May 22, 2009

deployment diary....part 1

11:57am: deployment of my big work project officially beings in 4 minutes..... it's like being on the rollercoaster when it starts off really slow, before it creeps up the first hill..... here we go!!!

12:02pm: first conference call. people already have shitty attitudes. although the IE is hilarious. i have starbucks, so i'm good.

(we have almost 20 people involved, in different states and countries..... about 150 steps until we're hoping to be done by 5am)

12:53pm first set of tests almost complete. DBAs arguing over stuff and it looks like another 3 hours is being added to the already 17 hour deployment.

1:52pm- we're falling behind, and i'm already hard typing, which means i'm annoyed. also, i let the dogs out and a bee tried to fly in and i kicked it.

2:00pm: everyone in the office is ordering lunch. you'd be suprised at how it can take 20 minutes for grown, intelligent people to agree on a lunch order. or maybe not suprised....

2:15pm: waiting for developers to fix something, looking at scary clown cakes.

2:36pm: we were supposed to be done testing at 2pm. fighting going on the conference call. drama. seems so silly.....

2:37pm: just got my paperwork from unemployment. perfect timing!

2:43pm: when i get really pissed, i get what i call "thermometer head" and i turn red. i am bright red.

ok, done for now. back to work around 11pm. i need pizza!

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glittermom said...

kicking a bee??? I am telling Michael.....