April 13, 2009

horror movie we need to see.....

tourist trap

(this movie has some really bizarre dolls and mannequins.)

don't open the door & the sinful dwarf trailers (awesome music and creepy dolls in both!)

(both of these trailers have insane music and creepy doll footage.)

(i tried to watch this once and fell asleep. it did look good and weird though. and margot kidder plays psychotic twins quite well.)

this one is my fav. a total carrie rip off!
i am not embedding videos since it slows the old blog down, so click the damn links above!


Dr. Zombie said...

Oooh! Tourist Trap with Chuck Connors. I don't care what people say... Chuck Connors was one creepy bastard!

glittergirl said...

and of course i spent my lunch break reading about chuck connors. i love the internets!