October 21, 2009

puppy, random stuff, puppy, random, random, etc....

other then obsessing about the puppy we are set to adopt this weekend (gilly!), i'm looking up these things on my lunch hour:

dare wright, author of the lonely doll. her life story is strange & lovely & sad. the loney doll books are a little creepy too. in a good way.

how to housebreak a puppy

caroline knapp, author of "pack of two" and "drinking: a love story", 2 of my favorite books. she passed away a few years ago and it broke my little heart. i still wonder what happened to her dog lucille....

pit bull puppy socialization

bronson pinchot- balkie! also, the actor gave a really interesting interview recently.

pink dog collars

boxer puppy behaviors

and finally.......

horrible overheard converation: "well, we were all drunk on cosmopolitans, and the girls dared me to do it. i called samantha (i was so drunk!) and pretended to be her eye brow groomer and told her she needed to get it for an eye brow wax ASAP. now i feel like that was kinda mean..." (this is an example of girls who have watched too many episodes of "sex and the city")

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