May 22, 2009

deployment diary....part 2

what the heck is electronic mail????? i'm scared!

11:00pm: got the call to log back in. my tester in cleveland is working from home, and 2 folks in mumbai just got in to the office (it's 8:30am their time.) so we now have a team of 4 QA testers.
i'm on a conference call and the developers (still in the office) listening to the cavs on the radio, so all i hear is a lot of screaming and laughing. i think the cavs won...

have i mentioned how much i hate computers?

11:45pm: servers in stuttgart germany are down. seacaucus servers are working. i love saying "seacaucus". i need to be ready to work with testers in singapore and france in 2 hours.

1:45am: stuttgart servers are still down. my tester in singapore is logged in and waiting. the french guy will be calling at 2am. the 2 folks in mumbai can't access anything because of some problem with their firewalls, even though they tested the day before.

it's like a traffic back up, and there's gonna be road rage. the folks in the office have been there since 9am and are ready to crack. at least i have been able to work from home and take a long nap.

2:00am: wow, a giant centipede just came flying out from under the fridge. blech. dan & the dogs are all sound asleep... i want to go to bed, but this has to be done by 8am.

2:45am: i just noticed the conference call i'm on has been going for 170 minutes. i hate the phone.

5:16am: still working.......i'm at home, and there are people still downtown working on this. horrible. ok, i guess it's finally wrapping up. going to sleep until 8:00am for the next conference call.


glittermom said...

Who cares about all that??? I want to know where that centipede is.....Gives me shivers...

jnet said...

i love the old computer pics. i actually used to have to send telexs from time to time when i worked at lubrizol. (but i did not look as cool as that lady when i did it) they sucked!