May 21, 2009


wolf tshirts are hilarious. (the comments on this amazon page are even better!)

here's a really interesting article on white people and black music. something i've been wanting to write about lately, but no time.

speaking of that, i need a "to do" list of things to do when i'm unemployed:

paint the bathroom pink
write a thoughtful essay on why i don't like rap music, reggae or R&B
learn to bake an apple pie
lose weight
clip coupons
ride a unicorn

also: here's my old friend mark at our reception, who can still piss me off and make me laugh about my tom petty hair:

which reminds me, i've been a married lady for over 11 months. kick ass!!!!!!

dig it!


glittermom said...

Don't even start with coupons again!!! No more coupon organizers..

jnet said...

what day is your anniversary?
also, i love the wolf shirt and comments. i also love that people who viewed that item also viewed zubaz pants and joe the plumbers book. good stuff. oh, and you totally have tom petty hair. sorry but it's true.

Mark J. Stupi said...

Your blog is improved exponentially whenever I make an appearance! I guess I shouldn't talk about your Tom Petty hair anymore though, seeing as how I have Michael Stipe hair! It sucks getting old!