October 27, 2008

weekend photos

here's a pic that an old friend scanned & put on facebook. it's hard to see, but it's a toga party, circa 1985 (or maybe 86.) it was a fall "band geek" party and i made my toga out of a pink, floral sheet. (total "pretty in pink" molly ringwald wanna be, LOL!) i also chickened out on showing any skin and wore grey sweats. my favorite chuck taylors (multi-colored pastel) totally matched. being in marching band all 4 years of high school was so much fun. these folks were a huge part of my life, and some still are. yes, i'm still feeling nostalgic...

and all powerful:
dogs, bow down to me for i am your ruler!!!

sunday morning coffee is one of my favorite things:

i think these are bay berries:
they grow by the barn and i picked some to put in the vase dan's great aunt made.

i picked this weird plant for the henry doll:

driving through the back roads, listening to good music is another favorite thing:
click here to listen to the song. ..." the smell of grass in spring
and october leaves cover everything...."

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glittermom said...

I believe that is poison sumac that Henry has in his hands...Nice...