October 26, 2009

all about gilly......

i've been wanting to blog more about gilly. where she's from, how we got her, etc... but she's a complete lunatic and for 3 days i haven't been able to sit down and actually blog. she's found the power chord this morning and shut the whole computer system down.
she's from the cleveland kennel and was a day away from being euthanized. my friend becca knew we were thinking of getting another dog, and that we'd be open to a hard to place, pit bull mix type dog. we weren't planning on getting a puppy, but when we saw the pics of gilly, we were hooked.

we knew it was going to be a huge amount of work, raising a little puppy. she's only been out of the kennel for a week and has to learn the very basics. we're crate training her and she's doing ok. although when she wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to go out, she screams. a blood curdling scream. thankfully her foster mom warned us about that.

she's a totally insane little puppy. she's cute & funny & exhausting at times. she's got a big attitude and isn't afraid of anything. griffin is able to get up on the couch to get away from her, but that won't last long. i'm thinking she'll be able to jump up there within the next month or so.

she seems to be some kind of pit bull, boxer mix. she's very healthy, a little bow-legged, and smells really good.

i'm working from home today, or trying to. she's been up since 5:45am and is just now finally napping (it's 10:15am.) she's snoring really loud.

i've seen her drag her bed across the living room, try to fight with antique furniture, couches, leaves, a piece of gravel, her own feet, and she especially hates my crocs. she's an adorable biting, peeing lunatic. i can't wait to see how she turns out!


uc freak said...

Such a pretty puppy. And how energetic of you to take on a puppy.
BTW- Do the dark dogs match your furniture? Do they really make the pink and/or sparkles really pop? Do you shop for dogs strictly by color? I'm just saying, maybe a light grey for a change?

glittergirl said...

yes, energetic and insane. i'm a bit overwhelmed today, trying to work from home.

dog walker is coming over to meet gilly and give some advice shortly.


Chris said...

I like that she's a troublemaker, because that just fits her name so well. It'll just be more fodder for you guys to film your own gilly skits.

can't wait to meet her soon!

Primordial Dork said...

Hates Crocs. GOOD PUPPY!

jnet said...

i can't wait to meet her! she looks so f'ing insane, i love it!