September 16, 2016


I dreamt that I was at some fancy hotel with people I didn't know.  (Like how I shoot weddings and start at hotels in real life.)

We left the hotel and went outside to our cars, and people started freaking out, telling me to not move, that i was hurt.  there was a stab mark on the back of my neck and one by my right knee.  (I was probably in pain at those spots while I was sleeping.)

It was raining, so I stood there injured, until Sladj & Rachel came to pick me up.  Sladj was driving her parents giant old buick.

We drove around for a long time.  I was bleeding and a tooth at the back of my mouth was loose and crumbling.

We got to an old hospital and they took me to a huge tiled room.  As we walked down the hall towards the room, we passed a disfigured man, who was like 8 feet tall with a smashed up head.

I was still bleeding, so they started an IV to put blood back into me.  As I sat there in the huge room, I saw there was a swimming pool in the corner.  There were some floats that looked like dolphins.

As I looked at the pool, the 8 foot tall patient walks in and climbs into the pool.  Then another dozen hospital patients, all severely deformed, started walking to the pool.

More deformed patients kept coming in.  Twisted faces, mangled bodies.  They were getting agitated and fighting with each other and I couldn't believe I was stuck in there by myself.

A final "patient" came slithering in.  It was a large, pink, fleshy thing, like a dolphin without a face.  As it slide into the pool, the others in the pool become more and more agitated, frenzied.

Finally my friends come back to get me.  I'm taken to a "normal" waiting area.  My IV has fallen out and I'm bleeding gain.  As my friends leave, a man in a white coat says, "Oh, Jen will be with us for a very long time..."


August 10, 2016

that time i ordered shoes and got a stuffed giraffe....

Jason: Hi, my name is Jason. One moment while I review your question
Jason: No worry's Jen, let me help you with that in best possible way.
Jason: I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Jason: May I have your first and last name, billing address and email address please?
jen hearn: it was so odd!  i was expecting black dress shoes and there was a stuffed giraffe! 
Jason: I understand Jen, I'm really sorry for that.
jen hearn: no big deal, it was funny
jen hearn: i need the shoes shipped to my home
Jason: Can you please give me two minutes while I do this for you?
jen hearn: yes
Jason: Thank you Jen.
Jason: Thank you for being online.
Jason: Hey Jen, you know what I see that you have order black.
Jason: But you are saying that you got different color, am I correct?
jen hearn: no
jen hearn: i'm saying i did not get any shoes
jen hearn: i got a stuffed giraffe
Jason: Really?
jen hearn: YES!

Jason: I'm sorry Jen, but I like those shoes.

June 27, 2016

Flirted With You All My Life- Vic Chestnutt

Driving home from a funeral, a funeral for someone so young, who took his own life, this song came on.

Vic Chestnutt committed suicide soon after this song was released.

I am a man. I am self aware. 
 Everywhere I go, you're always right there with me. 
 I flirted with you all my life 
 Even kissed you once or twice 
 To this day I swear it was nice. 
 But clearly, I was not ready.  

When you touched a friend of mine, 
I thought I would lose my mind. 
 But I found out with time, 
 That really, i was not ready. 
 No, No 

Oh death, oh death, oh death. 
 Really, I'm not ready. 

Oh death you hinder me. 
 Death makes those dear to me. 
 Tease me with your sweet relief. 
 You're cool, and you are constant. 

 When my mom was cancer sick, 
 She fought but then succumb to it. 
 But you made her beg for it, 
 Lord Jesus, please, 
I'm ready. 

 Oh death, oh death, oh death. 
 Really I'm not ready. 
 No no. 
 Oh death, oh death, oh death. 
 Clearly I'm not ready.