July 29, 2014

How I see myself and how I see you...

My trip to NYC is rapidly approaching.  6 days from today!  I'm super excited, but also have this nagging feeling that I didn't "meet my goals" for the trip.  I wanted to cut back on wine, fast food, etc... Hit the gym more.  To get in the best shape possible before I board that plane to New York.

Of course I got too busy and didn't do anything of that stuff.  My "inner critic" is saying all kinds of bad stuff, as you can imagine.  Fat, lazy, loser all floating around in my brain.

I have friends and family who struggle with their weight.  I would say that 70-80% of everyone I know thinks they are "too fat".  We all walk around assuming all anyone notices about us is our fat.

But when I think of my friends, I don't see fat.  I see beautiful people!  I see their expressions, what kind of mood they're in.  I see their amazing smiles.

"Oh, you got a new haircut!"

"Are you feeling ok?"

"Your eyes are so sparkly."

So it's time for me to stop seeing how fat I am.  I'm accepting my body as is.  With room for improvement?  Sure.  But I'm done feeling bad at it.

I'd like to eat healthier more than I eat crap.  And if I really want to eat something "bad for me", I'm going to enjoy it and make it count.

I'd like to move my body more, just to feel better.  Even just going for walks.

But enough of the anxiety and worry over trying to hide that I'm fat.  Or feeling ashamed to eat a cheeseburger with the guys at work.

I'm going to wear sleeveless shirts, skirts, and stop trying to hide my body.

Hey world, I'm fat and I'm happy with life!!!

This article came up in my news feed today and it is just perfect.

July 11, 2014

Thoughts on Lebron From a Non-Sports Loving Clevelander....

The majority of people in Cleveland love sports.  Not liking sports puts me in the minority.  
The Lebron talk is impossible to ignore.  And I couldn't care less.

That being said, I'm having fun watching fellow Clevelanders lose their minds.  Everyone pretty much stopped working today when the announcement happened.  The local media have interrupted daily programming to broadcast the news.

When the news was announced, people screamed and shouted, they waved their hands outside of their cars.  People cried tears of joy.

So while I could care less about sports, I love my fellow Cleveland sports lovers, so I'm enjoying this!

Go sports!!!!

Update:  my lovely aunt-in-law saw my post on Facebook and asked what I was talking about.  She lives in Colorado and doesn't watch tv.  (That means she's an awesome hippie type lady!)

Here's how I broke it down.

"Nanci, It's even been on the national news, CNN, etc... here's a non-sports loving girl short explanation: 

lebron james is a super good basketball player from akron (i think). people worshipped him in cleveland. they painted pics of him on buildings. it was a thing. then he left for some other team and people in cleveland got pissed. (it's like when the browns went to go be ravens for a few years.) so for a few years people said bad stuff about him. his new team won rings, and that pissed off cleveland more. then something happened with money and maybe a wizard, but suddenly people were saying he might come back. people stopped hating him and got to be forgiving. not all, but some. then the last 2 days everyone's been waiting to find out. i think everyone hoped, but knew it could go bad. (cleveland sports people have had their hearts broken in the past.) but he wrote a nice essay about coming back and now everyone is hugging and crying and high 5ing."