October 27, 2009

some random, less puppy-ish stuff... UPDATED

worst halloween mask ever.

well, ok...1 puppy comment. we are not dressing gilly up for halloween. i did not buy her the pink park with fur collar. or any of the insanely cute, tiny dog outfits for sale during the halloween season. but her first leash and collar are pink. she'll outgrow them soon, so i stood my ground on some pink while she's still tiny.

2 headlines from the news herald made me laugh/ snort at my desk on my lunch break:

"kermit the frog truck stolen"

"juvenile threatens to break store manager 'in half'"

the kermit truck is a 95 chevy tahoe decked out in kermit gear. the juvenile is 10 and tried to steal pop tarts. what is the world coming too?

ok, adding 2 funny pics from the news as well. i wish i had a photo of the kermit truck....

UPDATE: the kermit truck was stolen and set on fire! could it have been miss piggy?

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