein, tons of vegetables, and exercising.  It worked for me in 2012 and will work again.  I just need to commit to healthy habits for life.  Which I believe I can do.

I spent some money on this juice cleanse.  I take it super seriously.  It's a chance to get my health in order.  I'm ready!

April 2, 2014

day one- all juice, only juice, except water and herbal tea...

So last night I had some chicken broth for dinner, no wine, and didn't sleep great.  No biggie.  This morning I was so excited to bring my little cooler bag to work with all my juices for the day.

The first juice is a green one.  Kale, romaine, celery, parsley, with some apple juice and ginger.  It's odd, but I liked it.  Drinking tons of water, so I'm going to the water closet every hour or so.  The next drink was pineapple, apple mint.  A little too sweet for me.

When I got to work my friend a few cubicles down was eating an omelette she got from the downstairs restaurant.  It smelled great and then she started explaining who good it was to someone and I just put my headphones on.  LOL

So now it's lunch and the microwave is humming and I can smell all sort of food.  People are crunching on chips.  I'm not hungry at all, I think I'm just missing the act of chewing and eating, and certainly missing the high fat lunches I've been eating lately.

But I am focused on completing this 5 day cleanse, possibly extending it a few days.  I am looking forward to getting back  to the gym and fitting in my clothes from last summer.  And focused on keeping up with healthy eating once the fast ends.

Ok, that's my blabber for the day.

April 1, 2014

it's arrived!!!

 sadly, this does not include wine

the next 3 days...

final prep day & work fun...


today was our CEO's bday.  they filled his office with balloons and then my friend brought in a smoke machine and laser lights.  it was hilarious watching everyone crouch down & hide to surprise the CEO.  he loved it too.

i am prepping for my juice fast (start tomorrow) so today it's only fruits & vegetables.  i resisted birthday cookies and cake.  

if this juice cleanse goes well, i'm going to make it longer then 5 days.  we'll see... but i am super excited to get my health in check and lose some weight.

March 31, 2014

let the juicing begin!

so i'm doing a 5 day juice cleanse.  i spent money on pre-made juices.  expensive, but i want this to be as easy as possible.

i start the juice fast wednesday.  so today, to prep, i am not eating meat, having mostly vegetables.  tomorrow i'll cut out everything except fruits and vegetables.

for the 5 days i juice, i can only have water or herbal tea.  one allowance is green tea to help caffeine withdrawals.

giving up wine and cough drops will be the toughest, but it's time.

i'll post every evening to give a report of how the juice cleanse is going.  i'm pretty excited!

back to work and back to blogging...

i can't recall if i ever blogged about quitting my day job in november, to do photography full time.  that was bad timing, to try to do photography full time in the winter.  the worst cleveland winter in decades.

i got an offer to go back to software testing, with a few former coworkers from different jobs.  to be back downtown (in the caxton building, which i love.)  and a flexible schedule to keep doing photography.

i'm taking out a full page ad in "the knot" (a popular wedding magazine), hoping that paying for advertising brings me photography work.

in septemember i have my first gallery show, with an opening night party.  so far over 50 people have RSVPed to say they are coming.  another 30 are maybes.  a few people from out of state!

so yeah, life is pretty good.  :)

January 12, 2014

studio play time

i got to spend an afternoon with a photographer friend in a studio.  photography playtime!  he snapped these pics of me, and i do not hate them.

January 7, 2014

January 3, 2014

December 15, 2013


we had fun setting up my new studio lighting kit!